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Revamp Letter

Dear awesome-rs,

For months now, I have been trying to revamp my site. I thought of creating another blog space in order to do what I’ve been thinking of doing, but I remembered that I just deleted a food blog.

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Oh, yes, I had a food blog. It started out as a class project, but I continued the journey after graduation. The food blog focused on four specifics; location, décor, food and service. That blog really did well and I thought of merging it with this blog space, but I got stuck because this blog is mainly Asian drama focus, but then again, I defined this blog to be on anything, but it randomly found its niche on recapping. I think! However, that was not my intention.

Anyways, I ended up deleting the blog about 2 months ago because I need to start saving. So, I have to cut back on that lifestyle, hence, the food blog had to go. This way, I know that I don’t need to rave about the next hot-spot to splurge money on. Besides, I need to lose some elephant kilos anyways; my body is out of shape, so home cook meals for now. Hehe!

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Then, I had blog number two which was a journal kind of blog where I wrote about my daily life situations. However, I deleted that blog about a year ago because I never really followed up on it. So, here is where I am going with this. I think, I want to try a method, where this blog will still focus on recaps, but ANYTHING GOES. I want to go back to my initial plan of this blog being on anything. WHY? It is not that I don’t want to recap, but if you notice, I recap on dramas that have less audience-love. Meaning that I like to recap on dramas that is not media frenzy, but low-key unique and interesting. Besides, not a lot of dramas have been catching my attention lately and I don’t want to dedicate my time recapping a drama that most blogs carry. I start a drama and if it doesn’t have my interest by episode 4, I drop it (more on this later).

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I like to write and I am not close to being a good writer, heck I talk a lot when I write, but I like to write and I don’t want my blog to become stagnant just because there is no Asian drama/movie worth writing on. Recaps are still major on this blog, but I guess I can start doing mid-reviews and final reviews on what dramas I watch. That way, I still have my opinion on a drama that I’m watching. Again, I am not a fan of bandwagons, meaning, I don’t watch popular dramas because hyped dramas tend to be overrated, in most cases.  But, if you want me to recap or share an opinion on a drama, do let me know, I will watch what needs to be watched and talk about it.

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Anyways, you’ll begin to see random things coming out of this blog. It is my new niche. Again, not all will be recap focus, but don’t swipe by, entertain the idea of reading the short stories (fiction and nonfiction) and please don’t be shy of dropping a comment in that small box below this post.  I love a productive blog. 🙂

Also, if you think the new format/niche is getting weird and awkward and my attempt of short stories sucks (I was an American Literature English major, so, creative writing is NOT my forte), please FEEL FREE TO LET ME KNOW.

Thanks for reading,



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