What was that ending about?

Queen of Mystery or Mystery Queen ended its run on May 25th. Due to my travels and lack of internet, I was not able to watch the last two episodes until recently. Quick summary from asianwiki:

Genre: Comedy, Action, Police drama

Episodes: 16

Yoo Seol-Ok (Choi Kang Hee) liked mystery novels and wanted to become a detective, but she gave up her dream after marrying. Now, she is a housewife with a husband who works as a prosecutor. She meets Ha Wan-Seung (Kwon Sang Woo); he is a passionate detective and they decide to collaborate to solve cases.


I was ecstatic when I saw Kang Hee take on this role. She is back to her quirky, loveable character, after her performance on Glamorous Temptation, which I enjoyed as well (read my recaps on it if you want to start the drama). Personally, I am not a fan of Sang woo because most of his drama usually end up all teary and melancholic. Luckily, I enjoyed him in this drama. So, it was easy to digest his acting, even though, he has been in this field for years.

Since this is not a recap, I will dive into the review.

What did I enjoy?


I enjoyed the mystery of the week and how they fit together. Mostly, I enjoyed Kang hee’s character, Yoo Seol-Ok, aka, ahjumma, who was endearing, yet feisty and determined. At first, you would assume that she is this bored housewife who had nothing better to do than to meddle in police business, which was the case, per the show premise, initially. Until, the police realized that they needed this civilian on their side. She was quick in deduction and almost 99.9% right. Hehe.


I also enjoyed her interaction with Sang-Woo’s character, Ha Wan-Seung. Abrasive, rough, yet sensitive. During the first few episodes, I really did not like him, not because he was harsh to our favorite mystery solving ahjumma, but because of his rough attitude towards her. Though, she seemed to interfere in police issues, he just was callous and rude. However, when he began to understand and respect Seol Ok’s work, he was more lenient and sensitive towards her and to those around him.


I liked Lt. Hong Joon-O (Lee Won-Geun), such an endearing puppy. Though, he was utterly useless in this drama (no offense, hehe). He was a cute eye-candy and I enjoyed him in his role. Maybe if the mysteries were tighter, then we would have seen his benefit, but being the fact that Seol-Ok had to be the one to solve the mysteries in the neighborhood, I wondered how he became the boss in a neighborhood station.


Seol-Ok’s friendship with Kim Kyung-Mi (Kim Hyun-Sook) was da bomb. I love how Kyung mi encouraged Seol-Ok and was there for her, especially when Seol-Ok was low in confidence about herself. Also, Seol-Ok was there for Kyung mi, when Kyung mi felt like she failed as a mother and did not see herself to restart love life again.


That is why Kyung Mi’s relationship with Chief Bae Gwang Tae was so cute. Hehe. I wanted more.

Cat that watches tv.png

For some weird reason, I was not irritated by Jung Ji-Won (Shin Hyun-Bin) character. She was pathetic, but maybe the actress was not able to convince me with her acting on why I should not like her. I wanted to know her obsession with Wan-Seung and it was more than just trying to have claim over the law firm. They have known each other since they were young, so why the disdain on Wan Seung’s part?

What did I not enjoy?


One thing about Wan Seung was his crazy obsession with irritating baddie, Jang Do-Jang (Yang Ik-June). I really did not understand the weird obsession with the guy because it just did not make sense. 14 episodes in the series of 16 episodes in the total, I was like, c’mon already. It had been hinted from the beginning that he could be involved in the death of Wan-Seung’s first love, but the drama was not going anywhere with that storyline any time soon, so I really hoped that it was dropped and we were given more mystery to solve.


Another query of mine was the introduction of Seol Ok’s parents being murdered. Episode 10 rolled around the corner, and I knew that 4 episodes was not enough to solve the numerous mysteries this show had going on; Seol-Ok’s murdered parents, Wan-Seung’s murdered first love; Seol-Ok’s prosecutor husband, Ho-Cheol (Yoon Hee-Seok); Wan-Seung’s prosecutor’s dad; Wan-Seung estranged and hateable fiancee, Jung Ji-Won, etc. There were lots of areas to be covered and this series was not showing a positive sign of trying to wrap it up.


So, at episode 12, I realized that season 2 was likely to be the choice of where this series was going. Especially, when we were showed two episodes of unnecessaries; Ho-Soon’s (Jeon Soo-Jin) kidnapping; Park Kyung-Sook (Park Jeun-Keum) framing and Inspector, Profiler Woo (Park Byung-Eun).


Sure, those were catalyst to oust Seol-Ok to her mother-in-law and sister-in-law about what she does outside of the house or for her to stand up for herself and prove her worth against profiler Woo, it still was not needed. Solving the mysteries of her Wan-Seung’s murdered first love would have been perfect because they tied to Jang Do-Jang, which case she was already involved in the beginning.

Season 2?

There are better ways to make sure that the ending made sense and was not in disarray. I replayed lots of scenarios in my head and came up with better cliffhangers that could give closure to season 1 and continue with a season 2, but nope, this drama began to lose its rails before then. I began to lose interest in epsiode 12 because I really was not seeing where this drama was taking us, except when Seol-Ok was with Wan-Seung or her having a mind game with her husband. I really wanted to see more of those interaction because I was curious as to how they became that way to each other.


If there is to be a season 2, then, I hope the drama continues from where it never went with season 1 and answer the questions. Also, make season 2 a romantic comedy. I appreciated this series in which Wan-Seung and Seol-Ok’s relationship was simply platonic and that’s due to the fact that she is married (though, her marriage was horrible and it seemed like divorce paper ready to be signed was around the corner) and Wan-Seung had a past baggage that he had to claim before moving on. So, if season 2 were to happen, then, it would be nice to have a time-jump where we see them budding their romance as they fight for justice for the unspoken.


I would also like to see Seol-Ok become an actual profiler (degree and all) and will battle against her ex-husband, Ho-cheol. As well as say goodbye to the in-laws, but still retain Ho-Soon and actually use her skills. I enjoyed her psychoanalysis profiling when she was trying to prove that her mother did not poison anyone, but she was bleh. So, if she is to continue, give her a better role, against her brother. However, knowing her character, I doubt she wants to be on Seol-Ok’s side if there is no benefit from it.

I won’t criticize the drama too much due to the possibility of a new season. If not, I might come back and write what is on my mind. Hehe.

Photocredit: Lovely blogs images from google. Click to enlarge photos to see the websites.

Overall drama rating: 3/5

Drama recommendation: 3.5/5


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