Goblin Episode 5 Recap

An adjective that describes today’s episode: Awkward

Listen to the OST by Lasse Lindh- “Hush”

screenshot_2016-12-16-18-52-54.jpgFirst, Sunny (Sun Hee, Reaper needs to work on his pronunciation as Shin states hehe) and reaper’s date was an epitome of first coffee date gone wrong. Sunny is an oddball, so I am not amazed at her tenaciousness to still want to go out with him again. But, what made coffee date go down the rail was when she asked him of his name (and the fact that he asked her for his coffee card back haha). Well, being an amnesiac messenger, it isn’t the fact that he doesn’t have a name that’s bothering him, but the fact that he doesn’t know why he doesn’t have a name. screenshot_2016-12-16-19-00-31.jpgIf you recall back to episode 2 or 3 where Shin blurted that because he killed that is why he doesn’t recall his past. Well, a hint of that unsettling feeling is back. He wants to have an identity and being a soul reaper is not one of them. He was jealous when he heard that Shin has a name, though, it felt that the name stuck a cord, but as someone who has no recollection, of course, he’s going to think that it is a cool name. Hehe, what a noob.

It’s interesting how these two immortals have the same fate, but different outcome. Reaper is destined to forget the past, but after coming across who is bright and literally sunny, he begins to want to remember the past. And there is the goblin who want to desperately forget the past that he is willing to die in order to forget. The gods do play a mean joke. screenshot_2016-12-16-19-20-36.jpg

Second, who else first thought it was a horrible idea for Eun tak to move in with them, but two seconds later changed their minds because it seems that she can hold her ground with these two bubbling immortals? I would love to see another episode of them being goofy and “human” around her before the goblin begins to go all emo and sad again, but the cohaibtation. Still don’t see the appropriateness. Why can’t he wait any longer? 937 years won’t kill ya. Haha! Bad jokes aside, it was a welcoming change for her to move into the mansion because we get to see a more human side between the immortals. Who knew the reaper could be such a protective oppa against the goblin ajusshi and the goblin can act like a boy who is truly in love. Hehe. I do like how Eun tak and reaper are able to form a different type of relationship that’s more sibling-like because it seems that both lonely souls need support, if the goblin is to die soon. The living supporting the dead. It truly is twisted.r.png

Third, Shin blurting to be Eun tak’s boyfriend. I literally had to pause and cringe on his behalf. The fact that he acts petty and childish when Eun tak decided to give him the silent treatment since she is not sure where they both stand in their unconventional relationship. Both frustration is understandable, mostly from Shin’s part because getting closer will only making his parting really painful for Eun tak, so, it’s not fair to attach himself to her when he has a limited time.screenshot_2016-12-16-19-56-18.jpg

We cannot say Eun tak is naive and childish based on her actions because unlike ajusshi Shin, he has lived life for more than 900 years. So, he is well experienced in life, but he reverts like a schoolboy when he is around her. She brings life to his solemn loneliness and it is good to see him AND the reaper act irrational. The women in their lives are not the “normal” type of women. One of them makes the dead to feel alive again and the other makes the living feel like he should die soon in order to stop his suffering. Okay! Okay! I get it drama gods, it really is a messed up fate. Sheesh!

Fourth, I haven’t mentioned Deok Hwa. However, he does bring light into the dark worlds of the two immortals. Deok Hwa has kept these two men together and actually alleviate their burden, whether it is teaching them how to use a smartphone or being a chauffeur or just being a nuisance. He is a companion that both need in order to live in the moment. screenshot_2016-12-16-17-59-03.jpg

Lastly, the rules. The rules are still not set in stone to our own understanding, but it seems more complicated each time the immortals associate with Eun tak, Sunny or Deok Hwa. There are repressed emotions that are now surfacing and these immortals are beginning to really question their existence. The gods that placed them in a bind didn’t have a sense of humor back then and I don’t think they will in the present once these immortals begin to go against the norm.

By the way, I love their telepathy. It needs to stick to the end. It’s funny how both men read each other mind, even though, they shouldn’t HAHA. P.S a buddy of fine says to tell y’all that “these two men are sexy and if you are not watching this show, you are missing out on a lot.” -Sunifer

Goblin: Episode 1-4

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