Glamorous Temptation Episode 44 Recap

Episode 44 Highlight: “Unsuccmbed Battle”

Previously on episode 43…
Jo ties Hyung woo to a chair and PM wittily tells Hyung woo to sit tight for a few days without giving him any explanation of what’s going on. While Eun soo is calls a roped in Hyung woo, PM pays a visit to PG. PG cuts straight to the point; he has always been envious of PM who was always one step ahead of him in everything—politics, games and women; one in particular, Cheong Mi. Moo Hyuk and Il Joo are fuming over Joo Hyuk’s double-cross, but Hyung woo’s dead as PG relays PM’s news, so there’s no need to fret.

Jong Yeol calls Eun soo as he’s afraid the worse for Hyung woo. That evening, PM decides to feed immobile Hyung woo, suddenly, he begins to lose his balance. His mind has now confused time and space and he sees Jeong Gi (Hyung woo’s dad) in Hyung woo and begins to atone for his past. He tearfully apologizes for the wrongdoings of pushing Jeong Gi farther into the rabbit hole, whilst Hyung woo uncomfortably sits there, confused. Since Eun soo had worried Beom soo about Hyung woo’s absence, he confides in Ah Reum who volunteers to investigate—she might as well use her reporter badge at the newspaper, intern or not.

screenshot_2016-04-11-23-11-22.pngIl Ran begins to get suspect her husband as she hears a woman’s voice at the other end of the dialed last call he made. Ah Reum overhears PG’s and Moo Hyuk’s conversation as she conveys the news to Eun soo who rushes to the villa to see Hyung woo tied up. She releases him and tells him that PM has dementia and DH prompted her not to tell him in order to weaken his revenge agenda. Hyung woo runs out and Eun soo rushes home to confront PM.

PM’s surprised that Hyung woo is free and rushes out, while Eun soo stays behind as she sees the envelope Jo handed to PM earlier; it contains airline tickets to New Zealand and pictures of a house. As predicted by PM, Jo sees Hyung woo as he enters the Prosecutors building. He tells Hyung woo to return back to the villa, but it’s too late as PG’s prosecutor (let’s call him corrupt Prosecutor (CP) spots him and gives him a chase. CP calls Joo Hyuk that Hyung woo is alive and PG doesn’t look too happy. PM writes down his must-do-list before he completely forgets—visit Jeong Gi’s burial site, make Il Joo confess or he reports and hold a press conference against PG.

screenshot_2016-04-11-23-19-07.pngThe next morning, Hyung woo sees PM at his father’s burial site. Hyung woo vows to never forgive PM, which frankly, the man doesn’t need, but he’s tells Hyung woo to wise up and think of the person responsible for Eun soo’s late husband death and other in-betweens. Il Do snoops around PM’s room and comes across the to-do-list. He takes a picture of it and shows it to Il Joo, all gloatingly, and demanding for money, but Il Joo ignores him and drives straight to the house. She encounters Jo and tries to twist his arm by stating to throw both him and PM into the fire with her as an accomplice in fabricating the pictures.

Through her non-covert ways, Il Ran finds out that she is pregnant. Finally! Il Joo shows PG proof that PM will out him during a press conference as well as the vault of the slush fund. To prevent her from talking, he signs a contract in exchange for her safety against Mi Rae’s case and if PM is arrested, he’ll give her the slush fund. That rainy night, PG secretly meets with Dr. Im (PM’s doctor). The next morning, Eun soo tells PM that Dr. Im wants him to come in.

screenshot_2016-04-11-23-22-46.pngDuring the visit, Dr. Im is highly curious about PM’s heart pace maker. Hyung woo figures out that PG is aware of every step of revenge against PM. following up with a lead, Hyung woo visits the real Myeong ho is the psychiatry hospital and it seems like his past did his wrong, but he’s well enough to point out that Eun soo’s late husband is the real Moon Seon ho. Yeol, a convenient former reporter of Taepyeong News (PG’s Newspaper), recollects the infamous Seon ho who laundered money from PG and fled. Yeol, then, gets a call that PM is about to hold a press conference.

Before the press conference, PM gives Eun soo an envelope that contains his statement of him fabricating the pictures as well as Jo agreeing to be a witness. Since, he can’t report his daughter, Eun soo should. During the press conference, PM begins to confess, but IL Joo shows up and presents to the media PM’s medical diagnosis that PM is suffering from severe dementia, hence, his words are invalid. In shock and in disbelief, PM clutches his chest in pain

Stray Odds & Ends

  • Finally, Il Ran knows she’s pregnant; it was getting a little bit old that Ma hadn’t told her yet.
  • I’m going to guess that PM will die soon considering the fact that Dr. Im kept insisting on checking his pace maker and Eun soo will be in trouble in connection to his death.
  • On the bright side, Mi Rae is recovering faster than expected as she’s able to sit, though, in a wheelchair.
  • It’s safe to assume that Eun soo’s husband is alive, since the real Myeong ho mentioned that he wasn’t supposed to reveal his identity, but it seems like the switch of identity cost him his mind. Therefore, PG is more nefarious than assumed.

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