Goblin Episodes 1-4 Recap

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Titles: Goblin; Goblin: The Lonely and Great god; Goblin: The Lonely Shining god

Characters: Gong Yoo (Kim Shin/Goblin) ; Kim Go-Eun (Ji Eun-tak) ; Yoo In Na (Sunny/Kim Sun) ; Lee Dong Wook (Wang Yeo/ Grim Reaper/Reaper) ; Yook Sung Jae (Yoo Deok Hwa)

Overall themes (four episodes)

    1. RED: Red is the color of extremes. Episode 1 we see how bloody Shin’s past was due to the betrayal of the king. His life and those he loved perished under the king’s command due to the insecurity of the king (his adviser planted heavy seed of doubt and mistrust about Shin trying to take the throne-since Shin was a great general). Hence, this color signifies betrayal, sadness, anger, violence, rage, vengeance and death.G6.png
      1. However, it also symbolizes power, confidence, courage, will power and action. The queen encouraged Shin to approach the king without fear when the king reproached him from advancing towards him or his loved ones die in front of him. But, she took responsibility of her life. We still do not know her relation to Shin, but it was a sign of strength from both ends since they defiled authority. Therefore, we can also say that red signifies life; the will to survive, strength  and leadership. It keeps us alive and gives us the energy to do the involuntary. In hindsight, it is what gives Shin and the throne a legacy (good and bad) that will be reincarnated into the present.G1.png
      2. In the same episode, we see another display of red and its different meaning. Eun tak’s mother was a victim of a hit and run on a snowy day and her red blood seeped through the snow. But it was her sincere desire for her daughter to live that got Shin to take compassion towards her. Also, Eun tak’s mother frequently wore bright, tomato red scarf (though, the weather was mostly cold whenever we saw her) and that scarf is passed down to Eun tak. g22.pngSo, red means memory, assertiveness, passion and innocence. This is one of many qualities Eun tak display from episode 1 to episode 4. Another association is the maple leave Eun tak and Shin got from their impromptu portal trip to Canada. Eun tak relays the story of the maple leaf (catching the leaf in front of a person means the person will fall in love with you). Hence, red is an intense color that is filled with emotion ranging from passionate to intense love (a display of emotion that is already in hindsight with these characters).g23.png
      3. The old shaman lady also wore red, but a softer berry red in earlier scenes.g11.png However, when she materializes into a hot 20 something shaman, it red became hot and fiery. Hence, this color red means lust, excitement with her change, but it also tells us to watch out from danger . g13We’ve to be cautious because it seems that she has powers and is one of the deities that could change the destiny of the goblin and the reaper. Or she is a nameless soul the reaper is yet to find. She manipulates/interfere with natural events that takes place. G7.png
    2. GREEN: The ring the queen wore before her death was the same ring the shaman had when she told Eun tak’s mother the story of the general and his unfortunate life in episode 1. The same ring appears in episode 3 which gave us a funny encounter between  Sunny and the Reaper. In addition, the cabbage (episode 1) and spinach (episode 3) given to Eun tak by the shaman meant survival and compassion. Again, why is she looking out for Eun tak or Shin, since Eun tak is supposedly the goblin’s wife (think about the it!)g12
      1. Green also symbolizes life, renewal, new growth, rebirth and energy. It is passed down from time to time under the hands of the shaman from the queen. So, it “reincarnates” itself to the rightful owner. Again, we do not know who the queen was to Shin. So, we do not know what that ring means; was it a family ring if she was related to Shin by blood or a promise ring, a betrothed ring from Shin to the queen. So, what does it mean now in the present?g17
      2. In episode 1, Shin gave Eun tak Buckwheat flower when she wished for three birthday presents- money, boyfriend and a job. Shin told her that the flower means lover. So, green symbolizes lack of experience and need for growth. Two characteristics that Eun tak and Shin’s arch need in order to become that lover/ companion they both desperately need. G8.png
    3. GREY/BLACK: The opening scene was grey and filled with cool hues that were somber and lifeless. Grey is a cool, neutral and balanced color. It is emotionless, but filled with formal and sophisticated aura. It is timeless, but at the same time, it is filled with strength and a hint of black signifies mystery. It causes unsettling feelings and it is often associated with depression/anxiety. G2.pngEpisode 1 and 3 were prime example of the excessiveness of grey which were more frequent.g32.png
      1. Black on the other hand,  is associated with fear, power, mystery, strength, authority, elegance, sophistication, sexy and death. Oh, I think the grim reaper already excudes all these features. Hehe. However, when the goblin wears black we tend to see sophistication, sexiness, yet, somber, sadness and emptiness.g39.png

Omg, I can go on about colors (white, brown) and what they symbolize, but I will spear you guys and move on to the second theme.

  1. RULES


  1. Reincarnation is one of the themes that recur. Therefore, when colors come in play, let’s try to understand what their meaning in context because what happens in the past can reincarnate itself in the present, however, it depends on how the present is shaped in order to have a different future from the past. Yea, i’m trying to be philosophical with how reincarnation works in this drama and the restaurant scene with Eun tak and Shin in episode 4, where Shin manipulated the present of two random couples. Also, in episode 2, there was a mention of the king being reincarnated into a kpop star (boy or girl) or not, hehe. So, it seems that Shin is still not aware of how the rules apply, 936 years later. However, it seems that the shaman is aware of how the rules work, so who exactly is she?!G4.png
  2. Meddling Principles. So the goblin has lot of rules, but one of them is not to meddle in the life of mortals. Yet, there are two prime example of his interference that changed the outcome. One, is in relation to life. In France in the 1960s, Shin changed the course of a young boy in episode 1 who later died of old age in episode 4, but died with a fulfilled life as a lawyer who helped the unfortunate. This is one of the instance of Shin’s proud moment of interfering in the life of humans, though, he does regret trying to interfere in most instance because humans want more “miraculous” moments rather than taking advantage of the first “miracle.” It is tedious and tiring and it makes sense. g9On the other hand, he saved the life of Eun tak when her then pregnant mom was a victim of a hit and run. He was feeling generous that evening and the repercussion of his “miracle” is what he is encountering in the present with 19 year old Eun tak. g36.png
  3. Grim reaper and shaman also meddle in the life of mortals. For the grim reaper, his is part of a job description, well until he lost two souls that needs to be accounted for (Eun tak and someone else and my bet is that the shaman is the other person). So, he needs to find them and take responsibility. However, the shaman, it is still unclear why she’s meddling. Again, who is she?!a.png
  4. It was kind of explained about the rules of sleeping, eating, acting as a human in episode 3 when Grim had a lunch drink with his colleague, but it is hilarious to see gods act like humans on earth, drunk Shin is funny (episode 3), g29but hangover Shin is the best (episode 4) Haha. But it makes their story relatable and we feel more connected to their unfortunate present life. g24

I would love to know more about Sunny and the reaper which I am sure the show will explain sooner than later. g37

And as the rules, as they happen, it is sometimes explained in the episode it occurred. For example, in episode 4, we finally get to understand how Shin is able to “pull” out the sword, which he used in episode 2 to cut the car into two when Eun tak was kidnapped. in episode 4, water was manifested into a sword. Hence, the sword is a manifestation of a nearby object + willpower. Hopefully, the rules doesn’t get too complicated or too simple to be fickle. It needs to be coherent to make this fantasy world more realistic.

See you in the next few episodes.

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