38 Task Force Episodes 1-4 Review

Battle of the wits is what this drama’s subtitle should be. I love everything about this drama, it’s hilarious, subtle, yet engaging. 

Every character is so interesting, it’s like there won’t be enough time to explore them and that’s fine because they each bring a little ‘sum-sum’ to the package which is what this drama is. Pegged by many as “Ocean Eleven,” I see more of “Catch me If You Can” meets “Robin hood” in 2016 Misaeng setting.

Mini-summary: A government revenue collection bureau team manager teams up with an ex-con professional scammer to collect tasks from the entitled that avoid paying large amount of taxes.

16 episodes and aired on OCN (cable TV).

Every 4 episodes, I’ll pop in to talk about this drama since I won’t be recapping. 


Like some of the characters that got scammed by  Seo In guk‘s character Yang Jong-do, I do feel like I have been scammed. Except for teddy bear Ma Dong Seok, and Soo Young, I didn’t read any hype that my guy, Oh Man seok, (cameo) detective Park Deok bae, Jung In gi as detective Sa Jae-sung, Kim Sung oh and Song Ok-sook as Noh Bang-shi aka “Wallet.” These actors are like “ahhhhh” refreshing whenever I see them on my screen. Anyways, done with my losses as I enjoy what I’m watching so far.


It doesn’t hurt guys!

First, what to love? The opening theme. It’s catchy and it reminds me of the Japanese action animation, mostly, similar to the theme song of “Teen Titans.”

Apart from the theme song, the message that this show carries is deep. Living in a country where paying taxes is huge, I can feel the frustration of my paycheck dwindling when I work extra hours just to try to make a reasonable earning in a month. When it’s time to file taxes, I sometimes think of lying on my forms just so I can pocket some of what I EARNED (IRS PEOPLE READING THIS BLOG, I DO NOT DO THAT. I AM AN HONEST TASK PAYER WHO’S NOW JOBLESS FOR THE TIME BEING ANYWAYS). 

Race against money!

Yea, so, we the middle class/poor feel the burn of losing money to the government as compared to the rich who purposely get to choose if they pay taxes or not. Well, that’s what this show is portraying. It’s reinventing the already factual topic by putting its own spin in retrospect, the gap between the rich and the poor.

Those eyebrows are shaped!

In relation to what I mean with this show, so far, it seems like main “bad guy” or tax evader is Ma Jin seok (Oh Dae hwan). Apart from the fact that he has a cute and sturdy butt, this guy is a capital nuisance to the bureau. Rich, narcissist and just a self-class douche, but he’s a privileged, undercutting, business man. Jin seok looks like a class-act gangster who’s stingy with his money, but this guy is smart. This guys is as smart as the team of special con-men and women working with honest team leader Baek Sung il  especially, since his old partner committed suicide based on being ostracized for trying to go by the books and doing his work diligently.

Jin seok has his team aligned with the mayor??, director of the tax collection bureau, a different team leader in the tax collection department, an accountant and a real estate suave. Though, these people work for the government, they claim to be doing a just work of ignoring the unpaid taxes of the rich and making sure the poor pay every cent owed. It is justly not fair and Sung il being pushed to the edge is forced to work with ex-con scammer Jung do in order to show that the rich are people that need to pay taxes like EVERYONE ELSE. Teaming up with Jung do is challenging because this guy has his own agenda. We still are in the dark about it, but there are some clues that are being thrown about.


  1. His father is in jail for scamming, or so we know, per detective Jae sung. What does that have to do with him? And why is Jae sung being a bully with Jung do?
  2. Fresh out of jail, he begins to scam people, but not on his own dime. A faceless, grey haired man we’re yet to know about is the power. All we know is that Jung do saved his life in prison as per “Wallet” states and he gave Jung do a blacklist journal of people to mishandle. (Side note: there’re two different Baek Sung il  in the bureau, so main lead accidentally got scammed by Jung do).
  3. Cheon Sung hee (Soo young) has a deep bitter regret against Jung do due to their past (they dated, but breaking up with her, he tells her that he approached her thinking she was rich in order to scam, but we all know it’s cuz his ass was going to jail and he played a noble idiot role. However, it seems there’s more that meets the eye, especially when Sung hee interrupts the new gang’s meeting and makes a familiar gesture towards Jung do and team Jo Mi Joo (Lee Sun bin).
  4. Though, he voices that he’s all about the money, but I heard the hit of desperation when he pleaded not to go to jail again in exchange to making sure that Jin Seok pays the taxes he owes. What’s up with that?

Anyways, that’s all I got for this quarter, if you’re watching this drama, tell me what you love so far? I’m open for discussion!

‘Cuz I can!

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