Korean Drama

Loving or Bashing: Fight My Way

Once a promising story turned flat all because of the actors. 

This will be the first blog where I solely speak about the actors and not the characters they play, so before I get my head chewed off, hear me out. When the casting of this drama came out, I didn’t care, though, Park Seo Joon did get my interest. After reading episode 1 recaps and praises for this drama, I decided to watch it. This is summertime and I am in a country where watching my tv shows gets limited (most shows are still in past seasons), so I have ample of time for kdramas.


Episode 1 began and I enjoyed it, episode 2, it was a’ite. Turn to epsiode 3-8. I found myself pausing the drama, resuming days later to continue from where I stopped, slept while watching the drama or fast-forwarded. I was like what the heck, I thought this drama was good. I read recaps just to make sure I was actually watching a nice, slice-of-life drama, but I was bored out of my mind.

The drama plot was moving at a snail’s pace, the realistic depiction of adulthood wasn’t too convincing. Then, I realized. The plot might be slow, which is good in some dramas, but the actors were miscast in this drama. YES, NOW YOU ARE FREE TO BITE MY HEAD OFF. I do enjoy the storyline, because the actors are to act childish even in adulthood, but begin to grow up as they struggle to realize their dream (plotline), but the actors were not making me feel that. Maybe I am too grown-up. ARGH!!


Park Seo-Joon is an actor who can be a hit in terms of how he emotes his characters. In this drama, it felt like off, like he is having fun without characterization in his acting. I just got thrown off most times due to the acting.

Kim Ji Won. Yea, I ain’t sugar-coating this, but I could not stand her acting in this drama. No offense to those who love her brash, yet sensitive side. I really could not fathom. I am not calling out her acting, but her acting along side with Seo Joon was not exactly what I call stupendous. Her delivery felt forced and memorized, not as fluid as expected with storyline like this. Then, I began to compare her to other slice-of-life youth dramas’ female lead and I lost interest in the drama because it was not real as praised.


Side characters were amusing to watch, though, I wanted to knock some characters in the head to wake up, but their stories really wasn’t that impressive because it was repetition with their storylines.

I am not a fan of ratings as ratings does not make a good storyline, so, even though the ratings is off the charts. Congrats and to those that enjoy this drama, keep on enjoying, but overall, as much as I wish to join the bandwagon and say I like this drama even as the ratings increase, I can’t. Hence, I am dropping this drama.  So, I am sorry drama, but I am bashing you.


Photocredit: Dramabeans, Viki

Recommendation: 3/5


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