Random Train

Tumultous Whirlwind

Swaying away from the usual blogging and new niche, I felt like I should share some real life experience. Not everyday is fun and since this is a small, personal blog, here goes.

Ever feel like the word is ganging up on you? Everything is closing in and you are losing control of the tight grip that you had over your life?


If you don’t feel that way, well, I do. I feel like I am losing control of situations I had thought I had on the palm of my hands. I am no longer the “master” of my world because I feel sudden anxiety. Then again, I am not the master of my world because I do believe in a Higher power who is.

Anyways, I have no clue what the source of this anxiety is. I can hardly sleep, I barely think, I day dream and I easily lose interest. It’s been a while since I have felt this way. Constant irritation, sudden mood jumps, huge appetite, tensed muscle. Heavy, uncomfortable feeling.  Argh! What is happening? I cannot control this.


I never could control anxiety, but not to this point that I actually remember that I have had general anxiety. I have read countless articles that say it is normal, but it is not normal. Anxiety can lead to depression and I refuse to enter that stage. I like to feel in control and it is JUST ANNOYING when all your random worries you thought were handled befin to slowly overwhelm you. I spoke to a friend who had a similar situation last year. Her fix. Just spilling everything out to her brother. I will try that remedy. TALKING. I’m not used to sharing my emotions or thoughts, but screw it.

I NEED MY SLEEP. I cannot activate my mind to get into REM until 2 hours of just being actively sleeping. I tend to sleep quickly once I hit the pillows, but nowadays, it takes forever and the next day, I am groggy and spend money on coffee-like drinks in order to entertain my body to stay awake. I know what I need. SLEEP! Did I mention SLEEP?
I have prayed to God for peace of mind, reassurance over whatever it is that is subconsciously making me worry.

A bible scripture; Matthew 6:24-36 says;
36. “Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble on its own.”


That is so true. Yes. I need reassurance on this random anxiety in which I have no clue on what the source is.
Oh, I just read an article that states three ways to overcome sudden anxiety.

  1. Internally say the words “feeling rushed.”  Apparently, anxiety is caused by the fact that you have so much to do and no time to do it. So, when you internally say those words, your brain forces itself to its consciousness and you realize that you are feeling rushed. I guess it hypnotizes your mind and makes you slow down.
  2. Experience the feeling. The feeling of your fingers touching the keyboard as you type, the feeling of the soft breeze caressing your face when you take a walk, the feeling of tasting the food you eat. Experience the present feeling of what action you are taking, that way you are actively aware of what you are doing and it takes the pressure of your mind off time.

  3. Think your thoughts. The moment you feel your anxiety kick in, pause and think on why you are feeling anxious. I assume that you thinking of your thoughts negate your thoughts; hence, your body feels less stress.


I have no clue. But, so far, I feel less tense when I do these three simple tasks. Maybe I will add more steps when I get home. Turn off my phone, play soft music and read a book after drinking a cup of tea that will calm my nerves. Oh, also, a recent study found that taking a 10-20 minute nap during the day can rejuvenate your mind and you sleep better at night. I will definitely do that at work breaks, so that I don’t oversleep at home. Ah! I need to detox my mind anyways and rest my eyes that feel like bursting out of my head due to constant strain on it; 8 hour computer work and 5 hours of meaningless social media time. I will try this method for two days. Let’s see how this plays out. All I know is that I need more SLEEP!

Photocredit:someecard (google images)


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