Glamorous Temptation Episode 45 Recap

Episode 45 Highlight: “Alive in Death”
Previously on episode 44…


PM slumps to the ground in shock as Il Joo continues her shameless move on revealing to the public that PM has dementia. Upon waiting on the ambulance’s arrival, PM is in his tranquil state before giving up the ghost. People come in the church to pay their respect, the next day, to the mourning family, that’s until Il Joo and Moo Hyuk’s presence causes frenzy. What’s more aggravating to the Kangs’ is that PM is to be cremated and his ashes were to spread along side with Cheong Mi. Eun soo finally gives in to her emotions after five days of hunger-mourning.

Due to her frustration over PM’s death (so many factors are in play), she breaks the mirror PM gave to her as a gift. In it, she discovers a note PM left for her which explained his genuine happiness he found married to her. PM had also pre-delivered a recorded message to Hyung woo before passing. He apologizes for Hyung woo’s lost years and he did truly love Hyung woo as his son. Hyung woo doesn’t believe that PM died from complications from his heart pacemaker; besides how was Il Joo able to get her hand on PM medical records quickly.


Hyung woo suspicions lead him to Dr. Im who claims to be the victim of scrutiny and PM’s autopsy had confirmed that his pacemaker had malfunctioned.  Even the nurse who administer to PM acted fishy as she denies to answer Hyung woo’s question, though, she did let slip that PM was under anesthesia for a blood-vessel checkup. PM’s lawyer reads the will; Jo and Ma each get a piece of land.

Il Ran gets the house and the lot, though, she has the hotel, and Ma manages Il Do’s assest for at least ten years since the idiot is a fool. Hehe! Eun soo gets the money, stock and real estate, while Il Joo is left with Cheong Mi’s broken eyeglass. HAHA! Of course, miss brat wants to take Eun soo to court, but Eun soo isn’t shaken as she challenges Il Joo to come clean because Jo will testify against her.


Yeol tells Hyung woo that CP (corrupt prosecutor Lee Chae Geun) interrogated Dr. Im. Hence, they conclude that PG is behind PM’s death which they guessed right because Mr. “Clean” /PG warns his minions to cover their tracks well. Hyung woo confronts him about his deeds, but he sternly warns Hyung woo to tend the waters lightly. Eun soo begs Hyung woo to recede his plans because she’s lost her will and strength to fight Il Joo, but Hyung woo vows to finish what PM started (destroy Il Joo and the Gwons’).

Meeting for coffee, Hyung woo tells Il Joo to wake up because PG doesn’t have her back. Besides, does she really think PM’s pacemaker really malfunctioned? PG visits Eun soo and makes a bargain; he’ll throw Il Joo under the bus since he knows she pushed Mi Rae, in return, Eun soo she tells Hyung woo to back down or else the same fate that happened to PM could happen to them. Now in revelation, Eun soo realizes that he killed PM and her late husband, Myeong Hyeong ho.


PG’s driver sees Il Joo going through the black box video (car’s video recorder) and he insinuates that Ms. Brat is dumb to think about that looking into past recordings, hence, Hyung woo is behind it. Therefore, Eun soo pays the price as prosecutor CP barges in the house to arrest her. at the station,  CP shows Eun soo Dr. Im’s letter (he’s in Singapore) stating that Eun soo is a possible culprit [she saw Dr. Im the next day, alone, after PM’s diagnoses, she kept the diagnosis to herself without telling the family,and with that she ordered PM’s pacemaker to be damaged].

Eun soo denies all claims which frustrate CP as he revisits old case of the embezzlement eight years ago.  Meanwhile, Gyeong mi walks all sinister-like with a man faceless man walking behind him. Hyung woo shows up in the interrogating room as Eun soo’s lawyer to her surprise and we finally see the face of the faceless man, Moon Seon ho, Eun soo’s dead husband, who’s looking mighty fine and yummy alive.

Stray Odds & Ends

PG’s blatant attitude towards life is ridiculous as he feigns to not have blood on his own hands, but asking people to kill for you makes him as bad as the murderers because in his mind, he’s still innocent (he had PM killed due to the fact that he wanted to end PM’s suffering from dementia)

“Why are you acting like this when you’re supposedly well-educated?  This family is pretty pathetic.” Have I mentioned that I love Ma.

Nice plot-twist at the end.

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