Glamorous Temptation Episode 43 Recap

Episode 43 Highlight: “Unfinished Business”

Previously on episode 42…

screenshot_2016-04-11-20-28-14.pngHyung woo cannot comprehend Eun soo’s rash action of disrupting his plan. She says that PM could be innocent and besides he’s sick, but Hyung woo is too blinded by anger to listen. Il Ran and Ma are now married and Ma volunteers to live in the Kang’s residence. Eun soo begs Hyung woo to understand her point of view; she explains that PM is the only person that can make Jo confess (he’s a witness to Mi Rae’s fall). She also points out that Il Joo is the one behind everyone’s misery, but Hyung woo deflects that notion and states that PM started the chain of events of death. Il Joo, posing as Eun soo, visits PM again, meeting him in his invalid state. PM tells her that Jo is the witness to the crime. When Eun soo confronts him after Il joo leaves, PM compares her to Il Joo; using his dementia for their gain. Eun soo pleads that Jo testify, but PM tells her to leave his room.

screenshot_2016-04-11-20-39-14.pngFed up, Eun soo begins to pack her belongings. Il Joo meets with Il Do and Se Yeong and she tells them PM has dementia. However, Il Do and Se Young feel duped again by Il Joo when PM shows that he’s sane enough to defend his wife from their accusations. Ma brings in an adopted child for Il Ran to keep company. At first fearful of the crying baby, Il Ran later gets accustomed to the baby as she eases the baby’s anxiety. In his “Healer-esqe” outfit, Hyung woo cuffs a sleeping PM. Apologetic and deciding that it’s his time, Hyung woo grows a soft heart towards PM as Eun soo’s previous plea echoes in his mind. He tells PM that he’s done with his 16 year revenge, on one condition, PM should make Eun soo happy. PG calls PM to his office and PG cuts straight to the point; Hyung woo will be given to him exchange of the slush fund. Eun soo shakes up a recovering Mi Rae when she asks if Il Joo is the cause of her accident. PM, who showed his relapse state in front of PG, calls Eun soo to assist.

screenshot_2016-04-11-21-59-38.pngEun soo rushes to the newspaper company and looks for PM in a frenzy. She, unfortunately, finds him confused and slurping leftover noodles in the corner of an office. PG tells Moo Hyuk that he entrusts him in laundering the rest of the 2oo billion won into the country, but Moo Hyuk tells Il Joo his different plan which is to steal the money and plant it against Hyung woo. This will at least get Hyung woo ten years in prison and besides PG is rich enough to miss measly billions. PG doesn’t trust Moo Hyuk  either, hence, he approaches Eun soo and tells her about PM giving him the slush fund in exchange for Hyung woo. Therefore, once the money is laundered into the gallery, she sends it to him, besides, she should be loyal to PM. It is laundering day and Moo Hyuk uses his counter-launders to trace Hyung woo’s laundering. He lies to PM that he failed to recover the money before it entered Korea and PG just dismisses him.

screenshot_2016-04-11-22-11-12.pngHyung woo is sitting so carelessly in the office hideout with dozens of apple cartons containing the slush funds. Suddenly, prosecutors barge into the room charging Hyung woo of laundering illegal slush funds. Il Joo and Moo Hyuk enter to gloat about their victory, when Joo Hyuk barges in with his men and ushers Moo Hyuk and Il Joo away instead. Moo Hyuk and Il Joo are being interrogated and they both claim to be each other’s alibi. That’s not solid enough because 12 hours earlier, Hyung woo and Yeol fabricated the evidence as they planted Moo Hyuk and Il Joo’s DNA around the office hideout. Joo Hyuk gambles with PG; more company shares (more than 2 billion won) for Moo Hyuk’s release. Hyung woo believing to have won this round, blindly meets with Joo Hyuk in an empty restaurant when he gets apprehended by prosecutors and PG. Hyung woo is flabbergasted that his Joo Hyuk won’t keep his promise on giving releasing his mother. Prosecutors take him to PM’s villa with PM and Jo waiting for him.

Stray Odds & Ends

  • Really, this rock/blues Bon Jovi/John Elton/Michael Bolton ost DOESN’T FIT THIS DRAMA AND IT IS TOO LONG!
  • Best words spoken: Eun soo to Gyeong mi and Ji Eun: “I hope the baby will grow up well without anything happening. The baby cannot become like my Mi Rae.”
  •  Everyone is Hyung woo’s enemy, so the fact that he got apprehend, was like “we are back to square one.”
  • Ma needs to consider therapy for Il Ran and not leaving a baby with her unattended, regardless of his good intentions. That’s risky!!

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