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Glamorous Temptation Episode 46 Recap

Episode 46 Highlight: “Broken Insides”
Previously on episode 45…


Seon ho wants to know his purpose of being brought back into the country he hates. Hyung woo fights for Eun soo’s release from the false accusation of orchestrating PM’s murder. Apparently, PG wants Seon ho to launder the slush fund to Brazil and do some minor work while money is in tow.

PG tells Il Joo and Moo Hyuk that Eun soo and Hyung woo instigated PM’s murder; news which Il Joo relays to her family. Except Gyeong mi who adds fuel to fire and Il Do and Se young who’re incompetent in their thoughts, no one fully believes Il Joo.


Moo Hyuk doesn’t believe that PG is innocent in PM’s death as he tries to prod information from him, but PG swears that he did not kill PM with his hands. With Yeol having some lead on Dr. Im, who’s in Singapore in hiding, Hyung woo visits his office to look for clues when Im’s nurse interrupts his search.

He tells her that Im caused PM’s pacemaker to fail and her silence means she’s an accomplice. This shakes her as she reveals that the prosecutors who investigated the case only checked security footage in the hallway and not his office. Also, PM wasn’t scheduled for a checkup on the day he met with Im, but she found it highly suspicious when Im called Eun soo to inform her of PM’s mental state.


Seon ho’s money transfer is done and he has a brooding moment with his beer and a girl sleeping on his bed. Meanwhile, Hyung woo tells CP  Lee (corrupt persecutor) to cancel Eun soo’s arrest warrant due to lack of evidence, when Joo Hyuk suddenly enters the room with a bank statement saying that Eun soo transferred 10 billion won from the Foundation to Im wife’s account. Ah, that’s what Seon ho was doing earlier.

Furious, Hyung woo storms into PG’s living room demanding PG stops the charade, but PG’s unfazed claiming to be innocent. Eun soo thinks about the time when a friendly PG approached her with Olof Palme: assassination of Prime Minister of Sweden‘s book and her discussing her fear of PG and Il Joo to PM if he were to die.


Seon ho wakes up from his nightmare of when his parents committed suicide, with him surviving, as a young child. While Il Joo visits Eun soo to try to scare her, though, Eun soo gives her dose back, Hyung woo secretly meets with Chief of Staff Lee to beg for his assistance in saving Eun soo.

He doesn’t have the power to stop her trial in one week’s time, but he can try to have her released on bail while Hyung woo promise to have evidence before the trial. Joo Hyuk is surprised to find out that CP Lee investigated Im as well as his father’s involvement, especially since neither knows where the evidence of the Eun soo’s transaction came from.


PG’s frustrated at CP Lee for blabbing to Joo Hyuk since he didn’t involve him, unbeknownst to CP Lee. PG is surprised to hear that Eun soo is indicted without detention (released on temporary bail) and he deduces that the Chief of Staff Lee is involved with Hyung woo pulling the strings. At home, Eun soo cuts off Hye Jeong’s BS as a concerned friend.

Giving in, Hye Jeong pleads for forgivingness on deceiving her; Ji Eun paid for her son’s medical bills on the condition on luring Eun soo into the Kang’s household. Jo and Hyung woo advice Eun soo not to kick out Gyeong mi and Ji Eun just yet; they need to careful see PG’s play through them. A curious Seon ho asks PG about the Foundation he transferred money from, but PG’s more curious to know if Seon ho still thinks of Eun soo; short answer, nope. The thought of abandoning her makes him feel bad.


Then, PG gets an annoying call which makes him storm into Moo Hyuk’s office with both brothers fighting with Joo Hyuk trying to buy the position of Moo Hyuk’s with the shareholders. PG lashes out with a slap to Joo Hyuk’s face as he states that Moo Hyuk is his sole successor. To make sure Mi Rae is really recovering, Il Joo visits Mi Rae and with a jog in memory, she send the child to shock.

The doctor tells the family that Mi Rae’s condition has gotten worse and Ah reum wonders why Il Joo was in the hospital. Il do wants to leave the house to start a business because he’s fed up, but he needs the funds to do so. Cue, Il Ran screaming that her brother stole her money. She just feels sadness that he’s going down a spiral path of greed because she would have given him half her shares of the hotel if he had asked.


Eun soo meets with Il Joo to tell her straight out that she’ll continue the complaint against her. Yeol gives Hyung woo and Eun soo new information concerning Seon ho; a martial arts champion who competited ten years ago in Japan under pseudonym Yamamato Uun.

Eun soo is flabbergasted that her relationship with Seon ho was orchestrated by PG all due to the last three pages of the slush fund documents. Now on a misson, with Hye Jeong as a double spy, PG finds out that Eun soo and Hyung woo are still working together to bring him down. Also, Joo Hyuk is investigating Eun soo’s case and doing a background check on him.


Furious, he demands Joo Hyuk return the shares, besides he’s a bastard son who’s not right to be his son. Hurt, Joo Hyuk resolves to drinking. Hyung woo keeps him company and his in bitterness, Joo Hyuk reveals that one Brian Moon is the one who did the money transfer to Im wife’s account in which Eun soo is to take the blame.  Brain Moon needs to be careful says PG because Hyung woo, a detective, is looking into him. Eun soo stops by PG’s office to threaten him, while Hyung woo has a confrontation with Brian Moon/Seon ho in the hotel.


Seon ho escapes and Hyung woo retreats to his office. He then gets a call that his mother is on a sick bail in the hospital. He races to the hospital only to be hindered by Seon ho who attacks him. Fighting through, Hyung woo reveals Seon ho’s mask and is shocked, though in Seon ho’s choke mode, to see that Seon ho is alive. To make matter worse, Eun soo who tailed Hyung woo due to his vagueness earlier sees the confrontation in the parking lot and all parties are surpriesed at each other’s predicament.

Stray Odds & Ends
Hyung woo: “None of the members of that family are sane, they’re psychopathic.”

PG’s greed stems back to 10 years ago. That’s icky and to think that the money he spent to look for the slush fund over the years could have accumulated more than the slush.

Seon ho’s past is out place with this frama, unless the writing goes down the direction that PG took him as a son from that young age and then Seon ho betrayed him with the embezzlement 8 years ago, then that scene won’t make sense.

Longer recap than previous, more story to tell. Hehe. Love your comments!!!


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