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Glamorous Temptation Episode 47 Recap

Episode 47 Highlight: “Charged”

Previously on episode 46…


Freaked out by each other’s presence, Seon ho leaves Hyung woo gasping for breath as he enters his car to drive off leaving an astonished Eun soo to decipher the ghost encounter of her past. Still in shock when Jo arrives at the scene, per Hyung woo’s phone call,  Eun soo’s past crawls in.

In short, her mind wonders to how her late husband is alive. Since DH is in the hospital on a sick bail, Hyung woo is able to see her, but not all is well because DH has ovarian cancer, luckily, per doctor, it was caught early and taken out. There’s more good news; Mi Rae’s earlier shock from Il Joo’s visit indirectly improved her vocal cords to open up.


While PG fully convinces Il Joo that Eun soo and Hyung woo conspired to kill PM, Hyung woo tells Eun soo that PG is thr new baddie to act revenge upon. Under his Japanese pseudonym, Seon ho pays a hotel staff extra to hide his presence in the hotel. He finally looks into Eun soo’s life post death. Seon ho confronts PG about his reason of trying to put Eun soo back in jail in which PG answers that they’re digging their past; this can hinder Seon ho’s being dead.

Il Joo find the camera recording of Eun soo trying to manipulate PM for the documents, but it’s too late for Jo and Eun soo after Jo sees that the camera’s microsm is missing. Il Joo stupidly gives the microsm to PG and has the audacity to call Eun soo to gloat, but Eun soo shakes her head as she practically says her opponent is dumber than she thought and she’ll be forced to go all out in bringing her down.


Eun soo tells DH, during her hospital visit, that Seon ho’s alive and she needs her help in exposing PG. However, DH begs her to leave Hyung woo alone since her sickness counts as her repaying her debt to Eun soo. NOPE! NOT CLOSE! Hyung woo finally knows Seon ho’s purpose of his return; launder money for PG and now he and Yeol need to find proof.

Apparently, DH and her doctor lied to Hyung woo about her health because she has stage 4 cancer. But, that won’t stop her from requesting for pain meds to assist her for a few hours because she has some errands to run. Her errand is with PG and they trade barbs and threats. She excuses herself to the bathroom to recuperate due to the pain and on her way back she overhears PG saying on the phone that he’ll handle Joo Hyeok.


Joo Hyeok is being investigated on corruption and it’s his half-brother petty machinations agaisnt him which pisses off Joo Hyeok. Yeol and Hyung woo are able to track Seon ho at his hotel during his daily laundering transaction. With the help of a uncorrupted police assistance, they are able to catch Seon ho, but they underestimate a kung fu champion as Seon ho easily takes them down.

He even tases his potential equal match in fighting skill, Jo, before fists can be exchanged. Of course, Eun soo happen to track Hyung woo again due to his lack of explanation earlier, prior to apprehending Seon ho. Seon ho takes her as hostage to escape and Hyung woo tells the police to place a flying ban and charge Seon ho with embezzlement, kidnapping and obstruction of justice.


After meeting with DH, Joo Hyeok runs home and tells an idle Ah Reum that they’ll be leaving for US that evening. Why? Beom soo is her in-law and with recent occurrence of bad luck with his sister and her family, they’re enemies. Hence, she tearfully calls Beom soo of her leaving. Hyung woo doesn’t have enough evidence against Seon ho to charge him, even though he took Seon ho’s laptop.

DH’s seed of inception she planted in Joo Hyuk’s head earlier seems to have worked as Joo Hyeok calls the cops to arrest a gloating Moo Hyuk at his home for instigating Eun soo and Hyung woo’s murder (episode 10). To make matter worse, Joo Hyuk is out of the country with the stock shares as well.


Eun soo tears Seon ho in their secluded warehouse hideout. She cries about her injust life and he fires back that she lived well with the PM and a lover. Locking her up in the warehouse, he calls PM that he wants to be done with all, but PM needs his money laundered out of the country first. Hyung woo storms into PG’s study to demand Eun soo’s location. However, a tradeoff is made; Moo Hyuk’s release for Eun soo’s. After a near escape and a dose of calm, Eun soo tells Seon ho that she did like their life together; she even got to know the real him; suicidal parents and his orphan life.

The tradeoff is made and of course, Hyung woo enters the lion’s cage unarmed and prepared with backup as Seon ho pounces on him and demands why  he’s being investigated. Driving to the hospital, Eun soo’s thought revisits the opening scene, so, she turns back to the warehouse. She sees Seon ho having the upper hand against Hyung woo and with anger she revs her gas heading straight towards Seon ho with an ominous headlight.
Stray Odds & Ends
Yay! Mi Rae does remember Mr. Koo, aka, Hyung woo.

Omg! Il Ran had plastic surgery as Ma finds out through virtual baby creation, but he liked her past look more. Cute!

Il Joo should give up. Her time of being necessary has faded away 10 episodes ago. Now, she’s redundantly boring.

Awesomeness for proper, uncorrupted police work.

Seon ho: “Go to Mi Rae.” That line was purely genuine.


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