Glamorous Temptation Episode 33 Recap

Episode 33 Highlight:”Shadows of Levels”

Previously on episode 32…


Eun soo gets through to Hyung woo, as she trails PM, to warn him about PM’s dramatic bust. Instead, PM enters reporter Yeon’s apartment and finds that he was mislead. Eun soo calls PM from Hyung woo’s (the operating apartment is next door) to alert him of the 10 billion won in the account. Hyung woo is surprised at Eun soo’s spin because the money isn’t in transit to Korea. Eun soo says she has confiscated 10 billion won .

However, Hyung woo needs to replace it quickly as soon as the money is en route. At the laundering agency, the advisor tells PM that the money isn’t in the Gallery, but in an antique shop. PM turns to Eun soo as his suspicion are on alert, but advisor quickly diffuses the situation as he praises Cukoo Corporation for being smart in moving the money through the antique shop order not to implicate the Gallery. This move impresses PM who suggests that this company is his safe bet.


Il Do and Se Young find themselves in a financial bind, so Il Do calls his friends to ask for assistance, but no one comes to his aid. President Gwon wants to sue Il Joo for defaming him  and want Moo Hyuk to divorce her, but Moo Hyuk being a dedicated husband defends her, even though, he saw her kissing Hyung woo the day before. Eun soo tells Sun Hwa to keep on approaching Moo Hyuk because Il Joo sees her as a threat, hence, she back into the house to keep her monitor her.

Eun soo exercises small power when she tells manager Go to allow a maid visit her sick father. Director Han plays with Il Joo as she tells her that Eun soo is the cause of their misery, so they need to work together. Eun soo also plays the role of a concerned friend as she tells PM that she’s worried about Il Joo’s unhappy marriage. However, PM sees his daughter’s marriage as a means to a bigger picture; politics. However, the next day, he shows concern as he tells manager Go not to let Sun Hwa serve at the dining table.


Il Do and Se Young go back home to grovel as they accuse Eun soo of pocketing the billions she seized from Se Young. They all head to the Gallery to see if the money is there and surprise, it is, even the 10 billion won Hyung woo’s money laundering company was responsible for bringing into the country is safe in the Gallery. Like a fool, Il Do takes some bundles with him and runs, but his foolery catches up to him.

Joo Hyuk finds out that his daughter is back in town and he’s pissed that his family didn’t tell him. Ah Reum is driven back home, but at a red light, she escapes. Il Do swears his innocence on not sending Moo Hyuk’s affair picture and begs to use her credit card, while PM apologizes on his children’s behalf to Eun soo. Il Joo threatens manager Go to reveal to PM about her 27 years crush on him if she doesn’t help her in spying on Eun soo and Sun Hwa’s frequent meeting.


Eun soo sees manager Go long for PM and thinks back to the times PM was courting Eun soo and Go subtly tells her to back off. Go hands in her resignation and Eun soo , in private, tells her that she’s aware of Go having feelings for PM. However, she thinks that Go and Jo are PM’s shoulders, so she needs her around to support PM when hell breaks loose.

Go tells her that Il Joo wants her to monitor her and maid Han Sun Hwa and Eun soo, surprisingly, tells her to do so.  Hyung woo tells President Gwon that he needs a huge media support in order to arrest PM which will prompt PM to speed up the process of laundering the slush into the country. At a game of baduk, Eun soo learns that Il Joo is five levels higher than her and her strategy is utilitarian, while Eun soo is forceful combative.


The next day, the news is filled with Hyung woo revealing PM’s slush fund and his father’s death and it seems that his story garners the public sympathy as he urges for PM to be put behind bars. However, PM’s political scandal is in no effect to Il Joo whose political stance is in contrast to her father’s. After the interview, Hyung woo gets a call from the same fisherman that had the marriage video evidence. On his way into custody, Director Han tells PM that she’s glad that he’s going to the jail for the crimes that he committed and for her husband’s death.

Joo Hyuk has been reinstated as the prosecutor on PM’s case and he’s in glee as he tells PM that he’ll gladly put him behind bar, especially, since the judge is close to President Gwon. While waiting, Jo gets a call from the fisherman that he didn’t give him the real evidence of what he has in them. PM is confident that he won’t be spending the night in jail and it’s confirmed when Joo Hyuk’s boss comes into the room to tell Joo Hyuk that the blue house called and his job and the Attorney General’s is on the line. Hope isn’t lost as Hyung woo enters the room with video clip of PM instigating his murder in episode 1.

Stray Odds & Ends

  • Il Ran accepting Hyung woo’s love for her. I just love Hyung woo’s expression
  • Director Han solely blaming PM for her husband’s death when she is also to blame for pushing him into politics after he clearly told her that he wanted to quit.
  • After 15 years of painkilling revenge, Hyung woo is finally getting the hang of being slick with his revenge.




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