Goblin Episode 8 Recap

That was an expensive car pile up, but we are finally getting answers.

Listen to OST “My Eyes” by 10cm

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Goblin doesn’t want to die, now that he realizes that Eun tak is his first love, he wants to live for 80+ years.Hence, he causes a level 4 accident in which Deo Hwa, reaper & Chunwoo group have to clean up. Eun tak firmly beliefs that goblin’s actions to save her truly means that she’s his bride. Okay, it sounds like an ick factor..age…blah..blah. But, in hindsight, Eun tak’s constant push/pull with goblin isn’t because she likes him/not. It’s the fact that goblin is a representation of belonging.

In this episode, Deok Hwa keeps learning new information about the one he’s supposed to guard. So, the question is what is his role exactly since it hasn’t been properly shelled out to him. I mean he has been guessing every mystery about Shin/goblin kinda right so far, well except the blunder of reaper being goblin’s reincarnated sister. HAHA

Interesting developments/rule bending transformation

goblin 3.pngSo, reaper’s colleague, the information guru, tells reaper that another reaper was trying to get a missing soul who happened to be his wife in his previous life. However, he recollected his memory and both of them are in hiding. He doesn’t know how they did it, but, I sense that the memory wipe tea reaper serves to the dead might be an answer. Regardless, I foresee loophole. Especially, now that goblin and reaper desire to live, yet the deities are playing a wicked game on them. They are getting tired of the game they never questioned before. Now, they’ve a purpose to be alive, so it will be interesting to see if both men are willing to put behind the past differences and fight for the future instead. goblin 6.pngHow does the goblin get to choose who’s “saving”? Recall in episode 1, where shamshin grandma tells Eun tak’s mom to pray in a life/death situation and a kind person might hear. Well, is it the case every time he interferes? He did mention that he doesn’t do the saving, but the loved one of that person does. However, his presence is still there, so, why are there no consequences that? In episode 2, reaper vaguely, but ominously spoke about the consequences of interfering, so, are we to assume that the goblin is more powerful than a reaper. Hence, his interference in saving a life is more meaningful and cannot be negated by reaper(s)? WHY?

The disastrous accident that were to take place was suddenly stopped without any real consequence. Even the reapers are confused about an extra soul that isn’t meant to die be in a vacinity of death. So, what does that mean?? It is a lot of paperwork for missing souls, but shouldn’t there be a concern in the deity realm about why missing souls are becoming more of a chore?! Seems these deities aren’t too smart in their chess game. BUT WAIT!! Samshin grandma finally explains that goblin needs to be dead in order for Eun tak to stay alive. Eun tak was destined by him, so his death needs to be fulfilled. Well, she was created by samshin grandma, but goblin chose Eun tak as his destiny. Complicated, yes.

goblin 5.pngEun tak’s birthmark fading. Does it mean that being the goblin’s wife and the ability to see ghost will fade away meaning that her time is running out to being the chosen one, hence if goblin lives, then she dies? Especially, now that goblin is refusing to die when the opportunity presented itself, in the last few minutes in episode 7. Speaking of birthmarks?! Is that why Eun tak is able to touch reaper without any consequences? This episode is not the first one to show that. So, what’s up with that?goblin-7  goblin-8

We are finally getting somewhere with Sunny and reaper. Sunny’s real name is Kim Sun because it was fated for her to have that name, but she changed it to Sunny instead. So, does this mean a person can change their destiny for the better and any upper power have to forcibly go with that change, or she really has no say? From where I am from, a person’s name speaks destiny. Also, we finally get to know reaper’s name, Wang Yeo, but through the goblin scribble and scrabble.

We are back to square one now that we know samshin grandma’s identity (a god). If goblin doesn’t die, Eun tak does. Eun tak finally knows about the meaning of pulling the sword out of the goblin’s chest. While he is not ready to die, he has to in order to save her life, but now she will be the one not to pull the sword readily. Here comes another waterworks of noble idiocy. With these interesting developments, someone needs to find a loophole fast. g2.png

Lastly, reincarnation is a huge theme in this drama. In the beginning of the episode, goblin doesn’t see himself with older Eun tak and his prayer to the gods is to tell Eun tak that she was his first love even after 100 years. I think it will be answered. There was sadness, yet pride in shamshin’s eye as she states that she created Eun tak and goblin. So, maybe her ominous threat is that goblin has to die in order to live.



2 thoughts on “Goblin Episode 8 Recap

  1. One thing I’m loving about this drama is the mix of religions they chose to use. There’s buddhism and Christianity mingled with general spirituality and the belief that you hold your fate in your own hands. Really cool stuff!

    And hah to expensive pile up! That’s what I thought, too! I was like dang their budget is not joke lol!

    I don’t know what exactly draws me to this story, because it’s not a fast plot! It’s got to be the characters I already care so much about. Thanks for your recap and review! Following you for future posts!

    Nice to meet you,



    1. First, nice of you to drop by Devon and I totally agree with your analysis. The plot is not fast and the characters are nothing new, but the characters function are what matters. How one’s destiny is shaped and how one can change their destiny, or can they?? Also, It is a mix of religion this show encompass and it is interesting to decipher. I wanted to write about the different religion aspect, but since i am not too familiar with other religion, i decided not too. I look forward to other comments. Thanksssss

      Liked by 1 person

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