Glamorous Temptation Episode 29 Recap

Episode 29 Highlight: “What Come May!”

Previously on episode 28…


Hyung woo finds the idle documents in Mi Rae’s room upon his visit, while Eun soo challenges Il Joo to report her to PM because Il Joo is brazen about PM support since she’s blood.  Il Joo tries to speak with PM, but he doesn’t want to give her an audience. Eun soo reaffirms with PM that if he catches the person who started the chain of event, that person will be seriously dealt with. On her way to the hospital, Hyung woo wants to know why Eun soo had the documents, to her surprise, though, they get interrupted with PM talking a walk. Eun soo’s mom tells her about the discovery and Eun soo is apologetic to Mi Rae for letting her down. 


Hyung woo tells President Gwon that he’ll need to donate the slush money to the public in order to rectify the situation, however, he he’ll give them a better deal. Manager Go informs Il Joo that she’s done spying on Eun soo. Her orders are from PM and no other, but she does tell Il Joo about Il Doo and Se Young giving a gold toad to Eun soo. Il Ran meets with Ma and tells him that she’ll take responsibility for him. Her gagging motion makes him assume that she’s pregnant with his child and with that he sees her in a different, loving light. Though, she is not pleased with the attention he’s showing towards her “pregnancy??” Eun soo and PM play a game of Go and he notices Eun soo’s quick improvement. She uses the game strategies to advise him to make peace with President Gwon in order to settle the noise. This prompts them to visit a grumpy President Gwon.


As the men talk business, Eun soo searches Hyung woo’s room for the document. Hyung woo is aware of her presence and he backs her to a corner which has her soften. Eun soo later joins the hostile conversation and tells them to call it quits since she refers to President Gwon’s poor background and humility which PM notices. Il Ran overhears Ji Eun and  Gyeong Mi talk about pregnancy and while congratulating her, she swabs the pregnancy test stick from Ji Eun. She presents it to Ma who is ecstatic that he is truly going to be a dad and he’s talking all action that Il Ran stay healthy. Late that night, Eun soo reaffirms with PM that he promises to punish the person who caused her to be miserable for years.


During breakfast, PM finds out that Il Do and Se Young gave gifts to Eun soo, who turns out to regift them to Ji Eun and Gyeong Mi instead in order not to cause commotion which reduces Il Joo score to zero if we are keeping tabs. Hyung woo meets with Eun soo and demands to know why she needs the documents. She tells him, but he thinks she’s bluffing, so to test, he throws the documents which flies into incoming traffic. Eun soo runs to grab it without looking at incoming cars, but Hyung woo pushes her way. Still not affected, she runs with the documents and Hyung woo is more than frustrated.


President Gwon ‘fires’ his son because Moo Hyuk wrote an article that made him look bad to the media. Both men scream at each other and Hyung woo happen to hear Moo Hyuk brag to his father about having possession of the original documents first since he found it inside the music box, which was with Il Joo. He also overheard that Il Joo chased after Mi Rae over the documents as well before the accident. Hyung woo is beyond amazed at the new information as he runs to the hospital to ask Eun soo why she kept everything secret from him. She doesn’t want to involve him in her mess as she tells him that she’s showing the documents to PM right away. He tells her that PM would still support his child, but she believes that PM is different. Hence, she shows PM the documents after telling him that she married him for revenge to fight Il Joo.

Stray Odds & Ends

  • I like the third picture in this recap with Eun soo and Hyung woo’s reflection showing. It shows their vulnerability with each other and how their affections for one another is still strong. It is not blurry or distorted, but just the perfect image of their realness.
  • Either Il Ran is in denial that she’s pregnant, or she her womb cannot carry a baby that is why she’s messing with Ma. Either ways, i am not liking how she could want to manipulate the guy into liking her.

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