Short Story: In the Spotlight Episode 2

2 months later, here’s the conclusion of the fictional short story. hehe! Enjoy!

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A WEEK LATER. At her home, Riley decides to confide in Macy about Greg and her aspirations.

“Can you imagine that tart?” Riley cries to Macy in her two bedroom Japanese orient apartment. 

“I’m tired of him trying to control me. It’s not just the refusal of attending the Mila Lariat’s gala, but there are other issues that are beginning to boil over,” Riley exasperatedly says before gulping down the  glass of water sitting in front of her center dolphin glass table.   

“What other issues Riley? Macy’s left eye winces. Does he hit you? Lock you up? Do 5 shades of weird stuff to you?” Macy chuckles as she inquisitively asks.

Spitting her last gulp of water out of her mouth, Riley shouts, “what the hell, Macy? What do you imagine my relationship to be like?”

Macy laughs. “Calm down, woman. It’s just a joke. You barely know this guy, yet you are engaged to him after couple months of dating.”

Macy stands up to open the window curtains and stands by the lamp beside the window with her hands crossed facing Riley who’s on the couch in front of her.

“You cannot blame me for thinking that way. Sure, I introduced you guys, but it’s not like I personally know the dude to vouch for his behavior. So, what issues are you guys having?”

Riley frowns her brows as she looks down her toes, then she looks up and gestures to Macy for a sheet of paper towel to clean her mouth and the spilled water on the right leg. Macy walks to the dining table, cuts a sheet of paper towel and hands her it to Riley before Riley answers.

Cleaning herself up, Riley speaks. “It’s not grim as you believe it to be. It’s more in the sense of him trying to control me. You know, he refuses to let me into his world so to speak,” she rolls her eyes as she adjusts her sitting and puts the soiled paper towel on the carpet beside her left leg.

“I cannot seem to reach him. You know I’m trying to make it as a socialite spokesperson,” Riley smiles as her eyes beams with excitement.

Macy walks back to the couch and faces Riley. She snaps her fingers in front of her friend’s face.

“You do realize that that’s not a real job,” Macy says as she pokes her Riley’s right shoulder.  “But, I still don’t see the problem.”

Irritated by Macy’s response, Riley replies with a haughty tone.

“Of course, you are not from planet Earth to understand that simple statement.  I need his connections in order to able to make it in this industry.”


She winces as she stares directly at the painting of water droplets on a leaf hung on the wall

“A Socialite spokesperson might be the wrong term, but I want to be in that world of glamour and spotlight where I meet important people and attend important events. You know!

Maintaining her excited tone, Riley resumes as she looses her focus on the painting and changes her direction to Macy.

“Imagine me, going places I can never afford and meeting people we wish to be like. Wouldn’t that be something? Greg is my way in, but he’s limiting me.”

Macy sighs in disgust as Riley stops and analyzes Macy’s facial expression.

“Look, I know your thoughts are condescending at the moment, but I’ll prefer it if you don’t judge me.

“I am not judging you Riley,” Macy utters silently, “I am just confused.”

“There’s nothing to be confused about. It’s plain and simple. I love Greg, but I need to find myself in this business and Greg is my ticket in. Right now, he’s depriving me from that,” Riley explains as her voice increases.

“I’m still confused. Aren’t you guys getting married?” Macy inquires as she sits in an upright position.

“So, what does that have to do with anything?” Riley shrugs.

“But, you are going to be the mother of his children. You are actually excited about it,” Macy says with worry as her voice shrieks in a low tone and her eyes widen.

“They already have a MOTHER! What do they need me for? I am not going to have kids for him anyways. He shouldn’t be greedy. Two is enough,” Riley answers with a smile, but with irritation. 

“Besides, I don’t want to confuse them.” She sighs.

“Macy, you know my potential and I won’t waste another year of my life searching for it. I am tired. I am twenty six years old with NOTHING to my name. Out of Jumi, you and Betty, I am the least accomplished. Don’t get me wrong, I am not comparing my life to yours, but, I am done tiring.  I already did it with Damien for six years.  I cannot lose this shot.I WON’T LOSE,” Riley yelps as she shakes her head with her hands forming a fist in front of her face.

“Macy, you cannot utter this conversation to anyone,” Riley warns as her voice calms.

“B…b…but… Greg…b…”Macy stammers in deep perplexity.

“But Greg, will be fine, Macy,” Riley reassures with a right eye wink. 


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

What do you think of the story. Too far-fetched? Too cliched? Love to hear from you through the comments!

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