Webtoon: Yumi’s Cells

It’s been ages since I started this page. In the spirit of currently airing drama, “Cheese in the Trap,” you can check out my mid-series review here, let’s look at a webtoon that has been a small-piece of gem.

What is Yumi’s cells? First, it is NOTHING like “Cheese in the Trap”, but its weekly episodes depict a typical, Korean drama type of storytelling. Only, we get to see Yumi’s innermost thoughts, or rather her how her cells control her every movement, thoughts, actions and emotions. It is smart art because as you read every episode, it makes you think, do my cells actually interact this way? Of course they do, our cells communicate with each other every second through chemicals.Our cells coordinate their behavior so that our bodies function as an integrated whole, rather than individual cells acting independently. If you didn’t get an A in Biology, don’t fret, this webtoon will teach you the basics through the personified cells. Yumi’s cells  take on characteristics of a person and their behaviors, actions and thoughts are what make up Yumi, the person.

Author: Dong-gun Lee (not the actor)

Episodes: Every Wednesday and Saturday (2015-ongoing)

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Slice of Life

Synopsis: A story of a 32-year old office worker, Yumi, and her brain cells.

Summary spoiler alert begins

Yumi has a crush on her male co-worker, Wook, but there are some obstacles that come her way that prevents her from turning her crush into a relationship. Mainly her obstacles stem from her insecurity-age and of course, it is not a drama, if there is no mean second female lead, Ruby, a younger co-worker. Now, this is where Yumi’s cells come in. Her cells have one mission ONLY- Yumi’s happiness, so they will do everything in their power to make sure that Yumi display actions that needs to be taken in order for her to find happiness.

That sound easy for the cells, right? Ha! Okay, so at first, it seems like Wook likes Yumi back, but it reality, it seems like his “advances” on her is to get her comfortable, so that he can set her up on a blind date with his friend, Woong. What!? I know right, how rude and Woong doesn’t work with the company. A complete stranger! IMAGINE THAT!

But, it turns out that the reason Wook is going beyond his friendship zone is because Wook doesn’t like Yumi or Ruby, the younger, prettier coworker who shamelessly flirts with Wong. Or any female species. PONDER ON THAT FOR A SECOND! YEP!

Anyways, Yumi is devastated to learn about Wook. Oh wells, there goes her chance of having a boyfriend at the age of 32. So, in her saddened state, she does go on a blind date with Woong, but it is a total fail. She ends up passing out on her way home from the date due to exhaustion from stressing about her life. Luckily, Woong takes her to the hospital. When she recovers, she sees how Woong has been dedicated in caring for her during her treatment. She suddenly begins to take interest in him, but, there is someone in her past who seems to be back into her life. Did someone guess Wook. WHAT?!

Wait, Wook from the office? No, it is her ex-boyfriend, Wook, who shares the same name as her coworker. Argh! Like a twilight zone. Yumi sure has the same taste in men. Anyways, Wook is not the only issue for her. It seems like Woong’s bff and coworker, Sia, likes him, and it looks like she is going to be trouble for Yumi in the future.

spoiler alert ends

What to like about this series?

Take an excerpt of how Yumi’s cells react to the picture of Ruby and Wook having dinner together.

Episode 8:Clue of Ruby


This is a simple web-story about a young woman’s journey to find her personal happiness. It is safe to assume that her previous relationship ended badly, hence, she put a guard against her heart (“Love Cell” was caged deep in the heart), but with outside factors, her brain cells become active again.

Why do you care?

Can this piece be adapted into a drama?

Definitely not? There is too much going on which can easily get complicated because all cells needs to be accountable and new cells emerge daily.

Is this a must-read webtoon?

Absolutely! It is funny, witty and it makes you react and engages you into the story. Every cell that’s introduced makes you question you as a person, do I actually have a “naughty cell” in me that makes me thing naughty things. Hehe! Probably not! But, it is fun to ponder.

Photocredit: Yum’s cell: Lee Donggun



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