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Glamorous Temptation Episode 26 Recap

Episode 26 Highlight: “Baduk”

Previously on episode 25…


New and improved Hyung woo tells President Gwon to make him his lawyer and financial attorney. In return, he’ll  tell reveal the slush fund information. PM chides his Il Joo and Moo Hyuk for returning back home, but Eun soo defends her saying she called Il Joo back because she was afraid of not seeing her again. HA! Il Jo tells “mother” to go in to rest with PM and Se Young commends him for succumbing to the words.  Il Joo thanks Eun soo for saving her, but Eun soo isn’t having those soulless words; she needs Il Joo close by so that she can mentally torture her until she says what she did wrong with her own mouth.

To Il Ran, Eun soo is a “three pass” in her life (I’ve no clue on that) since Eun soo tells her to be free with her. (PM makes a big deal if Eun soo is called by her name as compared to his wife/mother.)  Hyung woo tells his Director Han that his new revenge plan is to bring Eun soo down with his own hands. Also, after destroying PM, President Gwon is next on his agenda. Mom concedes to his plan, as she says she’s still in PM’s house because she wants to help him from afar, but he sneers at her delusion.


At a minimart, Beom soo subdues a thief Ah Reum calls attention towards because she saw him stealing Yoo Gyeong’s wallet. The store owner wants them to pay for emotional distress and damaging the goods, but since they are “poor” law students that don’t carry out 3 million won ~$3,000, off to the station it is. In there, they try calling their guardian to no avail, until reporter man spots Yoo Gyeong. He bails them out.  At dinner, Hyung woo is openly flirting with the maids in the house, which has an effect on Il Joo, but she plays it cool, with Moo Hyuk shooting daggers at her.  Eun soo asks PM to teach her how to play baduk (Go board game).

PM compares the game to politics and explains the strategies to her. She intentionally slips a quote off Olof Palme’s biography (hush book P. Gwon handed to her telling her NOT to tells PM about it) and denies knowing about the book when PM recognizes the quote.  The Gwon’s and Hyung woo decide to play poker. Left in the game are Hyung woo and Moo Hyuk  and Hyung woo comes out as winner. Moo Hyuk is super pissed, once alone in the room with Il Joo and part of his anger stems from  Hyung woo wink at Il Joo right after winning. Speaking of Hyung woo, it seems he loves his reflection so much as he says he’s out to destroy every single one around him.


President Gwon invites PM and Eun soo for lunch with special guest, cocky Hyung woo. Eun soo excuses herself, but is relieved that Hyung woo is alive. However, Hyung woo tells her that since she loves power and money she  better enjoy it now because it could be her last experience. Meanwhile, President Gwon subtly declares war on PM.  Il Ran encounters Ma and the more he yells at her and set her straight, the more her heart throbs. Ha! He gives her a gift for her to hand to Eun soo and a message of good luck in her marriage. Il Joo asks why PM is teaching Eun soo how to play baduk, but PM tells her that he’s not teaching Eun soo politics (baduk is like politics to PM). He tells her that he still believes in her, hence, he entrusts her with Blue Beauty.

Director Han feigns ignorance when Eun soo tells her about her son. Eun soo asks about Blue Beauty which is PM’s hidden slush fund. Reporter man, Jong Yeon, tells Hyung woo to fill him in, but Hyung woo asks for the videotape and in due time.Il Do tries to use his brain as he rattles out Il Joo on the slush fund, but Il Ran steps in as she reports that because of the money,  Il Do tried to chase Eun soo out.  Il Do begs for forgiveness and Eun soo steps in to save his butt, but Il Joo is fed up as she demands why PM gave 100 percent of the inheritance to Eun soo.  Girl, go make your damn money.


Moo Hyuk joins his family for dinner, but he feels excluded, since Hyung woo is playing the role of a better son and brother. Il Do thinks he’s getting smarter and Se Young prods him on, with that he asks if she will be willing to manage his  campaign funds. D’oh! PM tells Jo to burn the ledgers and hide the slush funds since Hyung woo will be after it. Truly, Hyung woo raids the location with a set of prosecutors and unsurprisingly, Jo is a step ahead of him. Eun soo sweet talks PM, telling him she’s not interested in the inheritance, but hush woman, he’s not changing his mind on that.

Director Han reports to President Gwon, but leaves information about the Blue Beauty; she’s not about to sow and he reaps, so they’ll need a plan now that Eun soo is smarter and steps ahead of them. WAIT! So, all those meetings and talks ON USING EUN SOO,  YOU DIDN’T DO ANYTHING! Shocker!  Il Joo tells Hyung woo to join forces with her to kick Eun soo out, since Hyung woo is about revenge anyways.  PM notices that Eun soo is a quick learner as they unwind with a game of baduk. Meanwhile, PM’s lawyer gets charged with the awareness of  the illegal slush activity. Suddenly, prosecutors barge into the room to arrest PM and Eun soo, with Hyung woo strolling into the room.

Stray Odds & Ends

  • New Hyung woo is too cocky. There’s a difference between confident revenge and arrogant revenge . He is just bratty as he fits neither of my awkward description.

“I’m going to make the two of them experience the worst hell in their lives.” Dude,                take a chill pill. Like get a life Oh, wait, you never had one. Oh!

  • Ma: I’m someone who looks for visuals in women.

Il Ran: Hey, you have to look at your visuals too!

  • Eun soo’s mom keeps eyeing the yellow bag, soon, that bag will be none existent with the evidence in it.
  • Will the law students, plus Ah reum and Yeon reporter be the next form of justice/love rectangle?




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