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Back into the Past Drama #1

The Lawyers of the Great Republic Korea (2008)
Episodes: 16
Genre: Romance
A romance tale of when a rookie lawyer falls for her divorcee client who happens to be her good friend’s husband and that good friend also happens to hire rookie’s ex’s fiancée.

Woo Lee-kyung (Lee Soo Young), a once secretary to a major law firm falls for a rising attorney in the law firm. Being in an engaged relationship for two and half years was bliss, until Byun hyuk (Ryu Soo-Young) decided to leave for Los Angeles, leaving Lee Kyung with his law books and the apartment they shared.

With a broken heart, Lee Kyung studied and passed her bar exam with one try. Six years later, a lawyer, though, with no major client and running her tiny business in a rundown office, Lee kyung proves to be a capable lawyer. Especially, since her new client is Korea’s top business tycoon, Han Min-gook (Lee Sung-Jae), whose divorce to one of Korea’s top actress, Lee Ae-ri (Han Eun-Jung) could cost him 100 billion won (100 million dollars), half his net worth.

There’s nothing interesting about this plot, but wait, there’s more. It turns out that Ae-ri is Lee kyung’s good friend from vocational school to a less prestigious university. Now, Ae-ri knows that her friend is a lawyer, but she decided to go a different route when she hires Byun-hyuk to represent her. Now, we’re getting somewhere.

No major spoilers ahead, just reasons why I liked this drama.

Simplicity! It isn’t complicated. Though, it shows the messy side divorce and there’s one character you’ll love to despise, but it is an odd, sweet romance drama, you’ll enjoy. There’s a good dose of comedy, so it isn’t outright bland with romance.

Now, if you’re looking for straight up comedy with halftime angst, then this is not your drama. There are comedic oddity in the way the characters, but the comedy is also witty. The romance was subtle and i felt bad accepting it, but it felt pure and characteristically genuine.

Before you start this drama, bear in mind that they’re lot of anger that these characters have to unwind. Not dangerous anger, but bitterness and regrets are what drive these characters’s motivation.

Somehow, these characters feel cheated from their respective relationships and this drama shows the course on how to remedy those emotions as those in fault admit their mistakes and take responsibilities for their actions. Though, it takes time to admit due to pride or the fear of rejection, but once they come around, time does them justice as it begins to heal what was once broken and forces the characters to move out of limbo and resume life again.

As stated, there are quirky characters, but all are good people. There are no mean second leads (male/female) as each leads are fighting for what was once theirs. To these characters, it’s about timing and being with the right people that truly understand them. This drama is about finding love with the right person and how to communicate that love effectively in a relationship.
Both parties, in their respective relationship, did not display a good form of communication as one lacked it, while the other one didn’t properly voice it out. It’s not that they didn’t try, but it was just taken for granted which cost them years of heartbreak and remorse. However, there’s seems to be a change between the couples; literally and it looks like the future can learn from the past in order to make it a better present for these couples.

It was a well written script, minor flaw, beautifully executed and acted and the actors brought their acting to life; disappointment, disgust, anger, sadness, stress, happiness were felt. Though, you might see it as a slow drama, but it is well paced and not rushed. The talents and skills of the actors was fully utilized and that is when a drama is called a success.

Recommendation: 4/5 (watched more 6 times now…a lovely drama slump rerun).

Image credit: google images. Thanks for the pictures to those whose pics are shown.

If you have seen this drama, what are your thought? Share the love with comments!!!


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