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Short Story: In the Spotlight Episode 1

As per requested, I’ll try to maximize the story into three short episodes. Expect time jump and character summation. Enjoy!


Louise is such a hoot. Sometimes, she’s just as childish as George*, “utters Riley as she takes another bite out of her chicken sandwich while turning the volume on TV.

Greg stands up from the couch and walks towards the kitchen. “Babe, do you want a refill?”

“Actually, could you please get me a coke, I think it’ll go well with this sandwich,” Riley responds.

“Hey, I got a call today from Mila Lariat. She invited us to the quarterly gala for KFC, which she’s hosting by the way, but I think we should sit this one out?” Greg yells as he wiggles through the carton of milk, bags of apples, a cartoon of egg and a plate of chicken before getting to the can of coke lounging at the back of the refrigerator.

Greg walks back to the living room and sees Riley looking at his direction with a frown on her face.

“I think we should sit this one out?” Riley questions.

“Mila Lariat, a multi-billionaire French royal.  The founder of Gaze magazine just asked us to grace our presence at her gala and you just said, “Sit this one out!”

Riley gestures her fingers to draw quotation marks in the air around the sentence “sit this one out” as she spoke. She puts her chicken sandwich on the center table positioned in the middle of the living room and walks closer to Greg who’s leaning against the wall with his arms folded.

 Folding her arms, she rants.

“I mean marrying into French royal is nice and all, but she was already wealthy before then; a well-known fashion designer, a philanthropist, an activist, a spiritual being, an entrepreneur,” Riley claps her hands with enthusiasm as she heads towards the couch facing the window.

“Did you know that she was an orphan at the age of five, homeless at the age of sixteen and lived under the bridge for two years in Brussels? I believe a Catholic Priest adopted her when she mistakenly stumbled upon his church,” Riley says with awe.

“I met her once at a Paris Fashion Week in 2013 and she oozes with sophistication and elegance,” Riley muses.

“Besides, I hear her functions are surreal. So, explain what you mean by sitting it out?”

Greg chuckles and looks at Riley with amusement. “Wow, I didn’t realize that you were a walking Wikipedia.”

Greg moves towards the idle chicken sandwich as he stomach suddenly growls.

“I’m serious, Greg. Why can’t we go?” whines Riley.

“Because it feels like I’m going to waste my money on chickens,” Greg exclaims as he takes a bit out the chicken sandwich.

“KFC? Why abbreviate your charity’s name to sound like Kentucky Fried Chicken? I bet they’ll serve chicken this year,” Greg teases.

“For the past four years that I’ve attending, it’s either beef or fish. Last year, they tried to switch it up though. The menu was meatball and spaghetti. It was really bizarre. Definitely the talk of the year, “Greg chuckles as he takes a sip of the coke sitting by now empty plate.

Putting the coke on the coaster by the side stool, Greg jokes.

“But I’ve a gut feeling that this year’s menu is chicken,” Greg nods confidently as he takes the last bite of the chicken sandwich.

Riley snorts.

“Yea, I did wonder about that too when I first heard it. But “Kids for Christ” is a good program that helps youths discover their solitude in Christ. Nowadays, youths are becoming too ingrained with technology to really focus on the importance of their existence. It’s really commendable for a rich socialite to have a good head on her shoulder. I guess her adoption changed her perspective on life.” Riley surmises as she shifts her sitting position.

“So answer me Greg, why can’t we accept the invite,” Riley asks calmly.

Greg shrugs nonchalantly as he sits and picks up the remote to turn the TV volume up.

Irritated at his attitude, Riley hisses quietly.  She gets up and walks towards the kitchen, but bothered by his lack of response, Riley storms into the living room and shouts.

“YOU ARE TOO SELFISH AND ANTI-SOCIAL,” she continues with sass.

“Why don’t you just get over yourself? You think you’re the only one with money to spend. It’s for charity for crying out loud,” with her hands thrown in the air, she wails, “Ever since we met, you always have the last say on what functions we can attend, especially the functions you know I am excited about. I need to network at these events. So, WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE TO DEPRIVE ME OF THAT? Riley snaps as she glowers at Greg.

Greg quietly responds with a cheeky facial expression.

“Riley, don’t get me wrong. It’s a magnificent outreach, but there are some people who attend the function for the wrong reasons and I don’t want you to get involved. That’s all.”

His voice suddenly becoming more scruff.

“I can personally arrange for us to have dinner with Mila if you want to see her so badly, but we are not going to that event. I don’t want to hear anymore of it,” he warns.

*The Jeffersons*

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

What do you think of the story so far? Too far-fetched? Too cliched? Love to hear from you!


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