Korean Drama

Goblin Episode 7 Recap

After the kiss!

Listen to the OST “Beautiful” by Crush

Goblin 2.png

First of all, GONG YOO is like one of the best onscreen kisser, so we are yet to see his work with a grown up Eun tak (keeping hope alive, people). Anyways, it seems like the kiss is not a Snow White’s kiss and goblin is back to square one. At least, I was in the ballpark when Eun tak suggests that if the sword isn’t pulled out, then she needs to love him extra hard. So, Eun tak’s mission is to love goblin. Haha. With that personality of his, good luck, child.

Goblin 3.png

I need to see more of Deok Hwa. Is that too much to ask? He is irresponsible, childish and frankly, I am still not sure what his role is supposed to be, but he is a hoot. Deok Hwa gets thrown under the bus due to lack of accountability and taking responsibility. Let’s not forget. This is the 21st century, where everything is upgraded and his generation are mostly materialistic and need everything to be served on a gold platter while running from responsibilities. However, it seems that even though he knows that he is goblin’s guardian, I don’t think he knows what that truly entails.

It feels like every time he around goblin and reaper and maybe Eun tak, he finds something new about the supernatural beings. Also, it doesn’t seem like goblin minds too much about the frivolousness of Deok Hwa. Most time, it looks like it a harmless, but welcomed character that goblin and grumpy reaper have come to accept about the kid. In addition, goblin and grandpa are not upfront about his responsibilities as a caretaker to the goblin and we’ve to realize that a rich and spoilt 25 years old is thinking more about the latest technology, girls and showing off than watching over a 936 years old man who gets petty every chance he gets. Haha

goblin 4.png

Another mystery is the secretary to grandpa. I knew that squint was trouble. I commented on a blog that he is the reincarnation of the Eunuch to the King. That’s all we can infer for now, but his presence in the future could be costly.

goblin 5.png

In other news, we need to see more jealous reaper. He is the best, just like drunk/jealous goblin. Hahaha. Anyways, those two bumbling goons don’t realize that their friendship is taking shape. They are feeling the void of loneliness and emptiness as they are beginning to form a bond of trust as they confide in each other. Who knew that these dark souls have a fun and cute side to them. I also love Eun tak and reaper’s relationship; like a girlfriend going to complain/confide to her boyfriend’s bestie. Haha. I can go on about that, but that will be later.  But wait, I just remembered. I talked about reincarnation with the sleazy eunuch. Now, we are to strongly assume that reaper is the king reincarnated. So, we are doomed to a revenge angst once identity and memory begin to come in effect. Ack!

goblin 6.png

I like the idea of Eun tak having a crush and will love to see more of her pinning for attainable men her age as she gets older. Attenable in the sense of men that are not  at the verge of dying. So, that she can have the experience of living without being bothered by a responsibility that she’s chosen to do.

goblin 7.png

There are little developments that are beginning to emerge. Goblin seeing the future. We got a glimpse of that in episode 4 in believe, so the question is, is the future been seen reliable and in whose eyes is he looking through? As for the reaper if  anyone touches him, their repercussion is either death/ something worse, though, not immediate and he is able to see their past.

goblin 8.png goblin 9.png

Also, this is the second time reaper is crying over a memorabilia. First, the green ring, now the an old scroll portrait of the queen. Again, I strongly assume that he was the king and Sunny was the queen. I am loving their development the most because it is still an interesting dilemma as to why the king chose to kill those he loved and trusted. What really went down in the palace? That is the most interesting topic of all because that’s what started this whole chain of reincarnation and living in the present in suffering.

goblin 10.png

Lastly, damn, she is able to pull the sword. WHAT? Theory time.

  1. His genuine concern for her made the sword trust her, but now Shin is not ready to die. Pft!
  2. She is aware of the truth and has come to accept it???!
  3. The rules of the deity and their funny games. I want to know why the sword picks its days to act out? I mean having a swords through you is pain on its own, but what makes it extra.



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