When a Snail Falls In Love Episode 1-21 Recap

So, I won’t be doing a recap which can be found at ninjareflection, instead, read the  5 reasons why you need to start watching this gem (after finals of course, for all my student readers…hehe).

Synopsis by wiki:

Ji Bai is a stone-faced team leader of the Violent Crime Unit. Xu Xu is a new intern specializing in offender profiling. Tasked with solving a series of crimes that are somehow mysteriously connected, the two develop feelings for each other. Xu Xu draws comic panels of their relationship, portraying herself as a snail and Ji as a lion.

Genre: Police drama, crime, thriller/mystery, romance

Based on a novel, but translations are not complete. No spoilers on my end, so enjoy reading.

The song below is the opening credits to the show

Snap Review; 5 reasons to watch

  1. This is my second Chinese drama, so understand my surprise, when I found out that each episode is at average of 33 minutes long and 21 episodes. Yea, not a big deal, but IT IS A BIG DEAL. I don’t watch Chinese drama because of the length of the series AND each episode. So, this was a pleasant watch considering how fast each episodes go by without dragging. I mean, there are slow moments, but what is the title of the drama, yea, I thought so. The pace picks up quickly and it’s over before you even start. Hehe.operation
  2. Wang Kai‘s Ji Bai and Wang Zi wen‘s Xu Xu are so cute. This is my first drama of the actors and they portray their characters well. However, let it be known that the romance in this drama is as slow as a snail. Romance is NOT the center of this drama, so if you’re looking for at during the first 13 episodes, bye, felicia, not gonna happen. The slow romance does happen, but at episode 18 (currently subbed), both leads are kinda aware of their budding romance, however, they are at a flowering stage of trust and friendship, but still keeping it  at a professional level.
    • Xu Xu is a  psychologist who now specializes in criminal profiling. True to the slow nature of a snail, Xu Xu is slow on the uptake on the action packed police force. Her boss, Ji Bai, is reluctant to take in a new intern who’s likely to slow the force down during a mission. However, he does see potential in her because she’s willing to learn, especially in building her physical ability. Though, it is at a slow pace, but she determined to work hard, at a snail’s pace.train
  3. There’s no damsel in distress or candy girl in this drama. If you want that, watch something else. There are only two female leads in this drama and they are NOT rivals in romance or in the workplace. Though, second female lead is too emotional, but not in a “rescue me” way; she’s tough and a fighter. Anyways,  the ladies are friends that support each other in every aspect. They both admire their boss, Ji Bai, but in Xu Xu’s case, admiration buds into something else, and she is yet to find out herself. romance
    • It makes sense that Xu Xu, not still in tune with her feelings she is developing for her boss, Ji Bai.  He, as well, is not in touch with his feelings because he is all “I can do bad by myself.” However, he’s beginning to lean and confide in Xu Xu, a character that’s so not him because he’s considered to be strong and emotionless.
    • Xu Xu is considered to be more robotic and “alien-like”, more fact and less emotion, but as the series progresses, she becomes more comfortable around her team and is able to be more “human-like.” Her flat, deadpan response is always a laugh-out-loud kicker that throws her team, mostly Ji-Bai, off-guard which is a nice welcome. Someone needs to put a peg on his ego. Hehe
    • Xu Xu is incredibly smart and is quick to understand the mind of a criminal or her teammate, but she is horrible at social skills or how to communicate without making someone feel small. She doesn’t do that on purpose, but it is funny when she catches herself . legit-cops
  4. Well-written script. Okay, so the first 5 episodes, I won’t lie, I got confused at the script and the direction of the drama. It’s a crime/thriller/mystery drama, so characters and their motives get confusing. So, understand my frustrations as I rolled my eyes at Xu Xu’s deductions when profiling because watching the drama, even I made assumptions, but based on strong, real evidence, which was what she lacked in the beginning.
    • Luckily, the drama is quick to show on the next episodes what really happened to a character in order to understand and to explain Xu Xu’s deductions with facts, facts that Ji Bai presents (there was a funny trend of him solving the case before her and it took her a while and a minute before she realizes..after trying to Sherlock Holmes Ji Bai or the team..hehe). Anyways, why was it done this way? Xu Xu’s too confident in herself and her judgment that she assumes when profiling and it’s not that she’s mostly wrong, but sometimes, her conclusions are too  far-fetched.
    • What I enjoy is that this over-confident, way-in-over-her-head profiler begins to look at facts as cases get complicated. She still makes mistakes (a huge one which later intensifies the suspense of the drama), but it shows that she’s human and is willing to learn by looking at facts and not assumptions. At the same time, she’s able to understand the mind of the criminal as she envisions  the crime being committed based on facts. sunset
    • The slow romance between the leads is sizzling adorable. Though, the romance is the last thing on the back of this busy force, but it’s there, especially, when they work together. They’re not the only character that has romance of their own, so it is nice to find love in the midst of odd situations.
    • The ranges of serious issues; human/drug trafficking, prostitution, corruption, bribery, and murder is prominent in this series. Though, the first six episodes make you think that it’s a family business gone wrong, but as the drama expands, you see that it’s bigger than a failing corporation and it spans across borders. Serious topics are being addressed, though, not in a formal way, but it makes you realize as you’re trying to solve the cases with the show, that what you see is not always the truth. Ah,  a tough lesson for the egotistic psychologist Xu Xu learn.
    • Police are NOT dumb. OMG. It has been a while since I’ve seen a competent police drama. I’ll leave it at that. ji-bai
  5.  Location! Scene! Action! . I love the different locations this drama was filmed. Myanmar/China location (Sorry, I am too familiar in the S.E. Asia region), but I appreciate the camera and light work in different regions. As well as the action. Though, you’re like Ji Bai got skills, but c’mon it can be toned down a notch. Hehe. The drama picks up adrenaline pace from episode 15 in Myanmar and episodes 16-18 puts the pace in high gear. So, I will not advise you to start this drama randomly because you’ll be lost. You gotta start from episode 1 in order to understand episode 7. Each episode picks up from where it stops, so you cannot skip because most scenes carry meaning.

Overall, this drama is good and I’m glad it’s a good watch, despite my numerous projects due in a week. It’s cute and it has action, explosions and all. I will come back with a short review next week once the drama ends.

Recommendation: 4.2/5

Photo Credit: Thanks to websites that posted pictures from Google images

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