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Poll: Travel Blog or Drama Blog

Hi Everyone!

It has been a minute! It has definitely been awhile since I have posted up a piece, I am still alive, thank God, but I am going through the motions of life. Continue reading “Poll: Travel Blog or Drama Blog”

Korean Drama

How Time Flies….

Hi everyone,

How has the year been treating ya! So, far new and good news has been flooding my way and it is almost time for a busy summer. In all, I have one more year to be done with grad school!!

Listen to favorite instrumental ost by Punch and Chanyeol-Stay with me

Anyways, It’s been more than a month since the last recap on goblin. Goblin just ended and I need to catch up ‘cuz it got better. Aigoo! A snapshot or condensation of recaps will be coming soon because I cannot leave this show hanging. It is hands down one of the 2016/2017 drama of the year.

See you shortly and happy valentine’s day in advance.