Glamorous Temptation Episode 30 Recap

Episode 30 Highlight: “Rotten Apples”

Previously on episode 29…


While PM is still in shock in hearing that she married him for revenge, Il Joo tries to counter every accusation Eun soo throws at her. PM meets with Il Joo alone and she doesn’t deny that past events, but she swears that she never touched Mi Rae and even tries to blame him for how she turned out. While Eun soo is fighting her battles, Hye Jeong comes across Hyung woo, lurking in the backyard, who tells her to keep watch on Eun soo.


Apparently Il Joo is right, blood is thicker as PM forgives her for everything and tells her to focus on her way to become President. However, she won’t have a future if Hyung woo isn’t dead.Luckily, Eun soo overhears this conversation. President Gwon asks Hyung woo about the slush fund which he denies knowing, but he does tell them about its origin. President Gwon doesn’t reveal to him his source, aka Moo Hyuk, who by the way has a picture of the last page on Blue Beauty, which is key. Remember Hyung woo overheard the conversation earlier. Now, his new revenge plan, eliminate Il Joo and Moo Hyuk. Eun soo is disgusted at PM as she find out that he’ll let Il Joo be. They both have their first couple fight and Eun soo says the last words in comparing both father and daughter as the same evil.


PM runs to his room to sulk, while Eun soo goes to the hospital. She meets Hyung woo waiting for her and rather than consoling her, he reprimands her for playing her cards too early. Exhausted, she goes home. Though, her family wonder why she’s back. Breakfast time is not the same with Eun soo sitting at the table as Il Joo spills later to the posses that PM kicked her out. Director Han runs to President Gwon to relay the news and he counters that Hyung woo should be used as bait to make PM jealous which will make him bring Eun soo back to the house. A plan she is not too pleased with. Il Joo, cocky as crazy, tells Hyung woo that they are not partners any more, but he changes his tactic as he shows her a satellite GPS of the day Mi Rae got pushed. Though, he trolls her as Mi Rae is a teddy bear instead. Hehe. He tries different ways to scare her; attempted murder/not failing to catch the falling girl. He then, backs her to a corner and compliments her eye color. Yes, that is the sound of her heart dropping. Moo Hyuk finds her in a corner in daze and Hyung woo played his card well.


Eun soo returns home, reassessing her plan now, Mi Rae comes first, but PM refuses to see her. She gets kicked out. Il Joo dreams about the night of the accident and we see that she tired to catch Mi Rae from falling. Hmm? Il Ran takes Ma shopping, though, he refuses, she uses the baby as an excuse. hmm? Eun soo tells Hyung woo that she plans on returning to the house because she needs Mi Rae to be kept on the machine. The nurse informs Eun soo that Mi Rae’s condition is bad which makes her faint. Upon revival, she finds Il Do and Se Young had transferred Mi Rae to general unit (PM won’t pay or VIP treatment). She finds Mi Rae missing from the unit and informs the police about her suspicions on Il Do and Se young. As it turns out, Hyung woo, who saw Il Do and Se Young earlier and overheard them, transferred Mi Rae to a different room and apologizes to the little girl. The cops end up finding Mi rae in storage room. The press surround her and begin to question her relationship with PM.  Eun soo sees Hyung woo in the background and they share an understanding.

Stray Odds & Ends

  • All respect for PM went out when he forgave his daughter. They are the same evil and except he destroys Il Joo himself, he is not redeemable. No wonder the daughter is crazy, she’s like her dad.
  • New observation: did Il Joo really push Mi Rae or does she really feel guilty for not saving the little girl?


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