Annyeong readers!

Aigooyobo is a blog about on Asian dramas and variety shows, mostly Korean. I have been an avid K-drama fan since 2010. I really don’t know what kind of blog this will be, so things are just going to be popping on everyday, until I get a flair of the blog. I just hope that this blog is fun and welcoming to you, fellow non-Koreans.

Aigoo is a word in Korean that is used when you cannot believe something. It has several meaning that is equivalent in English to “ugh” “aw dang it,” or “awww” in a cute way. It has different functions which I think is really cool.

Yobo is a casual address to a husband/wife/someone who you love.

Using my western thoughts, I combine aigoo and yobo to mean “Oh honey.” In the sense, that sometimes dramas just make me go crazy due to the writings and sometimes make me feel soo good. It is a bittersweet meaning to me.

About me and drama

I am a  Nigerian and being a foreigner in a different country, most Africans that know my hobby always question my random fascination on  k- shows or any Asian shows.  I don’t know why, but I just do!

I have been watching K-dramas since 2010, starting with the classic, Boys over Flowers. Then i thought, wow, there is nothing better than this. Yea, I have come to realize that there is better. The overdone and over used song, Almost Paradise, I felt like punching my friend whenever I heard the song (she introduced me to the K-world). Of course as you become an avid kdrama lover, over time, you become more fascinated with what Korea has to offer. Foe a year, I was badly obsessed and addicted to kdramas that I felt like if I didn’t get my dose of it, I would feel weird for the rest of the day. But after that, I had come to realize that the same trope is always recycled in this world.

Main lead bad, obnoxious, sometimes abusive boy falls in love with a sweet charming girl while sweet charming girl doesn’t reciprocate the love and affection that is being shown on her by the nicest and warmest second lead.

Oh let’s not forget the amnesia, lost child, birth secret, dying grand/parents and many countless things that make up a crazy soap opera.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t deter me from watching kdramas. They are fun and sometimes portray a fantasy that you know can never happen to you. It is an escape to a world that can happen only on tv and not in real life because in real life, people will look at you and wonder if you had forgotten to take your meds.


So that about wraps up my rambling thoughts on kdrama.


This blog is pretty much objective and opinionated! I would love if you share your opinion without being disrespectful!

None of the pictures are mine, but they are made  by me as they from the shows I watch.

Well, thanks for visiting and I hope you mind my blogging as I am new at this!


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  1. I’m a Nigerian and Boys over flowers was my first kdrama as well. When I started watching Kdrama or even listening to kpop my family or even those close to me just could not rap their head around it. But the cool thing now is that because I started learning the language by bother uses me to brag. When I met is coworkers for the first time this is what he told them ” “Yeah, My sister is learning Korean, and I and barely learn Spanish.”


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