Glamorous Temptation Episode 27 Recap

Episode 27 Highlight: “Small Feat”

Previously on episode 26…


Hyung woo barges into PM’s study with his band of prosecutors to arrest Eun soo and PM for receiving illegal fund and evading tax gifts. Director Han puts on a show, on cue she slaps Hyung woo for stepping over his bounds. While Hyung woo interrogates Eun soo, Joo Hyuk fears for his job safety, but President Gwon reassures him that he has high connections as well. Il Do believes that PM’s arrest is his time to shine and with pride, he asks if Se Young will be willing to manage his campaign funds. D’oh! Jo tells PM that he’ll be free to go, but Eun soo will be imprisoned.

Definitely, not good news, PM makes a call and pleads for his wife’s release. Hyung woo, then, decides to gloat that with President Gwon backup, PM days are numbered, but PM isn’t shaken. Eun soo kneels in front of Hyung woo which shakes him up as she pleads that PM should be released because Mi Rae needs to survive. Before entering PM’s holding room, President Gwon is proud of Hyung woo’s accomplishment and is willing to adopt him as his son. Isn’t he too old to be adopted? PM trades his slush fund for Eun soo’s release to President Gwon.


In another side of town, Yoo Kyung is having lunch with her horrible friends who insult her mother’s Chinese restaurant and her father. Within an earshot of listening, Ah Reum defends Yoo Kyung who quietly takes the insults. She gets dragged out by Beom Soo when the fight escalates. Eun soo’s mom is playing poker with the yellow bag in sight. While left with cleaning duties, Ah Reum gives Yoo Kyung her phone number and tells her to quit those friends. PM and Eun soo are released and Eun soo is curious about her release.

PM tells her that he gave up the slush fund for her release because he cannot choose to be a coward this time. Moo Hyuk and Il Joo join the Gwon’s and Hyung woo for an early victory of acquiring the slush funds with ease. Hyung woo, then, joins forces with Il Joo to start operation kick Eun soo out and make her life harder. Hyung woo later broads alone in the car reflecting on Eun soo’s words to save PM in order to save Mi Rae. Victory is cut short, when President Gwon asks Aide Kim to keep a tab of PM because he cannot let the funds go like that. Even Director Han and Hyung woo know that PM will react.


Aide Kim plays the boyfriend-to-husband card on Il Ran’s assistant to get information from Eun soo regarding PM. Manager Go overhears the last part of the conversation, but before she can fish for answers, Il Joo interrupts. Il Joo wants her to keep tabs on Eun soo’s movement. Il Ran’s assistant tells Hae Jeong to get information from Eun soo about the PM. Hae Jeong declines, but assistant gives her money for her son’s hospital bills. On cue, Eun soo sees the transaction and interrupts, but her suspicions are on alert concerning Hae Jeong. PM cuts to the chase with Director Han, everything she says to him, he had always taken it the opposite way. Hence, she must prove that she has cut ties with her son. for him to trust her.

Il Ran hands the gift to Eun soo and asks for Ma’s full name, Ma Oh Gang (synonymous for chamber pot) ha! What happens next is awesome. Il Ran decides to dress like pre-Eun soo before the wedding, down-to-earth and poor, haha, because Ma is into that, simple life. He does confuse her for Eun soo for a second. She takes it upon herself to serve one of his customers which leads to an accident. The rude customer yells at her and threatens to hit her, but Ma steps in to apologize then kicks the customer and his date out. He tells Il Ran to leave, but she is just smitten by his heroic action. Ha! She’s gone! Ha!


Eun soo and Hyung woo secretly meet. She tells him to stop his revenge and move on with his life, but that falls on deaf ears. Invading their secret rendezvous is manager Go who lurks in the background. At home, Eun soo tells to PM that she went to the market to purchse mudfish, his favorite, but he tells her it is not. Hehe! On her way out, Eun soo runs into Il Joo and shakes her that though,  she has PM’s love, she is now after a larger sum of money for backup (Blue Beauty). Eun soo gives her mother the yellow bag she has been admiring for 2 episodes now and of course, she loses the a poker game in which she gives the yellow bag as compensation until the next day when the bank opens.

Eun soo, at the hospital, gives Hae Jeong money to help pay for her son’s cancer treatment. Still, Hae Jeong still tries to fish for information from her about PM, but Eun soo says everything is just peachy in the boudoir. Il Joo storms into Eun soo’s hme asking mom about the bag.  she lies that her husband gave it to her as a gift, but he got pissed that he gave it to Eun soo, so she wants it back. Eun soo’s mom then calls her to alert her about Il Joo and putting the clues together, it is now a race between who can find the bag first. Eun soo sees Il Joo with the bag and the ladies fight for ownership when Il Joo loses her footing in the struggle. Eun soo grabs her arm from preventing her from falling down the stairs, but she stops as she debates if she should let her fall, just like Mi Rae.

Stray Odds & Ends

  • Il Joo who tends to be suicidal in order to get what she wants, I wouldn’t put it past her, if she lets go and drops herself down the stairs to blame Eun soo.
  • Il Ran is so in love, it is silly-fun.
  • It seems our band of law students and Ah Reum are forming a cute friendship.
  • Ha! Did anyone notice recycled extras (rude customer and his girl) happen to walk in the background of where Hyung woo and Eun soo secretly meet.



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