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Glamorous Temptation Episode 40 Recap

Episode 40 Highlight: “MIRROR, MIRROЯ “

Previously on episode 39…

screenshot_2016-03-27-21-25-38.pngEun soo calls Jo instead to look for PM since she’s worried that he’s relapsing. Eun soo catches Il Joo in Mi Rae’s room and Il Joo looks like she needs a pair of new underwear. Pm aimlessly walks about town looking for Eun soo. He makes friends with some oldies at the park playing baduk. They recognize him, but he doesn’t recognize himself. At night, a man and a woman take advantage of PM’s vulnerability, lucky, a restaurant owner stops the harassment. Restaurant owner calls Eun soo who sees PM eating his favorite food of the past; same restaurant he ate with Cheong mi. On his way out, he stops and looks at his reflection and suddenly comes back to his senses.

screenshot_2016-03-27-21-35-02.pngHyung woo tries to coax Joo Hyuk in turning against PG and put Moo Hyuk in jail, but Joo Hyuk mentions that PG will release Moo Hyuk and make things worse for him. So, they need an underling prosecutor to arrest Moo Hyuk. DH tells Eun soo not to tell Hyung woo that PM’s lost his mind because that’ll make Hyung woo feel pity towards the old man besides Il Joo is the main target and PM is just a tool she needs. The doctor diagnoses that PM has early stages of Alzheimer’s, but his mind is deteriorating fast.

screenshot_2016-03-27-21-53-38.pngIl Joo freaks out and tells Moo Hyuk that she actually pushed Mi Rae because she was scared, hence, she needs his help. At the hospital, PM threatens Eun soo that Dr. Greinke would return back to the States and Mi Rae’s treatment stops, expect she comes back home. Il Joo reassures PG that she’ll get the documents and is heavily convinced that PM will discard Eun soo sooner than later because she isn’t blood. Mi Rae’s doctor is about to take Mi Rae from special care into general, which means Eun soo reluctantly is back home.

screenshot_2016-03-27-22-07-14.pngEun soo announces to the table party that she’ll be spending her time in Mi Rae’s treatment room/Il Joo’s old room. Joo Hyuk bust in Beom soo’s ramen’s party when he forcefully drags Ah Reum from the house. Hyung woo meets with PM and PM cuts to the chase; any encounter with Eun soo means that Mi Rae will suffer. Hyung woo poses if PM ever loved Eun soo, since he’s acting all possessive, but PM silently responds that he has no choice. PG tells Moo Hyuk to smarten up and use his”geniusness” to ruin Hyung woo, that way, Il Joo will see him differently. Se Young and Il Do give Eun soo a music box to help stimulate Mi rae’s brainwave and Eun soo uses the opportunity to ask the household about the night of Mi Rae’s incident in which Jo is the common denominator. Jo did witness Il Joo push Mi rae, but it’s not his place to judge Il Joo, though, his words do sting as  he tells PM that Il Joo was his daughter then. BURN!

screenshot_2016-03-29-13-17-42.pngIl Ran and Ma go shopping, but a pillow triggers the memory of her child’s death where she claims that she didn’t kill the baby as everyone pointed. Ma later comforts her; he’ll be there to support her and the baby.  Hyung woo drives Ah Reum to get her belongings and unintentionally says handy information about the resident’s time schedule. She shows him Beom soo’s background information and picture; same thing he saw in Il Do’s bag; when he suspected Il Do. Gyeong mi reports to PG about Eun soo’s suspicions  and is on a new mission. He calls Eun soo using voice phishing to request for the original document in exchange for evidence of Il Joo pushing Mi Rae.  Finally, Hyung woo knows that Gyeong mi is the caller as he listens to PG other recordings he copied. PM is mentally confused and Go reports it to Eun soo just as Il Joo tries to storm in to see PM. Eun soo detours her into Mi Rae’s room. Like magic, she asks Mi Rae if Il Joo pushed her, by pressing her hand, Mi Rae blinks and Il Joo thinks to herself to carry a clean underwear every time she encounters Eun soo.

Stray Odds & Ends

  • I didn’t realize that geniuses need to announce to the world that they’re genius. It entails a tell rather than show. So, let’s see how smart Moo Hyuk claims to be.
  • Eun soo is badass. WHO ELSE SQUEALED FOR JOY when Mi Rae blinked at Il joo? I don’t think Mi Rae can it. The pressure Eun soo applied on her hand is just a reflexive response, but it is still a good one to startle the queen of delusion.
  • I think Il Ran’s marriage could’ve resulted into PTSD which lead to her child’s death and with no proper family support, that made her escape reality. Hopefully, Ma is someone who’ll help her find happiness again. Though, she’s still in the dark about her pregnancy.
  • Gyeong mi is the anonymous caller of the past; the one who claimed to know how Eun soo’s husband died. He also works for PG, therefore, it is safe to conclude that PG is the one who ordered Eun soo’s husband’s death. The question is why?

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