Short Story: In the Spotlight

Wazzup blog-gangs! As mentioned, I am trying to find a new niche for this blog.I have lots of unpublished drafts hidden in this blog space, unopened emails I sent to myself that are full of multiple short stories/writing form that aren’t in continuation from previous writings. I get my mojo- kick in the morning at work, so imagine me sneaking in pages of free-form creations as I try to work. (I hope my bosses do not follow me on this blog 🙂 ) Anyways, this is the first trial of a fictional short story that is just as random as this post. Enjoy and be kind with your comments. I can take so much criticism in one day. hehe!

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Credit: Mensaycards

In the Spotlight

Riley, Macy, Betty and Jumi are having a quiet brunch in the outskirt of Queenstown, Beachcastle, Virginia.

“Oh please,” Betty groans as she intentionally places her perfectly manicured hands on the table for her friends to notice, “it’s not like the student body is going to go on strike. It’s just the principle.”

“What do you mean it’s just the principle?” Macy yells as she ignores her friends shameless act and slams her right hand on the table with a force. “What principle? Exactly what principle allows us to witness the Dean of a prestigious University get married to a student who’s barely a teenager?

“Macy, calm down. People are beginning to stare. Personally, it is not a big deal. Riley can get married to whomever she chooses. She’s twenty six for crying out loud. It’s about time one of us got married,” Jumi says before taking a sip of her orange juice.

Toning her voice down, Macy quietly speaks, “Look, all I am saying is that Riley deserves someone who’s not old enough to be her father with 2 kids half her age. Goodness, we are barely starting our lives as “adults”. We are…

“Ah, please stop,” Betty interrupts dryly, “as you’ve just mentioned we are adults. It doesn’t matter who she gets married to. It could be the President or Brad Pitt. Riley is a smart girl and I am sure she’s making the right decision to marry an old geezer.” Betty laughs as she tickles Riley who’s sitting beside her.

Riley chuckles as she gently pushes Betty’s hand from her side, “Greg’s not that old, he is just experienced,” Riley says as she softly combs her hair with her left hand while looking at her phone.

“Guys and by guys, I mean you Macy, stop blowing this out of proportion, “she orders.  “Like Betty states, it’s just the principle. The principle of love, that is.” She smiles as her voice quiver at the word love. She looks at Macy whose gesture emulates a gag reflex. “I really cannot explain it. I know, I just met this guy like couple months ago, but I cannot describe how I feel around him,” she squeals softly.

Grinning as she shifts her chair closer to Macy, Jumi says, “but Macy, aren’t you the one who introduced Riley to Greg?”

In a mocking tone, Macy replies, “but Macy, aren’t…”

In a scoff tone, Betty interrupts, “That’s true, at the mixer.”

“Riley had just broken up with Damien and you wanted to get her…”

Macy interjects with a rant, “out of her bad five year relationship funk. I REMEMBER,” with her hands in the air, “gosh, Betty. You don’t have to say it like it.” Macy explodes. “But, she just met Greg literally five months ago. He has children, his is reputable, he’s rich, his family are prominent elites. He is no ordinary Joe,” she speaks as almost out of breath. “She cannot handle that amount of power.”

“Well, right now you are pissing me off with your attitude,” Betty snarls as she flicks her hair and signals for the waiter.

Macy sighs, “Look, Riley, I am not trying to badmouth your relationship. Okay, fine. I am not against your engagement.” She says as she turns her gaze towards the waiter and signal for a water refill.

“However, as your friend, I feel like it’s my responsibility to prevent you from jumping into something you cannot handle,” snapping her fingers, she continues, “Gregg is the Dean of Strasburg University. One of the top Ivy Leagues and I fear that it could be a backlash for you if you continue with it. Already, articles are beginning to formulate into the media.”

With her hands on her knees as she wiggles on her chair, Jumi looks up and smiles, “it’s going to be like the royal wedding,” she croons.

“Oh, really?” Riley says sweetly as she waves her left hand in front of Jumi.

Riley gently speaks as she faces Macy, “Macy, I understand your concern, but I can handle it. I get it, Greg is out of my league and I didn’t realize that it would go this far, but it did. Besides, he’s forty-two and his kids are so adorable. They call me mommy now,” she chortles.

“MOMMY!” Betty exclaims. “Are you ready for that?”

“Frankly, yes! I know, it is not the ideal situation, but, I do like the idea of becoming a mommy,” she smiles as she plays with her necklace as she thinks back to when Greg gave her the necklace to commemorate their two months together.

“Greg is warm, kind and safe and I want that,” she explains

“Unlike Damien wasted six years of my life. Not five by the way,” she says with a frown in-between her brows as she snaps those words as she snaps back into reality.

Riley’s voice begins to rise as she begins to explain her position to her friends.

“Sure, Greg is the Dean, but I met him before I transferred into Strasburg. Besides, I am not committing any educational suicide, so to speak. Yea, he is the youngest Dean ever to hold a position in this educational sphere and he’s from an affluent family, but I know my worth and my background and I am damn compatible to be with him or any pauper.”

“Chill, Missy!. We get it. You are in love,” says Macy who looks flustered at her normally calm friend.

Macy raising her hands in surrender. “Fine! As your friend, I will accept your engagement. Greg is a really good guy and I meant it when I introduced you guys before he became the Dean. I guess I am scared of seeing you get hurt again since you are entering a different world entirely. I do apologize if I sound crass.”

Betty and Jumi purr, “Aww!”

“The opinionated Madame finally caved in,” Betty giggles. “So, Riley, the big question is who’s going to be your maid of honor?”

8 thoughts on “Short Story: In the Spotlight

    1. Why, i appreciate the kudos and comment. It was meant to be just a one time story, but I am up for the challenge to continue the storyline. Hehehe…i have lots of stories that never made it to “Publish” so i know that feeling very well. Heheh

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  1. I am curious as to why this short story is titled “In the spotlight”. I am hoping it is just an excerpt, so I can get to figure it out throughout the rest of the story.


    1. That is a good question. The title seemee right at the moment and it was a short story not intended for a contination, but this observation makes more sense. I guess i will try to build up on the story in short episodes in order to emphasis on the title. If that doesn’t work,- then this will be a challenge to this new form. Thanks for the comment


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