Glamorous Temptation Episode 42 Recap

Episode 42 Highlight:”Evidence”

Previously on episode 41…

screenshot_2016-04-06-17-45-52.pngIl Joo shameless collects information from PM despite Eun soo’s presence, but Eun soo is able to grab PM’s attention before he can say more. Il Joo runs to the bank to find the safe empty, though Eun soo knows about this since she checked the safe couple days ago as she tells Hyung woo. Hyung woo still believes that the Blue House Chief of Staff, Lee Eun Seok (Chief Lee) has the original document and he fears that if PG gets his hands on it, DH will not be released. Eun soo tries to get PM, who’s still in his confused state, to call Chief Lee to hand the documents to her. Unfortunately, he comes to his sense after looking at his “ugly” side in the mirror. He replays the audio camera and wonders what’s up. Il Joo makes a confident deal with PM; her safety against Mi Rae’s words once she hands him the documents.

screenshot_2016-04-06-17-59-22.png Eun soo tells Hyung woo that she’s afraid to find out the truth about her late husband. Late that night, PM wakes up from his nightmare-the honeymoon night and he remembers that Eun soo showed him a picture. He, then, takes a picture of the photo (Myeong ho and PM). Hyung woo is able to get a small lead in “Myeong ho’s” orphanage. Jo fills in PM about Myeong ho, but something jumps at him; the original picture PM took was with a different person when PM visited the National Intelligence Agency, Myeong ho’s picture (Eun soo’s copy) is photoshopped. That means that the picture was fabricated and given to Eun soo. Hence,  PM and Jo concludes that Eun soo was sent to the house on purpose and there’s a spy in the house. Therefore, PG (President Gwon Soo Myeong) killed Myeong ho.

screenshot_2016-04-06-18-07-21.pngPG cuts to the chase with Eun soo; he’ll send PM to jail and release DH in exchange for the original document. Hyung woo follows up with his lead, but he’s back to square one as Myeong ho is a different person that expected. Yay, Mi Rae is up; she can hear and see on her own, but is still yet to talk. Dr. Greinke gives Eun soo a contract to sign to extend his treatment on Mi Rae for six months, as per PM. Then, PM will give full custody to Eun soo after six months. Eun soo confuses Hyung woo’s small-minded brain as she tells him that PM could be innocent after all in everything, but Hyung woo is blinded by hatred and myopic sight as he blames PM for his father’s death and DH in prison.

screenshot_2016-04-06-18-27-44.pngGreed has no bounds for PM as he meets with Chief Lee and makes an offer; Lee’s presidency for documents. But, Lee is one loyal puppy as he relays the message to PM. Jo worries that Lee can turn on PM, but PM is assured that if Jo is loyal, so is Lee. Gyeong min begs Ji Eun to continue her spy on Eun soo for their new family survival, though Ji Eun voices that she and maid Hae Jeong are getting tired of it. (Hae Jeong spies to pay for her child’s medical bills). Smug Il Joo meets Eun soo for a drink and Eun soo shows her a picture that Mi Rae “drew”, though Il Joo is certain that PG has her back and for a second, Eun soo finds her pitiable, But, that emotion is not important she uses her happy emotion to congratulate Il Ran who shows her Ma Oh Gang to her family as her fiance.

screenshot_2016-04-06-18-35-57.pngJo reports to PM that Hae Jeong is the spy, but tracing steps backwards as Hae Jeong recommended Eun soo to become a maid, and Hae Jeong was  Yang Ji Eun’s college colleague, who’s engaged to Kim Gyeong min, they deduce that Gyeong min is PG’s spy. Hence, they need to set a bait. Ah Reum is now an intern reporter at Taepyeong News (PG’s newspaper), hence, she can stay in Korea. PM pretends to be in a lucid state as he tells Eun soo that he knows where the documents is because he knows Hae Jeong who’s listening will relay the message to Gyeong min who tells PM. Though, Hyung woo beats PG in finding it. Cornered with PG and his goons, Hyung woo burns the document and PG is forced to work with Hyung woo in arresting PM and releasing his mother.

screenshot_2016-04-06-18-46-01.pngEun soo finds PM in a sitting fetus position in the room crying about his covering up Il Joo’s crimes. He tells her that Jo was a witness and Eun soo looks at PM with pity. The ext day, Chief Lee and PM get a text to meet at the villa since there is something wrong with  the Swiss account. Hyung woo tells Eun soo about the trap he set for PM; at the villa, PM wand Lee will meet and discuss the slush on hidden camera which he’ll use to put him back in jail for ten years, maximum. Eun soo hypothetically asks what happens if PM is sick. The only time PM can get out of prison is when he’s dead. PM meets with Chief Lee in his villa and they are about to discuss the swiss account, with Hyung woo and PG watching on-screen from the hidden camera, when Eun soo runs in and tells them to stop talking.

Stray Odds & Ends

  • Eun soo believes that Hyung woo’s vendetta against PM is be flawed. PM looks like a bad guy, but it seems like those who are loyal to him take on the personal choice to make a sacrifice for him without him making them do so (example, Jo going to jail with PM and Hyung woo’s dad killing himself).
  • As usual, Hyung woo will blow everything out of proportion with Eun soo showing up at the villa.

. Who here thinks that Eun soo’s late husband is alive and the homeless guy??

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