Glamorous Temptation Episode 32 Recap

Episode 31 Highlight: “Inside Enemy Lines”

Previously on episode 31…


Il Joo is not the only one whose reputation is being tarnished from the wedding video; it shows PM telling Il Joo to forfeit her love and marry Moo Hyuk. The press hound Hyung woo with questions, at the gym, but he declines. Il Joo breaks down, but we don’t care, however, Moo Hyuk does. He pays a newscaster to counter the video as Hyung woo framing Il Joo in order to advance his political ambition.

However, Hyung woo doesn’t fall for the ploy as he tells the public that Il Joo’s a good leader and a good politician. President Gwon doesn’t really care for what’s going on; he just wants his BB funds. As it turns out, Gyeong mi handed the USB file to the broadcast station because he was doing it in favor for Il Do. Il Do takes responsibility after PM changes his tune on his political strategy towards competing for the Presidential seat. Though, he later vents to Se Young on PM treating him unfairly because PM’s not blood. What?


PM tells Eun soo that this obstacle is just a test for Il Joo to find her way out of a crisis, but Eun soo thinks her logical husband is just greedy with his children. Eun soo tells PM that she loves him which makes his jump. Hyung woo gives Il Joo a file on him and President Gwon to use to attack him if she wants PM’s full trust.  It seems to work the next day, when the newspaper comes up with headline, “The Corrupt Family.”

Moo Hyuk is not pleased with PM attacking his family. Sun Hwa visits Eun soo at the hospital to get more knowledge on how to fully seduce Moo Hyuk; Moo Hyuk will be facing some difficulties soon and Il Joo won’t be there to comfort him.  Eun soo and PM are eating street food as couples do, but Eun soo thinks that anything PM says, she’ll take it as the opposite since she doesn’t trust him anymore. Sun Hwa gives her cell number to Moo Hyuk at a lingerie shop, just as a friend if he needs one.


Ah Reum begs Moo Hyuk for money which she gives to Eun soo’s mom to pay her rent. At home, Moo Hyuk throws a fit at his dad on believing Hyung woo, but his dad tells him to ask his wife instead on who defamed their family name. Il Joo, still not the sharpest tool in the toolbox, admits to the slander of his family name. That evening, after couple of drinks and boring talk, Hyung woo pretends to be tipsy and upset over Il Joo not reciprocating his love for her.

Naïve, she kisses him and unknown to her Moo Hyuk sees this, while Hyung woo spites him as he looks his direction, with a smirk, during this “affectionate” kiss. Moo Hyuk drinks his anger away with Sun Hwa keeping him company and like planned, Yeon takes picture of the “philandering” Moo Hyuk and Sun Hwa at a hotel. Hyung woo thinks that PM will move BB into the country inconspicuously. Eun soo doesn’t beat around the bush when she tells Se Young to transfer all the money she stole from the Gallery she managed.


PM tells Eun soo that he’s thinking of moving BB funds into the country discreetly. She explains how Se Young made a slush fund using the gallery by selling paintings overseas. PM says it’s too risky; they’ll need to find another way. While playing a game of baduk, Eun soo suggests that she’ll like to manage the Gallery, but PM challenges her to win; if she does, she’ll manage it.

Il Joo shows a business proposal to PM which she thinks will revive her career, but she’ll need 10 billion won. Hyung woo gets the call of the possible transaction and it seems Il Do is his next target. Director Han hands Eun soo the pictures of Moo Hyuk and Sun Hwa and advises her to buy Il Joo’s heart with it. Cue, to PM kicking Il Do and Se Young out of the house. Ma finds out that Il Ran is not pregnant and she admits that her pregnancy was his assumption since her nauseous and gagging is a result from drinking too much.


Eun soo is now the new Chief Director of the Gallery (she won the baduk game, tactically and not practically, per PM). Il Joo rehires Sun Hwa back into the house to Moo Hyuk’s displeasure. Hyung woo created a false money laundering corporation, “Cukoo Corporation” and has Yeon report the other money laundering companies to Interpol, that way, his will be the legit one that PM trusts. As he predicted, PM uses his company to move the money around.

Eun soo recognizes the name “Cukoo”/Kuu koo, their pet bird name when they were younger and she realizes that Hyung woo is her shadow.  Anyways, within minutes of transferring the money from different countries to another without any detection, an alarm is triggered and the operations believe that the company could be a trap set by prosecutors. This leads to PM tracing the location from the IP address to know if Hyung woo is really behind the attack. Eun soo quickly texts Hyung woo about PM’s arrival, but duh, this is drama, his phone is on silence.

Stray Odds & Ends

  • It makes a lot of sense that Il Do is NOT PM’s blood; the boy is as dumb as rocks.
  • I want Il Ran and Ma to work, so she needs to start being honest with the guy who just broke up with her.
  • Hyung woo is working his smart strategies. Yay! It took 30 long episodes to get here though. But, that kiss, though, haha! That’s the saddest I’ve seen.

Feel free to drop in comment even if you are all caught up with the drama, I don’t mind spoilers.


4 thoughts on “Glamorous Temptation Episode 32 Recap

  1. Man, if I didnt have your help with your recaps, I don’t think i could keep track of all these twists and turns. So grateful for your dedication.


    1. Oh why thank you for encouragement. More reason to finish the show once my internet connection is fully back on. Keep on enjoying and feel free to stop by other posts. Hehe


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