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Loving Or Bashing: Oh Hae Young Again! (Review)

Hi there! Welcome to another edition of Loving or Bashing, “Oh Hae Young Again” special. I am your host, Aigoo.In recent viewings, I’ve come to appreciate the technique of writing. Inasmuch as that’s what draws me to viewing a drama as compared to the actors casted. Don’t get me wrong, I love to ogle at the next hunk being the lead or fancy the looks of the female lead. However, I believe a good script is what makes the actor’s talent radiate more. This is what “Oh Hae Young” brings out. The script brings the best out of the actors, but it also brings the worst of the characters.

Now, before, I go further into my “tomato being thrown at me” theory; let’s talk briefly about “Oh Hae Young Again.”

Multiple titles for one drama: Oh Hae Young Again/Another Oh Hae young, Another Miss Oh

Airing times: Monday & Tuesday on tvN

Genre: Melodrama, Romance, Fantasy, Comedy (in my order)

Short summary: When that coincidence leads to more coincidental experience, that’s no coincidence, which is the case for this show. So, here is the co-inky-dink.  Two women share the same name, Oh Hae young and work for the same food company, one a team leader and the other an assistant. The kicker is when a man, Do kyung shares these women (no, you dirty minded people), and through circumstances, these their lives become intertwined.

I won’t go into details on this drama, but recaps and descriptions are a click away.

Before I go ahead, let me first lay the foundation that the actors are knocking their roles out the ballpark. Eric Mun can do no wrong when it comes to giving it his ALL in his craft. I sense he’s a slight-method actor (get into character), or he’s so damn good at interpreting what writers wants to see in their characters.

This is my Seo Hyun Jun’s first drama, but I love her to bits in this show. A perfect cast for this drama and the chemistry with Eric is unfathomable. There’s no doubt that Eric doesn’t mesh well with his female co-stars, but in this drama, I’ve held my breath more than once and gasped hot air. Their passion is raw and legit.

Now, let’s get to my nitty-gritty. Again, this is my GENERAL observation that spans from the show. Bottom line, this review is everywhere. So, I am wearing my tomato-proof vest as I dive into this review.

photocredit: dramabeans


With the amount of drinking that these characters exhibit, I am surprised that not one was hospitalized for liver disease caused by the excessive drinking. I felt like starting a drinking game as I watch a character down alcohol, but then, I would be drunk and have liver disease. Instead, I sighed and rolled my eyes, which hurts by the way (who says drama-watching is not sacrificial?).

Anyways, what actually irritated me wasn’t the drinking itself, but the reason why. It was frustrating watching these characters drink themselves into stupor all because they had a bad experiences. None of their drunk moments did I find funny or cute, rather pathetic that these adults couldn’t get their shit together. They are so stuck in their past that they cannot move on, even if they tried sober. For a moment, I felt stuck with the characters as well which was stifling.

There was not enough breathing room to express intense emotions these characters faced because they got bogged down with liquor. Even, if they didn’t drink, it felt like they need to act drunk to hide the embarrassment of watching them reduce their mature level, which is unfortunate because the show had lots of potential to explore these “real” emotions rather than create a subplot THAT WAS UNNECESSARY PROLONGED.


One of the reasons why I like Hae Young 2 (second female lead) (let the dagger stares begin) is because she knew when to let go. Though, leaving Do Kyung at the altar without any explanation was inexcusable, she coolly accepted his rejection when she comes crawling back. She chose not to seek revenge or become a second lead bitch because it’s not worth the hassle. Letting go and creating a new sense of awareness shows a great courage which I think that’s one moral of the show, but it failed to get the point straight.

Hae Young 2, personally, I didn’t see her as malicious, but like Hae young 1, their life was just coincidental and circumstantial and they both happen to experience it differently.  Their life situation was not a choice, but it depended on how both ladies accepted that fate. Both ladies allowed society define their identity and it just got out of hand with Do Kyung coming into the picture in their adult lives. This incidence is what I believe was one of the show’s weak point. It couldn’t sell the story well of how these lives changed. Everything felt forced and artificial-from falling in love to the range of emotions in the process of life.

photocredit: dramabeans


The arrival of Hae Young 2 brought back the low self-esteem in Hae young 1, and that was hard to watch. Then, it hit me. No wonder, Hae young 1 is so optimistic and over the top with her emotions because she uses that to compensate for her confidence. (Prove me wrong). Ironically, she doesn’t lack it but like Pavlov’s dog, she’s so conditioned due to past misunderstanding of identity that she cannot see herself; brave, funny and beautiful woman, characteristics that all the men in her lives and Hae young  2 sees in her. Also, characteristics Hae Young 2 lacks as well, but again, she masks that with faux confidence. I am not saying faux confidence is the way to go, but damn, when Hae Young lost her sense of maturity and began to hold onto a man who shows RED FLAG OF “GET THE HELL OUT OF A POTENTIAL DISASTER OF A RELATIONSHIP,” I lost interest in the show because you can see her actively pursuing a relationship that shouldn’t be.


