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Glamorous Temptation Episode 37 Recap

Episode 37 Highlight: “Confused Mayhem”

Previously on episode 36…

screenshot_2016-03-23-18-36-46.pngPM (Prime Minister) surprises PG (President Gang) and Hyung woo with his presence due to his sentences being reduced on health issues—he supposedly needs a kidney transplant. Eun soo warns Director Han to escape prior to PM’s arrival in the house. PG and Hyung woo are in a bind because their connections are dropping out of their positions like flies because PM’s support is from the Blue house itself (United States equivalent to White House). Eun soo tries to test the water as she reaffirms with PM that he has truly disowned Il Joo as his daughter. In the meantime, Hyung woo is tired of Il Joo’s melodrama speech on how Eun soo ruined her life and her love. With an audience along with Moo Hyuk and PM watching in a corner, Il Joo pathetically begs Hyung woo, but he’s not willingly to forgive the woman who caused his father’s death and ruined families.

screenshot_2016-03-26-14-51-14.pngAt his restaurant, Il Ran tries to get Ma’s attention, but he ignores her, until her acting turns real when she faints. The doctor tells him that Il Ran is anemic due to her three months pregnancy which drives him ecstatic over the moon. However, he doesn’t share the news with Il Ran who’s happy that she finally got his attention. Hyung woo gets a call that PM had laundered 100 billion won, so 200 billion won out of 500 is left. Cross-checking his facts with Yeol, they discover that Blue House Chief of Staff, Lee Eun Seok, laundered the money. Hence, BB (Blue Beauty) doesn’t signify Cheong Mi, but the Blue House. Il Joo vows revenge against Hyung woo and the timing couldn’t have been better since PM calls Moo Hyuk to act his revenge against Hyung woo for destroying his marriage.

screenshot_2016-03-26-15-20-05.pngPM tells Hyung woo to return the 120 billion won or else. Unsettled, Hyung woo calls maid Jin Hyeong who confirms that Eun soo has been absent from home for days. He also notices that Mi rae is not at the hospital as well and Eun soo’s mom thinks they’re in San Francisco, California getting treatment. Hyung woo calls Yeol to confirm travel flights information. Il Joo goes crying to daddy to help her. It’s been days since the household has seen Eun soo and they’re worried about her whereabouts, with Yoo Kyung overhearing every conversation. Ah Reum ask uncle Moo Hyuk to give her money since she’s broke. However, she’s filled in on a tiny detail; he’s setting a trap for a certain someone. Though, she’s crazy, she has a heart as she fills in Yoo Kyung and Beom soo with this new information. Even Yoo kyung tells them about the household conversations and putting two together, they come up with a plan.

screenshot_2016-03-26-15-24-39.pngPM tells Hyung woo to bring the money to a designated place, alone and with no cell phone. The three musketeers secretly follow PM who meets up with Eun soo in a different hospital. Apparently, Mi Rae is getting treatment with the international neurosurgeon, Dr. Greinke. PM confirms with Eun soo about not using her cell-phone as he has ordered her to do.  No matter how grateful she is concerning Mi Rae getting treatment, Eun soo can never forgive PM for allowing Il Joo to go scot free for attempted murder and every other bad stuff she did.

Yeol and Director Han are fearful for Hyung woo’s blind money drop, while the musketeers see Eun soo and tell her about the trap Hyung woo is about to fall into. With that, Eun soo tearfully runs out of the hospital, calling Hyung woo, but no answer. She drives to his secret lair where she sees Director Han who’s surprised to see her. At the rendezvous site, Hyung woo leaves his car behind and enters a called taxi to take him to his destination. At home, Jo’s phone beep which indicates that Hyung woo is caught in the trap. PM and Jo go to the vault with the intention of seeing Hyung woo trapped, but instead, they’re surprised by Eun soo’s presence.

Stray Odds & Ends

  • Il Ran is really pregnant. It should be fun to watch her “psychotic” episodes with her pregnancy hormones.
  • Ah Reum lays down the semantics that Yoo Kyung and Beom soo cannot fall in love because they are related by marriage, but that is definitely NOT going to happen.
  • Il Joo begs PM to take her back since she’s hit rock bottom. She’s willing to start over again since she vows to not love EVER. Good. Her love is NOT needed anyway.
  • Jung Jin Young (PM) English is very clear and well enunciated.

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