Glamorous Temptation Episode 38 Recap

Episode 38 Highlight: “A Play Astray”

Previously on episode 37…

Moo Hyuk flying out the car after Hyung woo throws him out.

As it turns out, Eun soo is able to decipher the mouse trap code and races to the vault. So, either Hyung woo is a slow walker or the taxi driver is a slow driver, either ways, Eun soo is calls out Hyung woo and tells him about the trap. She in his stead takes the briefcase of (bearer bonds) cash bonds and locks herself in the vault. She tells Hyung woo to tell the prosecutors of the evidence of the slush fund in the vault as well as her kidnapping. Jo’s phone beeps and PM tells him that Moo Hyuk will take care of it. Cue Moo Hyuk and his goons being comically outsmarted by Hyung woo. He calls PM to cry about Hyung woo escape, which alerts PM since there is someone in the vault. This is how PM finds Eun soo in the vault and is curious on her being there. He guesses right that she’s working with Hyung woo which she denies as she tells him that someone visited her in the hospital with the briefcase and gave her directions from him. Before PM can wrap his head around this twist, the prosecutors arrive.

screenshot_2016-03-26-16-02-33.pngJoo Hyuk interrogates PM, while Director Han pleads to PG to make it seem like the prosecutors received a report days earlier from Eun soo reporting her on embezzling from the Gallery. Before she enters the interrogating room with PM inside, Eun soo gets an instructional text from Director Han. Eun soo sticks to her claim on PM being the one who sent her to the vault per his instruction. Joo Hyuk wants to know why Eun soo has been absent for days at home—PM doesn’t want Il Do to know about their treatment—besides the bearer bonds doesn’t have his name on it, so he cannot be charged for attempted kidnapping or embezzlement. Director Han is taken in cuffs by the prosecutors and she narrates the letter she left for Hyung woo about how she’s atoning for her past against Eun soo and securing her son’s safety.

screenshot_2016-03-26-16-15-19.pngUpon appearing in front of Eun soo and PM, she puts on a show and Eun soo follows the lead by stating line for line the instructional test she got earlier. PM now believes that his wife is not working against him when he sees Director Han vowing revenge against Eun soo. Il Ran is jealous of Gyeong Mi’s attention towards a pregnant Ji Eun and with a concoct plan, Ma shows up to take care of a “sick” Il Ran. PM is released based on Director Han’s confession and Jo is concerned that maybe Eun soo and DH are working together, but PM dismisses it. The next day, PM sees Ma and Il Ran together and PM invites “her man” as Ma claims for lunch. At the table, Ma carefully scolds and hisses at Il Ran’s biting words against Se Young and such and PM silently notices the dynamics. Il Joo grovels to PG to work with him in reviving her political career, but PG’s help comes with a price. PG tells Moo Hyuk about his ex-wife going on a blind date.

screenshot_2016-03-26-21-46-17.pngWith that, Il Joo meets her date and begins to reminisce about her ex loved her deeply, but now, she regrets not loving him back. Moo Hyuk’s an earshot away since the date was a setup by her and PG who knows Moo Hyuk won’t resist knowing what his ex-wife is up to. The two grossly make out and all is wrong in this world. Il Joo and Moo Hyuk return home and PM takes her in. However, there is one problem Mi Rae’s getting better and she’s scared the child will wake up and reveal what she did. PM is shocked to hear that Il Joo did push Mi Rae. All he did was fabricate the evidence to look like her distance was far from Mi Rae, now he is in a bind. Il Ran informs Eun soo that Il Joo is back in the house and now she feels hopeless and she cries to Hyung woo that they are back to square one with everything in place and DH in jail. With the upsetting news, a restless PM pays visit to the hospital. Upon arrival, he catches Hyung woo and Eun soo comforting each other with a kiss.

Stray Odds & Ends

  • It is nice to see Director Han’s growth as she puts her deep selfish desires for revenge aside  to bail out her son and Eun soo who are in a bind for a life they never wanted.
  • The more Ah Reum states that Beom soo and Yoo Kyung should remain friends, the more it seems like she’ll give them her blessing when they do fall for each other. Right?!
  • Il Joo is able to manipulate those she tries to benefit from when says the same thing in every line, but they’ve no effect on a party, until the situation calls for it. It’s like in her mind, she figures if she repeats the line, it’ll eventually stick, and then she can make her move. It’s pathetic to see that train of thought not thought out well, but she’s supposedly smart.

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