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Glamorous Temptation Episode 48 Recap

Episode 48 Highlight: “Forgiveness”
Previously on episode 47…


Hyung woo escapes with Eun soo after her brave attempt in rescuing him from Seon ho. Hyung woo chides her for her carelessness, but she strongly tells him to report the case to the police before Seon ho escapes, which, of course, he does. Seon ho wants PG to get him out of the county, again, PG wants his money or he reports to the prosecutors that Seon ho instigated PM’s murder.

Jo tells Eun soo that Il Joo is absorbed of the murder attempt since his testimony doesn’t hold a strong base as a witness. Resigned from all things revenge, Eun soo caves in as she tells Il Joo that she forgives her for everything, but Il Joo’s consciousness is her judge. Even though, Eun soo is mentally done with revenge against Il Joo, she’s still hell-bent on exacting justice on PG.


Free from Eun soo’s clutches, Il Joo tells PG that she wouldn’t need his asylum of the contract which he gladly tears up. As PG excuses himself to deal with Moo Hyuk’s madness (he wants to go to USA to “obliterate” Joo Hyuk for insulting him and taking the large company shares with him), Il Joo answers PG’s cell he left behind in the office. Dr. Im cuts to the chase, thinking its PG, as he demands for double the money to keep quiet or reveal PG instigated PM’s murder. Now, a fool, Il Joo realizes her grave mistake.


At the hospital, Eun soo overhears Director Han disapprove of her relationship with Hyung woo , but Hyung woo has had enough of his mother whine as he says that she’s to be blamed for Eun soo’s life; if she hadn’t kidnapped her for false accusations, the sixteen years revenge wouldn’t happen . Therefore, her imprisonment as a debt repaid is not close to Eun soo’s life of anguish. Since, Eun soo heard the conversation, she tells Hyung woo that this time, they should just quit; he’s in constant danger because of her and she comes with a lot of baggage; twice a widow, a sick kid and a dead, now alive husband.


Later that evening, Eun soo’s thoughts send her to Seon ho’s childhood home where his parents committed suicide due to being swindled. She sees him and tries to appeal to him to confess against PG, if not for her sake, but for their daughter. However, Seon ho isn’t ready to claim that right yet as he warns her that PG is dangerous. That evening, Eun soo gives new parents, Gyeong mi and Ji Eun, options to redeem themselves as she tells them that she understands their plight of being PG’s puppet.

Seon ho calls PG on the completion of the money laundering, but PG wants one final task from him; put money into Dr. Im’s account and trace it to the Foundation which Seon ho deduces that PG wants to really pin the murder on Eun soo. He refuses and PG wants Moo Hyuk to monitor Seon ho because he doesn’t trust him. Though, Moo Hyuk still wants the company shares.


Director Han thinks back to when her husband wanted out of politics, but she was adamant about it. She then, realizes that she was indeed a factor that pushed him to his death. The next day, Eun soo visits her with news. She’ll retract her complaint against her in order for her to get released, but this could jeopardize her as Director Han deduces for character defamation and a suspect on murder.

Eun soo is already at peace with her solution; Mi Rae is well enough for her family to take care of. Late that night, before she gives up the ghost, Director Han gives her blessings to Hyung woo and Eun soo. After her burial, Hyung woo admits that they both need space and time after everything is over, then they can talk of starting again. PG tells a reluctant Gyeong mi to send money to Dr. Im under Eun soo’s name. Meanwhile, Moo Hyuk and Il Joo swap PG’s car video mircosd and restore the deleted files for evidence.


Thinking that history has repeated itself with Seon ho swindling him, a pissed PG arranges for his kidnap en route to stowaway to China. However, that evening, we see that the homeless man, Myeong ho, who traded identity with Seon ho, is the one being taken away with Seon ho watching from the corner as he sees PG arguing that he isn’t the real Seon ho in captive. While Seon ho, meets with a tailored suited figure, aka, Hyung woo, by the bay, Eun soo stops a retuning PG on his tracks as she hands him a file of complaints against him as an instigator on PM’s murder.

Stray Odds & Ends
“Let’s go to the hospital. I thought you were all better, but to seem to have relapsed.”
Are we supposed to feel pity for Il Joo? Let’s see her final trick now that she knows PG had her father killed.
Finally, Director Han admits her faults. Though, PG was the starter, she was just a catalyst.
I cannot believe it took PG 26 + years to try to steal 500 billion won from PM. After 26+ years, should he be worth more than that?


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