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Glamorous Temptation Episode 35 & 36 Recap

Episode 35 Highlight: “Fallen Gem”

Previously on episode 34…


PM is quickly transported to the hospital with Hyung woo driving behind. At the hospital, Hyung woo steals Eun soo away and tells her to stay on the DL so that she doesn’t get suspected, but that will make things worse, Eun soo reasons with him. Doctors administer charcoal to absorb the poison.

In the meantime, Hyung woo confronts PG about the poison, but PG causally states that PM will automatically suspect Hyung woo and Director Han anyways, all he cares is for his money. Eun soo is being hauled to the station for investigation and Hyung woo steps in as her representation.


Il Joo meets with Hyung woo and shows him the picture of the affair; she wants to expose it in order to get sympathy votes, regardless of public mockery of her marriage. Hyung woo plays a considerate lover as he advises her against it, but it’ll come in handy for his plan. PM wakes up and with guilt and tears, he calls out Hyung woo dad’s name. He urges Eun soo to keep mum about the poison.

The next morning, Beom soo is surprised to see Ah Reum as his new roommate and ashamed for blowing the rent money, his mom supports her stay. PM is told by his lawyer that he’ll need to go back to jail because a reporter is fishing for a story of the rich “luxurious imprisonment.” Eun soo tells Hyung woo that even if they get their revenge, they’re still digging their graves—foreshadow of one of their deaths, I guess.


PM tells his unknown visitor to get a book in associate to BB. Il Joo is on the news airing out her husband’s affair and putting on a teary show, while Moo Hyuk silently seethes. PM tells Il Joo that though that move was smart, she needs to be smarter by taking her husband along with her in her political career. At the sauna, Il Do chases and beats up Se Young after learning that she gave 5 billion won to her father who wrecked his fishing boat.

So, with pride sucked in, she begs Eun soo to be allowed into the house. Though, Il Ran and Il Joo show opposition, they soon succumb to Eun soo’s sympathy towards Se young. Hyung woo presents their old wedding bands to Il Joo as he proposes that they steal the money and blame Eun soo. With that, Il Joo hands the divorce papers to Moo Hyuk who came begging. She cries her unhappiness to him and with love in his heart, he signs the papers.


Hyung woo calls PG and Il Joo separately to meet at the Gallery’s vault. It is money launder day and PG sees Il Joo had already taken the money out of the vault. He calls her to confront on the matter and she openly accepts the challenge of making an enemy out of him. Eun soo tells PM that 120 billion won has disappeared from the Gallery. Pissed, PG tells a tipsy Moo Hyuk that Il Joo was the one who released the adulterous picture to the media.

At her office, Il Joo tells Hyung woo that she trusts him completely, unknown to her, he’s recording. Eun soo informs Sun Hwa that Moo Hyuk needs her more than ever and with that, she tries to comfort his sadness. She even shows him her MMS status that Il Joo was the one who sent the picture of the scandal from her phone to hers (Il Joo). Now, Moo Hyuk is psycho angry.


While watching the retaliation news of her and Hyung woo hug/kiss picture that Moo Hyuk took, Hyung woo puts PM in a bind he took the money and his daughter is part of the plan. Il Joo confronts Moo Hyuk about not being loyal to her, is this girl for real? Not falling for her “heart changing for him a millionth time if he does something for her” line, Moo Hyuk declares war.

Hyung woo presents the 120 billion won to Director Han and urges her to remove herself from herself from the matter, but playing an unnecessary martyr, she refuses. Il Do comes crawling back home and Se Young reluctantly accepts him back after Eun soo coolly intervenes that the douche treat women with more respect.


Il Joo’s competitor is leading ahead in the race which makes her panic as she calls Hyung woo who allows his phone go straight to voicemail. At jail, Eun soo reports to PM that Il Do is back at home, but PM tells her that Il Joo should be sent packing out of the house. Eun soo tells the household of Il Joo and Hyung woo joining forces to put PM in jail and they’re pissed. As if she’s not having a bad day already, they kick her out, without Eun soo saying anything, though, she throws in a bit of sympathy.

Helpless, she calls Hyung woo, but he’s not picking. She even cries to daddy, but he pushes her away Hyung woo finally calls her and tells her to meet at the chapel. Dressed in white, she watches the special video he prepared; all the defamation of her and Hyung woo, with an audience of gossip married women, she walks out of the chapel in shame with Hyung woo finally revealing the card that he’s finally getting his revenge on her all due to the hidden documents that destroyed lives.


With no lover, no family and no 120 billion won, she’s helpless. Yoo kyung finally tells Ah Reum and Beom soo that she’s PM’s granddaughter as she states that Eun soo is her step-grandmother, while Ah Reum says that she’s Gwon’s granddaughter. Il Joo comes running to Eun soo who hugs her, though, that reality is not an expectation. It’s trial day and Jo is sentenced to three years in jail for the attempted murder of Hyung woo, same as PM. Il Joo is at the trail hearing to her family’s displeasure.

At jail, PM tells Eun soo about the book earlier he told unknown face. He gives her instruction on who to hand the book to, which she does, however, due to secrecy, she meets her contact in blindfold. Instructions from the book tells the contact to take 100 billion won from the bank and send it to the Cukoo Corporations (Hyung woo’s money laundering company). Eun soo and PG closely monitor the transfer and en route in a van, PG sent someone to hijack the truck full of cash because he doesn’t want what happened earlier with Il Joo to repeat itself. His greed speaks as he says there’s more money and PM is dying anyways, it’s not like he can do anything. However, as Hyung woo tries to tell PG that going off course is dangerous, PM enters the house like a ghost and surprises the two men and me.

Stray Odds & Ends

Can we please get five episodes of Il Joo suffering? Five episodes is not enough, but I am not greedy.

Ma seems to like Il Ran for real.
PM is out of jail, I think, so this should become more interesting.

Isn’t Il Joo tried of using repeated lines THAT DON’T work; “I am my father’s blood.” “My heart will come to you, if you do this…” this tout needs more than a her polls dropping or Hyung woo declaring he never loved her for her to really suffer.

Speaking of Hyung woo, I feel like he’s revealing his hand way too early with Il Joo because this will push her more to crazy land, though she the queen of delusion, but it could compromise Eun soo and the slight trust PM has for his wife.


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