Glamorous Temptation Episode 28 Recap

Episode 28 Highlight: “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”

Previously on episode 27…


Against her better judgment, Eun soo prevents Il Joo from falling down the stairs. Il Joo, comically, takes the purse from Eun soo to search for the documents. After 5 episodes of trolling with us, it turns out that Eun soo’s mom took the documents out of the purse, thinking it’s trash. She uses it as a potholder for her noodles instead. Il Joo does confess to her crimes in a hypothetical way, but Eun soo doesn’t want to use that against her anymore. Instead, she wants her to pay the hefty price of her crimes. Director Han tells Hyung woo to be prepared for PM’s attack because she’s about to hand him the documents regarding him (Hyung woo had access to PM’s safe).


Maid 1 shamelessly spills O.J. on Moo Hyuk’s pants when Il Joo catches them in an unsubtle position. She lifts her hand to strike the maid when Eun soo intervenes. PM tells Eun soo that she shouldn’t have interfered with the married couple issue regardless. In the room, PM tells her that he’s indebted to Il Joo because he was an absentee father for eighteen years, so, Il Joo will take her time to warm up to her. Sure, papi. Il Joo kicks Moo Hyuk out of the house, even though, he protests that he had nothing to do to encourage maid 1 action. President Gwon hands Hyung woo a portion of his stock worth 5 billion won as gratitude. Moo Hyuk interrupts them and the two guys gets confrontational in the wine cellar. Hyung woo begins to push Moo Hyuk’s buttons, but when he sees that he’s not budging, he pours red wine on his shirt and breaks the bottle which stirs up commotion as President Gwon and Joo Hyuk run to his aid. Moo Hyuk claims his innocence, but his past actions make his family doubt him.



The next day, Il Do wants PM’s to show up during his next district meeting, but PM refuses. Eun soo tells Director Han that she understands why Director Han was so protective of Hyung woo then. Hence, she wants to know all about Cheong Mi. Overhearing this conversation is manager Go, who reports to Il Joo. Eun soo and PM take a walk in the same place he and Cheong Mi did. He recites a poem to Eun soo, who does the same to him. Amused by her, he confides in her that he doesn’t have any trusted person by him any longer, but Eun soo is confident that he can trust her.

Hyung woo, being a creep, approaches Eun soo while PM steps away. He whines on how he’ll raise hell on her as she did to him, when PM steps in to confront him. Eun soo eavesdrops on PM and Director Han discussion as Director Han presents the files on Hyung woo. Director Han warns Hyung woo to get ready, though, she didn’t give PM the winning card. As suspected, PM tells Jo to look into it. Il Do appeals to “omoni” Eun soo to speak to PM on his behalf in supporting him. Moo Hyuk crawls back home with news that he got Il Joo numerous media coverage for her campaign, at least, his inferiority complex isn’t oozing as he states he’s better than Hyung woo (sarcastic).



Il Ran has to serve 200 hours of community service due to DUI. She asks assistant Ji Eun to pose as her, but later she outs herself. Hehe! It turns out that Ma is a regular volunteer. They are tasked with washing residents’ clothes and Il Ran constantly mentions being nauseous, but Ma and volunteer coordinator thinks she’s trying to get out of the service. Ma is curt with her and Il Ran is crazy-in-love with him. Haha! Being good at his job, Jo presents PM with incriminating pictures of Hyung woo with the slush fund in his possession.

Reporter Yeon wants to be part of Hyung woo’s vendetta because of what PM did to his father. They are expecting Yoo Kyung’s arrival because she’s there to pay back the bail money. Yoo Kyung and Yeon get a text from Ah Reum and Yeon drags Yoo Kyung to her mother’s restaurant. She witnesses her mother reprimand Ah Reum and Beom soo for using her daughter’s name to get free meal. She begins to belittle their prospects when Yoo Kyung jumps in and tells her mother off. Her mom begs Ah Reum and Beom soo to keep Yoo Kyung away from her because it’s in her daughter’s best interest to stay way.



Manager Ma reports on Eun soo to PM and he’s disappointed that she spied on his wife. Meanwhile, Moo Hyuk sees Il Joo and Hyung woo together in the park. Eun soo finds Hyung woo’s files on PM’s desk and hides it in her purse. The next day, aide Gyeong Min reports to President Gwon that PM is holding a press conference. PM calls in a family meeting as to know who took the documents from his room. Il Joo blames Eun soo and all the seed of doubts about his wife crawls into his mind. While searching, Moo Hyuk interrupts that Il Joo met with Hyung woo the night before as he presents the documents hidden in Il Joo’s purse instead.

PM reveals to the press/public that he had a slush fund and will take his punishment according to the law, but he wants the public to know that President Gwon, Joo Hyuk and Hyung woo stole the slush fund. Hence, the public cannot get access to it. Hyung woo meets with Eun soo, secretly, who hands him his incriminating photos that are missing from PM’s documents in which he was to use to expose him to the media. This confuses Hyung woo, but  this is her last debt to him. He needs to move on she says and stop interfering in her life.  PM confronts Il Joo for handing the photos to Hyung woo to save him. Though, Il Joo is innocent in this case, she has a good idea on who’s behind it. PM apologizes to Eun soo for doubting her. Il Joo confronts Eun soo about her suspicions and Eun soo cops to it.

Stray Odds & Ends

  • Finally, Il Ran’s assistant has a name, Yang Ji Eun
  • Il Ran maybe pregnant. Ha! She hates kids, though. This is golden!
  • I love how quickly Eun soo learns from her mistakes and tries a different approach.

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