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Glamorous Temptation Episode 41 Recap

Episode 41 Highlight: “Mind Games”

Previously on episode 40…

screenshot_2016-03-29-13-27-24.pngEun soo calls bluff* that Mi Rae’s regaining consciousness and soon will be able to testify. (*Mi Rae blinks based on reflexes as she can’t hear or see-coming out of coma doesn’t guarantee full body function). Freaked, Il Joo runs to PM’s room with Eun soo behind, where for a second his mind retrogrades. Though, seeing his reflection quickly snaps him back to reality, but Il Joo notices. He coolly dismisses her which throws her off a bit. Il Do and Se Young concoct a plan to extricate money off Il Joo. The next day, Il Joo’s paranoia eats her up as she entices to Moo Hyuk in finding the original document first or it proves her crime once Eun soo has it. Hyung woo relays to DH that Gyeong mi is a spy for PG under PM and she deduces that PG might’ve ordered Eun soo’s husband killed.

screenshot_2016-03-29-20-39-03.pngAt the hospital, Hyung woo tells Eun soo that Gyeong mi is anonymous caller requesting for the original document. Bratty PG whines to Il Joo about being slow in finding the document to get his money and she threatens him in reporting to PM about Hyung woo laundering the slush fund. Hyung woo and Yeol begin to look into Eun soo’s ex husband, Hong Myeong Ho (Lee Jae Yoon), background. PM announces that he’s going on a vacation with his wife. Moo Hyuk tells his wife a story to calm her frigid mind; there was once a man, Moon Seon Ho, a genius hacker and a criminal fraud, who laundered money for PG, but he stole the laundered money aboard and was caught by PG. Therefore, that old method can be used again to steal the slush fund en route, but how does this story get Hyung woo imprisoned?! As Eun soo’s representation, Hyung woo visits her old work to reinvestigate the embezzlement case involving Myeong ho. Further investigation shows that Myeong ho was an excellent accounting manager, but is like a ghost as he doesn’t exist in the database

screenshot_2016-03-31-20-46-48.pngGyeong mi panics as he tells PG that the eight year old case is reopened which can cause chaos. During their solemn honeymoon, Eun soo tells PM that the Gallery is losing money due to the various scandals, hence he needs to speed up the process of laundering the slush. Hyung woo gets a lead as the old accounting boss gives him a Myeong ho’s journal that contains the “Cheong mi” codes, written in the same style as the documents. After a drunken reveal of destroying Il joo and a contemplative stare in killing the PM, Eun soo gets a call from Hyung woo that PM is Myeong ho’s killer and his analysis is based on the codes from earlier that translates that PM will have him killed after laundering the slush aboard. Agitated and showing an old picture with PM and Myeong ho, Eun soo screams at PM to give her an answer on why she he killed her husband, but PM’s mind is far gone into confusion.

screenshot_2016-03-31-22-09-40.pngHoneymoon is cut short the next day and PM announces that there’s no need to gather for family meal. He’ll spend most of his time in his room writing his memoir and Eun soo is the only person allowed in his room. Il do and Se Young shamelessly beg Eun soo for money to start a small business and her refusal reverts them back into planning to stab Il Joo in the back.

Side note: Ma opens a saving account under his baby and Il Ran’s name and proposes to Il Ran.

PM tells Jo to install a camera with voice sounds in order to watch himself in the study. Hyung woo tells Eun soo that PG had her placed in PM’s house through maid Hye Jeong under Gyeong mi. As on cue, Gyeong mi reports to PG that Hyung woo fell for the planted Myeong ho’s journal. To confirm her suspicions, Il Joo calls Yoo Kyung to check up on the household and naïve child tells her about PM’s weirdness. Il Joo rushes home to validate the “auspicious” news. Go quickly calls Eun soo that Il Joo’s in PM study, while Il Joo uses her father’s deteriorating state of mind to and a trickery of claiming to be her mother, but reverts into claiming that she’s Eun soo to get information about the key to the document. However, Eun soo is too late as PM mentions a locker at the bank with codes inside to the withdraw money.

Stray Odds & Ends

  • DH foreshadowing death—pain in her stomach; though Hyung woo begs PG to assist in her release, which PG plays ignorant of not having strong connections since Blue House is involved in the debacle of corruption.
  • The punk rock OST does NOT FIT THIS DRAMA in any scene as it takes away from its seriousness.
  • Finally, we’ll get to know who Eun soo’s old husband is and the cause of his death. Though, I suspect that Hong Hyeong ho is Moon Seon ho, the genius hacker-duh, no trace of his new life because he had to start over hiding from PG. I also think that PM was trying to protect Hyeong ho from PG because they worked together in trying to bring down PG.
  • Aww, I love Ma’s proposal to Il Ran who coolly accepts. YAY! But, please tell me that she understands that she’s pregnant.
  • I love the running joke on seeing Il Joo squirm at her conscience, regardless on who afflicts the guilt.

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