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Glamorous Temptation Episode 39 Recap

Episode 39 Highlight:”Lost Monsters”

Previously on episode 38…

screenshot_2016-03-26-22-14-17.pngPM in a heartbreak daze after seeing Eun soo and Hyung woo locking lips. Eun soo is mentally freaking out, while Hyung woo reassures her that it worked out for the best. Upon returning home, Eun soo confesses PM on using him to act her revenge against Il Joo and since there’s no point in pretending anymore, she wants a divorce. At the hospital, she confides in Hyung woo that she’s done wearing a mask that was too heavy for her, and Hyung woo proposes to restart their relationship. PM questions Il Joo’s morals when states that stopping Mi Rae’s treatment can be a thing of the past amongst the other wrongs in order to move forward. DH (Director Han) tells Eun soo that by requesting for a divorce, she won’t get the justice she seeks. She needs to become a monster in order to beat them at their game.

screenshot_2016-03-26-22-29-31.pngAt the hospital, Eun soo is overjoyed when Mi Rae is able to grip her hand—a sign that she’s slowly coming out of her coma. Joo Hyuk is mad at PG for not keeping his promise concerning his promotion as Chief Prosecutor. PM looks into Ma’s background and is impressed that “Il Ran is dating someone humane.” Speaking of humane, Il Ran is on a double date with Ji Eun and Gyeong mi at a pig’s feet restaurant.  She complains about the food and the benefits of pig’s feet for pregnant women which makes her visit the bathroom.

In there, she’s solemn as she thinks about when she craved pig’s feet during pregnancy. Meanwhile, Ji Eun and Gyeong Mi fill in Ma about Il Ran’s past—after child birth, she was depressed and there’s a rumor of her either killing her child or the child dying from crib death. Either news doesn’t look good to Ma. Mi Rae’s doctor tells Hyung woo that the treatment by Dr. Geinke has a 30% recovery chance, but no guarantee of her body functions being normal. PM tells Eun soo that he won’t divorce her, so she needs to come back home. Her condition is that Il Joo goes to prison and the public prosecute him; either, which he’s not willing to abide by.

screenshot_2016-03-26-23-01-22.pngThe musketeers join Ma and Il Ran as they crave pig’s feet like she does. Ma sees how well she treats her niece and that puts a smile on his face. Il Joo meets with Dr. Geinke and demands that he treats Mi Rae her way. He refuses and luckily, Hyung woo overhears the conversation when he visits the doctor. Separately, the doctor refuses his demand as well since he is contracted to PM. Doing his job, Dr. Greinke informs PM on Hyung woo’s and Il Joo’s demand. At a restaurant, Hyung woo joins the Gangs’ for dinner. Joo Hyuk is still beefing that his junior colleague is now his boss and Moo Hyuk tries to intercede.

Tipsy, PG reveals that Joo Hyuk was an accident child from a one night stand before his marriage to Moo Hyuk’s mom. Tipsier, PG tells Il Joo that if she gets the document before Hyung woo does, he’ll discard Hyung woo. Continuing their night, Hyung woo tries manipulate Joo Hyuk with the new information, but Joo Hyuk is smart enough to call his BS and warns him to find the key to the documents quickly. However, the alcohol does take its toll as Joo Hyuk lets loose that PG records all his conversation with Il Joo, just in case.


The next day, Hyung woo convinces PG to go to a sauna together and since PG hate public baths, he calls to empty the sauna. This is an opportunity for Hyung woo as he zone in his hearing senses to figure out the PG’s locker code and sends Yeol to copy the phone contents, while keeping PG busy with talks inside the sauna. On his way out, PM receives a package addressed to Eun soo. Inside is a phone and a letter in which Hyung woo tells Eun soo to listen to its recording of Il Joo joining forces with PG. out of curiosity, PM listens to the conversation of Il Joo telling PG about an important key to the document.

He confronts Il Joo about it when he catches her in his study. She fires back that she’s her father’s daughter. He regrets having to raise her as he raised a monster. On his way to the hospital, feeling stifled, he tells Jo to return home since he wants to walk the remaining distance to the hospital. He passes out from mental exhaustion, but recuperate and on his way to the hospital,  he’s in a stoic daze as he looks lost. He calls Eun soo like a lost child, but she tells him to call Jo instead. However, she feels unsettled. A taxi approaches PM who’s sitting on a sidewalk, while Il Joo visits Mi Rae and checks to see if she’s alive. Mi Rae gives her a startled run as she suddenly opens her eyes.

Stray Odds & Ends

  • I don’t feel bad for PM his receding state because he needs to atone for his crimes, but I don’t think that he’s responsible for creating a psychotic daughter. Il Joo never grasped reality ever since she was a child because the adults in her life gave her a free pass to get away with a lot of things due to their mistakes. Even as an adult, her privileged sense of entitlement is passed normal. Hence, it’s unfair to put all the blame on PM for raising a monstrous, narcissistic, and psychotic woman whose mind works in a vicious cycle of manipulative repeats.
  • On one hand, I like how Il Ran’s more fickle during her pregnancy, on the other, I am not sure on how to react to Ma keeping this information from her. Soon than later, she will begin to show. I know that he’s trying to gather information on her past since she sees a child as human at the age of 17 when they’ve their identity card, but it’ll be great if this gets resolved soon because it looks like she hasn’t seem to heal from the past. Which in my opinion was an accidental death due to post-traumatic stress disorder after her childbirth (she was depressed after delivery). Having a surprise pregnancy is NOT the way to go for Il Ran.
  • It makes so much sense that Joo Hyuk is Moo Hyuk’s step-brother and PG dotes well on Moo Hyuk no matter how many screw ups. From the beginning, I can tell that Joo Hyuk tries to be an upright Prosecutor, but trying to please his father, he has to succumb to his whim because he has been deprived of a life a brat and off a screw his brother doesn’t deserve.

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