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Glamorous Temptation Episode 50 Recap (Final)

Episode 50 Highlight: “Resolution”

Previously on episode 49…

If you are not reading this recap or any of my recaps @ aigooyobo.wordpress.com, please let me know. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE MY HARD WORKscreenshot_2016-05-14-07-15-55.jpgPG reprimands Moo Hyuk for finding the evidence, while Hyung woo and Eun so discuss how shameless PG is. While waiting for Eun soo, Il Joo reminisces about their past friendship and how they created a bucket list for the future. In the present, Il Joo sincerely apologizes for the past and they both hug and hope to fulfil the list after Il Joo serves her time. PG is back in the interrogation room, but this time, Seon ho show up as evidence against him. Hence, PG plays one of the oldest cliche in k-history, feigning sudden illness to wheel out of the station during the media frenzy as he gets transported to his holding cell.screenshot_2016-05-14-07-37-53.jpgIl Joo makes amends with her conscience and her late PM as she prepares to turn herself in, but Moo Hyuk storms into the house to cause an uproar in her requesting for a divorce from him. PG thinks he’s a private hotel as he demands for a bigger and better portion of meal in jail. In other news, Moo Hyuk is getting wasted at home and the look in his eyes with candles lit around him says something else. Seon ho tells Hyung woo, during his visit, that he needs to look look into a Chinese gang organization that gave him his identity; Brian Moon, to find Im. PG’s assistant tells him that Moo Hyuk showed signs of mental illness and set the house on fire, but PG is more concerned about his safe.screenshot_2016-05-14-08-05-23.jpgHyung woo visits Il Joo in jail and she apologizes for everything she did which started the horrible life they led. Hyung woo also apologizes for using her for his revenge plans as well. He also wishes he was in jail because he committed murder as well in his heart; an equal sin. Trial time again; Joo Hyuk, Moo Hyuk and PG are being tried; Joo hyuk pleads guilty for abiding and embezzling, Moo Hyuk plays mental and PG pretends to be sick, that’s until Hyung woo storms into the court and tells the judge to retry PG. Why? He found Dr. Im. He confesses to everything and all is over. PG is sentenced to 15 years; Dr. Im, life in prison; Joo Hyuk 2 years and Moo Hyuk 3 years in a mental hospital.screenshot_2016-05-14-08-09-01.jpgEun soo narrates that her life after this ordeal won’t change, but how will she find herself since she lost it in the process of revenge. She meets with Seon ho who cruelly dismisses her, but his facade breaks as he heads back to his cell. Eun soo still contemplates how to move forward. Later that evening, she meets up with Hyung woo and tells him that they can’t walk the same path of love again. She’s sure that the hold he had on her for sixteen years wasn’t love, but a debt he felt that he needed to pay for letting go of her hand. Now, the debt is paid, so he needs to find his happiness and let her go.

screenshot_2016-05-14-12-25-17.jpgThree years late. Il Ran and Ji Eun have kids, Il Do begs Ma for a business start up, even though, he worked three years without pay and Eun soo is the chairman of Eun Gang Foundation with Se Young and Gyeong mi as her staff. After a day’s work, Eun soo returns home; her old home. Even her mom comments on how her life’s still the same regardless on how life has drastically changed over the years, but Eun soo’s content on donating her inheritance to charity and the foundation. Ma makes Il Do smiles as he takes him to the bank to hand him his three years worth of salary, but he hilariously extend it to seven more years; that’s when he can touch his inherited money.screenshot_2016-05-14-12-43-49.jpgMoo Hyuk indeed faked being mentally sick to get out of jail as PG states. Though, in the hospital on a sick bail, PG complains that the hospital is still like being in prison and his company is in bankrupt, while Joo Hyuk is in the States. However, Ah Reum stayed behind as she’s still an intern for a small newspaper; Yoo Kyung is training to be a teacher and Beom soo still failed his bar exam. Eun soo and Il Joo still keep in contact as Il Joo is the director of an orphanage that works in relation to the Foundation.screenshot_2016-05-14-13-03-03.jpgAs fate has it, Myeong ho, the homeless man/volunteer at the orphanage is in trouble and Eun soo suggests to bail him out, only Hyung woo is there to represent him. The two couple meet and though awkward, there’s promise to look at each other anew. Yeol sets Hyung woo on a blind date and while waiting for his date, Hyung woo gets an update text from Mi Rae on winning her class project; the life story on  little Eun soo and Hyung woo with little bird Kku ee as a family. Mi Rae begs Eun soo to take her to see the legend tree and Eun soo takes her to her home town. There, they meet Hyung woo standing by the tree and the three have a blissful time.

Stray Odds & Ends


  • Beom Soo needs to try a different career approach.
  • Ha! Myeong ho telling Moo Hyuk he knows crazy when he sees it; ‘cuz crazy knows crazy.
  • Thanks to ALL who stayed with me throughout this recap. THIS IS MY OFFICAL 50 episodes drama recap. I cannot believe I did it. I almost gave up.  Though, I am two months behind (lack of wifi and work), but it got done. THANKS AGAIN, Y’ALL. IT WAS A BLAST WATCHING THIS SHOW! 






11 thoughts on “Glamorous Temptation Episode 50 Recap (Final)”

  1. Getting to recap a final episode must feel awesome – congratulations! Especially when it’s such an incredible number (50th, wow). I started this drama, hope to finish it soon. I’m a fan of both main leads so this is definitely on my fun list!


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