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Glamorous Temptation Episode 49 Recap

Episode 49 Highlight: “Trapped Within”

Previously on episode 48...

Prior to stowaway, Seon ho gets a call from Hyung woo. That evening, he sees Myeong ho, the homeless man, claiming to be him at the dock with PG waiting for him. Meeting up with Hyung woo nearby, Seon ho wants to know what Hyung woo’s deal is, since he put the homeless man in danger to prove that PG isn’t planning on keeping his deal in making sure he stows away to China. Gyeong mi decides that it’s time to stop being PG’s puppet as he tells Eun soo that he’ll testify against PG. Hyung woo wants Seon ho to do Eun soo right, but his left amputated hand is a clear indication that he thinks he did seven years ago. Now in the present, we see PG fuming that Seon ho double crossed him and Eun soo serving him complaints file against him.screenshot_2016-05-12-21-51-45.jpgConvenient that the country is in negotiation on cell phone tapping, PG uses his burner phone to call Dr. Im on transferring the 1o million won, but Im reminds him it’s double; information Il Joo knew instead. While Il Joo and Moo Hyuk are restoring the deleted data on PG’s car camera (black box)’s memory chip, Il Do and Se Young shamelessly and hungrily return to the house. At the hospital’s rooftop, Seon ho is inconspicuous as he sees Hyung woo and Mi Rae chatting. He excuses himself for a moment leaving her in her nurse’s care, who carelessly leaves her alone in the rooftop. Seon ho pops in and they’ve a heartwarming conversation. Jo tells a curious Eun soo that seven years ago at the amusement park, PM’s presence scared Seon ho because PM got a tip that someone was looking into the Swiss bank account.screenshot_2016-05-12-22-06-15.jpgThat evening, Seon ho attacks PG and tells him that Hyung woo stole the money and threatens that prosecutors lay off on him or he tells all. PG shows up at Hyung woo’s and tells him to quit messing with him, in trade, he makes sure Eun soo is innocent at the trial and he’ll split half the slush fund (150  billion won) with them to disappear to New Zealand. Hyung woo wants to know PG’s motive of greed. Simple, Power and Money. Righteous prosecutors indict PG at his office and at the station, PG denies all allegations against him during interrogation. Even with evidence Eun soo provides and Gyeong mi acknowledging that he worked for PG, PG, still plays ignorant.screenshot_2016-05-12-22-19-43.jpgIl Joo wants to know if Moo Hyuk will persecute PG with the new found evidence, but Moo Hyuk laughs at her statement. His goal is to force his PG with the evidence to retire, while he takes over the company. Righteous prosecutor is forced to let PG go based on orders, but he’ll still investigate without detention. Se Young and Il Do are given a chance to work off the Il Rans stolen money (Se Young cleans the house, Il Do works for Ma). PG is unto Il Joo as he tells her that his  memory chip is changed, but in order to forgive her accusations that he instigated her father’s murder, he needs to bring Mi Rae to him. Again, Mi Rae’s nurse leaves Mi Rae unattended and it’s  Il Joo who pays a visit and apologizes. In his office, PG  feeds a child in a wheelchair in hospital gown junk food as calls Eun soo to plead guilty at trial since he has “Mi Rae.” screenshot_2016-05-12-22-32-39.jpgIt’s trial day and Hyung woo tries his case, meanwhile, PG is confident that if Im doesn’t show up, he’s good as free. At the dock heading to China, Seon ho remembers about seven years ago when he calls PG to alert him that PM is suspicious about the Swiss account. PG affirms him to take the stolen 2 billion won and run in order to save, then, pregnant Eun soo. Looking at episode 1 in Seon ho’s teary eyes, in order to save Eun soo, he amputates his arm and fakes his death. Back to the trail, Il joo takes to the stand and shows the court the evidence; Dr. Im getting into PG’s car. This is enough proof, but PG shamelessly and hilariously stand up and blames Il Joo for pushing Mi Rae. Il Joo, surprisingly, concurs to the accusation.screenshot_2016-05-12-22-41-19.jpgMeanwhile, at the office, Moo Hyuk sees that the cutie on the wheelchair is NOT Mi Rae. Flashback: Il Joo apologizes to Mi Rae with Eun soo nearby by. She asks if she remembers the fall which Mi Rae doesn’t and Eun soo affirms to her daughter that her friend could never do that. Eun soo reasons that a child shouldn’t grow up to not to trust an adult. Il Joo kneels and finally begs Eun soo as she uses her mouth to confess. Back into the courtroom, Eun soo urges PG to confess for his involvement in murder and kidnapping, but, a mum PG gets saved by Moo Hyuk who strolls in and tells the court that Mi Rae isn’t kidnapped.

Stray Odds & Ends

  • Samsung galaxy 7; takes awesome underwater pictures.
  • Let’s pretend Il Joo and Eun soo paid the child to pose as Mi Rae.
  • Finally, there is lyrics to the awesome instrumental OST, “Flame” by Se O and it’s beautiful and powerful. Listen here.

3 thoughts on “Glamorous Temptation Episode 49 Recap”

    1. Hahahaha yes let’s pretend they offered her parents to pay her hospital bills. Because that was bogus using a different child and noooooo explanation about it. And they are so good with flashbacks. So, the lack.of flashback was nonsensical. Hehe. Thanks Akri


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