Korean Drama

Goblin Episode 6 Recap

So,  Eun-tak can see the sword on Shin, now what?

Listen to the OST “Who are You” by Sam Kim

Goblin 4.png

Let’s just say that the highlight from this episode is Shin and Reaper’s interaction. Anytime they are in the same space, i burst out laughing so hard. However, for supernatural beings that are supposed to be dark and powerful, they become so meek and weak in the matters of the heart; not in terms of falling in love, but the need to become something that they now want to desire.

Goblin 2.png

The ladies in their lives are not only the subject of affection, but also it makes the men begin to want to have a purpose to live. This is ironic because they ALL lack that desire; Eun tak and Sunny feel empty inside, so does goblin and reaper. They lack something that they desire which is the desire to belong; a community. Yet, being around each other there’s an aura of wanting to live life to the fullest. The supernatural men act petty, childish, and out of character from their supposed “stereotype” description. It’s not because they want to in order to belong, but it because they are “living” in the moment. Experiencing life one minute at a time when around the women and fully coming to appreciate being alive. No wonder they are taking antidepressant medication or alcohol to suppress that numb feeling of not being alive when alone. A sad tale indeed. And for the women, being around the men makes their life a lot more interesting and inclusive.

Goblin 6.png

Speaking of sad tale. Ghosts. It seems like Eun tak’s “supernatural” powers are not frequently in the limelight. Eun tak speaks to ghosts, hears them and tries extra hard to avoid them because she doesn’t want to be shunned by the society. However, the truth of the matter is that she is already an outcast. Hence, the emptiness. She has no relatives, well, good relatives that do not have amnesia. Hehe. So, it seems that she is slowly coming to accept her “gift” being the child the goblin saved gave her that ability. What I do like is that fact that at the end of the day, she listens to the story of the deceased and does her best to help them so that they can move on. Well, at first, it felt like she was helping them in order to get rid of them, but she beginning to interfere in the life of the dead that are in limbo. Just like the goblin interferes in the matter of life and death, she is the intercessor of those that are dead, but cannot move on due to unfinished business. She beginning to realize that these souls in limbo have something holding them back. Unlike the goblin who is alone. Who has been living for 936 years without anything holding him back. It is indeed a melancholic life and very lonely at that. No wonder, she is willing to pull the sword out in order to give him that entitlement.

Goblin 8.png

Now, the goblin is ready to die as he has come to accept his fate. But, gasp, Eun tak cannot pull the sword out. WHAT IN THE WORLD! Well,  three reasons.

  1. Goblin made it snow. It wasn’t mother nature. How am I so sure? Pft. He has been somber all throughout this episode, so that the suspense of dying is easier to come in terms. Hence, the quicker he dies, the better it is for everyone.
  2. Goblin is still not upfront about the reason why the sword needs to be pulled out by Eun tak. Being a noble idiot, he doesn’t tell her what the end means and since that lie is what Eun tak has at the back of her mind, she is not true in her thoughts. Therefore, blah blah blah, you get the gist.
  3. Lastly, there’s no “real” love between Eun tak and goblin  in order for the sword to actually materialize into a solid form for Eun tak to pull out. It’s like Sleeping Beauty or Snow White that need a kiss of love in order to come back to life. That’s because the kiss is a true love’s kiss (Disney is still on my list on that crap), but it’s a kiss that’s pure and genuine and that’s why it worked. Eun tak is the goblin’s wife, yet the sword doesn’t burge. So, do you think that kiss will work?






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