Webtoon: As per Usual

As per Usual by Dami Lee
Genre: Comedy
Mon & Thurs

Short review: I love this comic. It is funny and relatable from my random “monthly” comic review, you’ll see a trend that I am more drawn to funny comic, yet relatable comic, there’s  the word again. Lee’s “As per Usual” is brilliantly inherent in the stream of hilarious.

Each episode has a situation that makes me think, “Is she me at the moment?” Each episode is about a minute or less of reading, but its moment sticks. Even though, each episodes draw situations from daily occurrence, you can see that the author tries to keep a balance of satire and realism.

Just beware though, that starting this webtoon, there is a sense of awkwardness from the author as you see that her nervousness of trying to gain audience seers through her work, but she does gain her footing as each episode get created. Featured in Buzzfeed, an internet media company, this rising New York based comic illustrator is definitely one to be featured.

Episode 7: Sketch(y) Artist

Though, I don’t have dog, this has happened to me in my young days when i thought i had the talent to be artist. In elemenataty school, I tried drawing my crush, a sad ritual I did almost every day during lunch period. He always turned out to be horrible in the sketch, but I kept on trying. Well, my persistence got me caught by a girl who also had a crush on my crush.

I got teased for weeks for my non-talent. So, I decided that it was time to hang my crayons and focus on just playing during lunch break. But you know what, he did notice me after a while (teasing had stopped by then, but I still had my confidence ‘cuz I didn’t care). Let’s just say that throughout my primary 5 (4th grade equivalent) I got free snacks from him and the girl who rattled on me got nothing. Hehe!

Weekly episodes are found here! Enjoy!

Photocredit: Dami Lee

Recommendation: 4/5


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