Glamorous Temptation Episode 31 Recap

Episode 31 Highlight: “Layer of Composure”

Previously on episode 30…


Eun soo is bombarded in the storage room with Mi Rae with questions, but a silent look towards Hyung woo says all that he alerted the media who question her about her marriage to PM. While PM is faced with scrutiny from the public, Hyung woo informs Director Han about Il Joo being the culprit 15 years ago. Il Do and Se Young beg Eun soo on their knees, since PM threatened them to being arrested with attempted murder. PM thinks of letting Eun soo back into the house, though, Il Joo protest to no avail. She asks PM if a satellite GPS can take a picture of their home, a question he looks into. Ever so smug, she tells Director Han that she’s done with her, but upping her, Director Han uses herself as bait for Il Joo to use to stab Hyung woo in the back.


Freaking out from a baby’s cry, Il Ran runs out of the OB-GYN’s office, but Ma soothes her fear by massaging her feet in the car. At the hospital, PM apologizes on Il Joo’s behalf to Eun soo and takes responsibility of her actions. He hands her the satellite photo of Mi Rae’s incident, the same Hyung woo showed Il Joo the day before. Shocked that Il Joo might not have pushed her daughter, Eun soo follows PM home. Hyung woo and Yeon sees them leaving the hospital; success. However, their victory lunch is saddled with sad tales as Yeon tells Hyung woo that his father was tortured after he wrote a bad article against PM in the last 1980s. At home, PM tells both Il Joo and Eun soo to apologize to each other for months/years of misunderstanding.


Il Do is fuming that he’s last in public polls due to the scandal. Se Young changes her tune that Il Joo is the cause of all the issues because she forced their hands to react against Eun soo. Director Han apologizes to Eun soo about the past, but that’s not Eun soo’s main concern. She shows her the GPS photo and Director Han smartly tells her to wake up and not be fooled by PM’s fabrication of evidence. She advises her to wear a mask that has layers which will be hard to break in order to destroy this family. Il Joo confronts Hyung woo about the picture, but he lies that he got rid of any evidence that points to her because he still cares for her. He sweetens his mouth as he vows that he wants to get revenge on Eun soo for momentarily distracting him from letting go of her hands.  President Gwon wants Blue Beauty (BB) funds now, but Hyung woo tells him to be patient for a month.


At the movie theater, Ma opens up to Il Ran; he is an orphan, hence, he volunteers at the orphanage and senior center because he wishes to have a family. Hyung woo texts Eun soo that PM fabricated the evidence; there’s a difference in the shadow length reflected on the floors. He warns her to be extra careful. With that, Eun soo teary apology to Il Joo catches Il Joo off guard. Eun soo hugs Il Joo to seal the deal of “keeping your enemy closer.” Hyung woo’s first plan of attack against PM is using Il Joo, but through Il Do. That night, a restless Eun soo wakes up and hovers around PM with a pillow in her hands. Ooo! Darn, he’s alive as the next morning, the media buzzes with news on Il Joo and Hyung woo secret marriage (episode 1 opening). This is a huge blow as PM deduces that Hyung woo is hitting Il Joo’s political career as his revenge on him.


In an unrelated story, Ah Reum meets Eun soo’s mom and promises to help with the rent money she lost playing poker. PM wonders why Eun soo is glum, but she says she feels apologetic towards him and Il Joo for the misunderstandings and revenge. He gets jealous and possessive when Eun soo suggests she leaves the house for a while; he doesn’t want Hyung woo around her. As he leaves the room, Eun soo smiles at her reflection. Aide Gyeong mi tells Il Do that he overheard a reporter covering a story that has a video on Il Joo and Hyung woo’s marriage ceremony. Il Do tells him to buy the video from the reporter.


Cue Yeon running to Hyung woo to alert him of the bait bitten. Eun soo approaches maid 1, Sun Hwa, in the supermarket where she works. She tells her about how she was able to marry PM, since love is not choosy, Sun Hwa should approach Moo Hyuk. Besides, Il Joo and Moo Hyuk didn’t marry for love. Step 3 complete! Eun soo watches from the sidelines as she sees Sun Hwa try to work her magic on Moo Hyuk. Meanwhile, Moo Hyuk had already put out a counter article on him and Il Joo being each other first love. Il Joo decides that the best way to nip the rumors is to have a press conference. During the conference, she states that she had no relation with Hyung woo. However, before she can go further into her lying hole, a video of them reciting their vows  with Hyung woo at the chapel (ep 1)pops up on a moving screen.

Stray Odds & Ends

  • What a delicious ending! Hyung woo’s finally getting the hang of what revenge entails. It just took him 15 years to come in fruition.
  • Last episode, Hyung woo shows us that the satellite GPS photo is false; but why is this episode different? Except, both men created false evidence all together and there is no satellite photo concerning the accident.
  • Il Ran is toying with Ma and it’ll catch up to her real soon.

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