Random Train

Coming soon!!!

Hey guys,

It’s been a moving month;

looking for a new house with the family, job change to accomodate my new life, renting an apartment and getting ready for my grad program has been one heck of a crazy ride, but I am excited for the new change coming, though nervous because I now have to face the music of becoming a real adult :'(:'(, but I am glad to take the next step in this life that is not my own.

Anyways enough of my real life and let’s talk reel.

A hopeful plan for the next two weeks as I slowly enter dramaland again (I think Viki is creating a show  on that which sounds interesting).

  1. Finish recap in Glamorous Temptation :):). I am so exicted about it. The screenshots for each episodes are lounging in my gallery. It is just the time to sit and do the recap.
  2. Webtoon highlight (April is not over yet for this month’s webtoon)
  3. Short story contination (non-asian drama related…just “creative writing” hehe)
  4. Add more stuff that sounds doable. Hehe.

Hope you guys have a lovely week ahead.

God bless y’all.


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