Glamorous Temptation Episode 34 Recap

Episode 34 Highlight:”Games of Deception”

Previously on episode 33…

Superintendent arrests Jo for attempted murder and he pursues the case against PM which could cost his job, but the law is the law. Alone, PM tells Hyung woo that his father was a man he could trust with his life, but his death was his choice. Hyung woo doesn’t believe that his father would take his life because PM made sure that his father would take responsibility for the slush fund, just like Jo is taking responsibility. Regardless, PM is taken to jail, while Hyung woo and Director Han visit the grave of Congressman Jin (CJ).  Due to his political connections, PM will spend three years, but those three years in jail are like thirty years of destruction to his reputation.
Il Joo questions Hyung woo’s tactics in a parking lot with Moo Hyuk as a hidden audience. Hyung woo tells her to run her race independent of her father. Paying a visit to PM in a private room, PM surprises Il Joo by supporting her decision without his political support. In addition, Eun soo is in charge of the slush funds and the Madame of the house. At home, Eun soo tells Director Han to leave the house because PM is planning on using her against her son, but she insists on staying and being used so that the revenge will mean something. Joo Hyuk tells President Gwon (PG) that he wants to request for ten years instead of three for PM, but PG cares only about the slush. Hyung woo’s next plan of destruction is to make Il Joo and Moo Hyuk divorce.
Il Joo’s suspicion on Eun soo are high as she is not convinced that Eun soo has forgiven her, so she drags her out and demands which maid handed her the received mail of scandalous photos of her husband. Conveniently, Il Do and Se Young enter the house and also demand an answer. Meanwhile, as chaos is lingering around Eun soo, Il Ran visits her dad and she’s genuinely sad for him, but PM disregards her fickleness. Luckily, maid Jeong Yeong Mi relieves Eun soo as she claims to be the one who gave the mail to Eun soo; Ma says she was unaccountable for because Yeong Mi went to visit her sick father. Like a boss, Eun soo orders Il Do and Se Young to be thrown out and the household minus Il Joo bow their allegiance to Eun soo.
Il Joo apologizes and Eun soo forgives her. In a separate room, Eun soo thanks Yeong Mi for coming to her rescue, but Yeong Mi is more grateful for Eun soo for buying her air ticket to see her father before he passed away and paying for the funeral costs. In the prosector room, PM tells PG that the slush fund (100 billion won) is his if he can get him released on probation at trial. Hyung woo visits Il Joo at work and ask they go out for fresh air to discuss more on the strategies to revive her election. With a call from Yeon reporting that Moo Hyuk is watching them, Hyung woo pretends to hug Il Joo which looks illicit from Moo Hyuk’s perspective, so he takes pictures as evidence of the affair. Eun soo calls Il Joo that Sun Hwa went into the room alone with Moo Hyuk, after Moo Hyuk stormily enters the house. She, then, runs to Sun Hwa to prod on Moo Hyuk needing a drink.
Moo hyuk is too angry that he assaults Sun Hwa when she fans on the flame by showing him the picture of her in her lingerie besides a sleeping Moo Hyuk. Il Joo enters the room and thinks they’re playing house. Sun Hwa, in dismay, accidently leaves her dropped phone, while Moo Hyuk is desperately pleading his innocent, but Il Joo kicks him out.  Though, the picture catches her attention. Joo Hyuk and PG with Hyung woo go hunting and they want to use the opportunity to kill him since he’s of no use, but Hyung woo pleads his case.
PM slush is 500 billion won and not 100 billion won as PG thinks, but now Hyung woo knows he is not safe as he slightly hoped with PG.
Gyeong Mi (Il Do’s aide) confirms that Beom soo is Eun soo’s brother when Joo Hyuk gets a picture from his wife; this is an interest information to PG. A meeting with Director Han, PG tells her that since PM is adjusting to prison life, they’ll need to quicken his illness by tampering with his diet and medications. Hence, everyday, a cellmate in charge of the food gives PM oily meals and tamper with his meds. On a visiting day, PM gets his poisoned, healthy food served in the visiting room with Eun soo. She gets a frantic call from Hyung woo to warn her (Director Han told Hyung woo about the plan, though, he was adamant about it as he wants PM to experience the revenge inn a fair way), but Eun soo ignores the call. Unbeknownst to her, she urges PM to eat, after taking couple of slurp from the soup, PM collapses.

Stray Odds & Ends

  • I want to buy the PPL, Lancôme neck roller Il Ran frantically used in order to get her beauty in check since she saw Ma and a young female food distributor laughing.
  • Finally, law officers do their job, rather than being fearful for doing their job. (it sounds backwards, but in Korean drama, it is like a miracle).
  • It’s fun to Il Do and Se Young scraping by; those two need to be knocked down a peg.
  • I wonder if Director Han thinks before acting or she’s just wings it as it fits. She is a horrible revenge planner. No wonder it took 15 years in the making.
  • Wait, all these times, Il Joo never had a competitor in the presidential election. So, why the freaking delay of being a president?


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