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Glamorous Temptation Episode 25 Recap

Episode 25 Highlight “Stained Reflection”

Previously on episode 24…


Hyung woo is escorted by the Prosecutors after a tip which genuinely surprises Eun soo and PM. Eun soo tells PM that Il Joo framed her with the setup, meanwhile, Joo Hyuk, takes Hyung woo to his house instead of the prosecutor’s office. Waiting in the room are Director Han and President Gwon in which Director Han tells Hyung woo that Il Joo has been the one helping him in the guise of Eun soo and Eun soo tipped the prosecutors. President Gwon tells Hyung woo that he’ll now be responsible for his safety. PM confronts Il Joo who owns up to her schemes on helping Hyung woo escape, but under the pretext to show PM that Eun soo still loves Hyung woo.

Jo enters the room with the hidden camera found in the Mi Rea’s room and as if she’s off her meds, Il Joo changes her tune as she accuses PM of ordering Jo to push Mi Rae. Rightfully enraged, PM kicks her out—off to her relatives. Eun soo begs PM to reconsider his decision, but he’s firm with it. With news that Il Joo and Moo Hyuk are out of the house, Director Han is pleased that the plan is going well and Il Do’s ecstatic that PM will fully support him politically. Il Joo and Eun soo are at a loss as to who truly tipped off the prosecutor since neither is responsible. In the meantime, in the true form of Il Ran, she follows Ma to the market and is surprised by his “frugalness.” She exposes herself as she tries to overpay for Ma’s parking ticket, but that ticks him off.


Director Han tells Eun soo that she tipped off the prosecutor as she tells herself that if she had done what Eun soo had asked her to do, she would have lost Eun soo as her pawn. During a game of Korean chess, PM tells President Gwon that Hyung woo needs to be sent abroad to prevent him from exposing them. Moo Hyuk and Il Joo find Hyung woo in his drunken state walking about the house like a ghost. Moo Hyuk is furious at his brother for bringing his competitor into the house. PM consults with his doctor on getting an implantable defibrillator in his heart. PM tells his kids about the implant and they are “understandably” concerned for his health, though, his decision is final.

In the room, PM gives Eun soo a mirror box as a gift. It was his mother’s. He tells Eun soo that he hates looking at his reflections because all he sees are his stains, but Eun soo is pure, so she needs to keep her present state without changing. During dinner, Moo Hyuk fusses that Hyung woo needs to be thrown out or he gets ousted, but President Gwon yells at his bratty son that he can put him in jail as well if not careful. Hyung woo, in his drunken state, is silently contemplating whatever he is contemplating with a gun in his hands.


PM lawyer tells Il Joo that PM revised his will, pre-surgery, just in case he doesn’t come out of the one day surgery. If he doesn’t make it, Blue Beauty will automatically contact her. Due to her bad persuasion skills, though, lawyer falls for it; he shows her the mended will which states that Eun soo gets the biggest cut. Of course, nobody is happy with that settlement, but Il Ran is more furious that nobody is worried about their dad who’s in surgery. PM gets rushed into the ER mid- transplant. The doctor tells them that he could go into coma if the device doesn’t help the heart produce enough oxygen. Il Do uses PM’s unconscious state to throw Eun soo out of the house. Eun soo cries that PM needs to wake up because she needs him in order for her to destroy Il Joo mercilessly.

Eun soo tells her mom that she is praying for PM to wake up not for his sake because from now on, she too will not be able to look at the mirror. Hyung woo overhead President Gwon and Director Han discuss PM’s state. Hence, he visits PM at the hospital and yells that he needs to get up—he needs him alive so that he can experience his full-on revenge. Hearing Hyung woo’s voice is a trigger as PM thinks of the time to Eun soo telling Hyung woo to run away to her asking for his [PM] protection. And Boom! He’s awake and he reunites with his wife who more than ecstatic to see him, unlike Hyung woo, who sees the embrace and Eun soo’s misplaced happiness. That’s a motivation for him to sober up, take a bath, shave his beard and dye his hair to orange as he spots on a fitted suit and looking all mighty fine. Hello!

Stray Odds and Ends

  • Il Do doesn’t need a knife to his throat; he’ll be calling Eun soo “mom” soon. Hehe 🙂
  • We’re halfway through this series, please let this new orange-dyed Hyung woo be someone I can like. He has been lame for 21 episodes.
  • I am ready to see Eun soo’s ways to crush Il Joo because that female dog is begging for it.
  • Ma and Il Ran needs to get together, quickly. Hehe!



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