To touch a small base on the subject. These couples were one of the most unhealthiest couples. Do Kyung is still the same person- small on communication and such-which is good (being in a relationship shouldn’t change who you are-or rather, it shouldn’t create a new form of identity), but I felt like he had the least growth in character and Hae young 2 had the most. I know, it is backwards, but she was the one I related to the most than ANY and that says a lot about how the script went off comedy to crazy melo. Anyways, the couples displayed numerous signs of dangerous goals in a relationship because the hurt of a breakup lead to physical exhaustion or mental breakdown-yea, some of the health issues TO AVOID IN A RELATIONSHIP and everything was convoluted twisted among the parties involved in the lives of the two leads.

photocredit: dramabeans


Do-kyung accidentally ruins the fiancée of Hae young 1 (Tae Jin- Lee Jae Yoon), but it’s a convenient catalyst because the fiancée was going to get screwed up anyways. NO, JUST NO! Do kyung directly ruined his life. Though, Tae Jin did Hae young 1 bogus by breaking up with her, rather than telling her about his bad misfortune. I guess, the trust wasn’t there to begin with. Still, making Do kyung a mere catalyst for his misfortune was a NO. And the fact that it was not properly addressed or Do kyung faced a bigger repercussion was just wrong. And NO, guilt does not count. And NO, making Tae Jin go on a senseless revenge path was useless and anticlimactic when he had a change of heart.


photocredit: dramabeans


Soo young and Jin sang attempt of speaking a language that’s not remotely French, but the fact that both of them spoke a different language that only they could understand made it endearing to watch.

Hae young 1 and Do kyung’s numerous couple times.  Though, it was anticlimactic in episode 17 when Do kyung told Hae young 1 about his visions, I still appreciated the fan service of not giving us another reason to separate them. Confiding in her brought them closer together, rather than creating a noble-idiocy mini-plot.

Hae young’s mom (Deok yi) and dad (Kyung soo) are comedy riot. Then again, what do you expect from comedic and versatile veteran actors, Kim Mi kyung and Lee Han wi.


Though, this show is mighty flawed, like the characters, but who isn’t. Life is full of weird coincidences, opportunist, and revenge-seeking fiancées, but as long as you can move past that and create a new and healthy outlook on life, then those things you once sort out or sorted you out becomes meaningless.

I will stop right here. Some of you are like, “what the heck did I just read. This drama was soooo good, even the ratings proved it and the script was well-written.” Well, I am not a rating junkie as a rating does not make a good drama or likeable. It was a decent show that could’ve had a tighter rein on its subplot.

Verdict: I am on the fence on this, but I am leaning on bashing “Oh Hae Young”  Though, the ratings says otherwise and there’s lot of praises on this drama, I guess, I couldn’t get on board with most of what the plot sold.


  1. maybe because of the extension, but the show became draggy and filled with unnecessary qualms and adults acted irrational. No amount of cute could deter my skipping skills.
  2. Characters lost their characters-meaning, the writer lost her/his way long before the extension. We lost the comedy part of the show and the romance and focused on the “fudgery” of the show.
  3. I didn’t care for the characters anymore after episode 6, nor the reasons why Do kyung kept having visions.
  4. Soo kyung’s constant drunkenness was a huge turn off in every way.

Recommendation: 3.5/5






8 thoughts on “Loving Or Bashing: Oh Hae Young Again! (Review)”

  1. Your review doesn’t sound like bashing at all, just how the drama felt for you. I haven’t seen Oh Hae-Young Again, but I’ve actually heard both good and bad reviews for it; or really just mixed, and I can see why from reading your review. There were a lot of polarizing moments and a need for some tighter script writing. It does annoy me when characters are displaying close-to-alcoholic problems but its just displayed as normal, lol. You can’t really drink that much all the time and not have it effect your health, life and work. But I see that a lot in American shows as well. But I guess fiction is fantasy, after all . 😉
    Anyway, I enjoyed reading your review! I’ve been writing reviews for K-dramas as well and I always enjoy finding someone else who reviews them (as there’s no way for me to watch them all, lol. But I also like seeing other people’s opinions of shows I liked or disliked as well). Keep it coming. 😀 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for stopping by and dropping your comments. I love when it gets interactive with other different opinions. It do agree with what you said. Hehe…sometimes we can’t win with logic when it does comes to fiction. Hehe


  2. Your Reasons and Recommendation (rating) are spot on! Much as I loved the cast and the drama (yet to finish the last two episodes) it did get draggy like you said. Also, began to really un-like the main female character Oh Hae Young because she was either too needy, or too chirpy and in love. No middle ground with this girl. I liked the main couple’s chemistry, but…I still think their kisses were overkill (at the beginning). I’m glad you’re giving an honest review without worrying what others would say. And I say, bash away, girl! lol I hope I get to finish the final episodes soon. Just because!


  3. I love love love the show to bits but I do understand where you are coming from! And I don’t think it sounds like bashing the drama, just stating the facts 😉 haha. I do think there are flaws (ahhh, the drunk state of Soo Kyung irritated me several times while watching) story-wise but the characters felt very raw and real to me.

    As you said, PDK had the least character growth which is kinda okay for me. Not sure if it’s because Eric is a total babe (and a good kisser LOL) or I just felt like it was important that his character didn’t go on a 180 degree transformation. 🙂

    The OTPs in this drama are everything– our leads and our Hae Young’s parents in particular 😛

    Great review!


    1. HAHAHA! I wasn’t really bashing the drama, I just didn’t want to be on the fence and it was in this category. So, i leaned to bashing. hehe.
      I think because ERIC IS A TOTAL BABE AND A GOOD KISSER that’s why I overlooked it while watching.
      But in seriousness, i did appreciate that he didn’t change because it would have felt flat and not real. However, maybe because of the script veering off made him a little bit frustrating to watch.

      omg their chemistry was explosive. I actually dreamt I was Hae Young to Eric only, I’m black, but he sure didn’t mind. hehe. It was a weird dream, but a good 5 mins. hehehe
      But thanks so much for the comments! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Hahaha….yea it was cut short by my alarm. I snoozed and it just never came back. I did watch Oh hae young late into the night, so maybe that’s y. Hehehe.

          Oh y thank u for the encouragement on that!!

          Liked by 1 person

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