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Glamorous Temptation Episode 24 Recap

Episode 24 Highlight: “Hidden Inception”

Previously on episode 23…


Il Joo is forced to apologize, on her knees, to Eun soo. Hyung woo sees that he’s a wanted criminal for PM’s attempted murder, so he crashes in the reporter’s apartment for the time being (reporter from the police station).  Aide Kim takes in all the information Maid 1 relates about Eun soo becoming the next-in-command in the house. Se Young advises Il Do to be on Eun soo’s good side because she has direct influence on PM, while Director Han softly threatens President Gwon-release Hyung woo or face PM’s wrath. Eun soo’s mom rejects PM’s offer of a new apartment to move into. Apparently, Eun soo’s marriage has caused Beom Soo to restudy for his bar exam. On his way home, he runs into Yoo Kyung who is pissed at him for interfering with the Chinese restaurant lady.


Il Do’s irritation towards his wife calling Eun soo, mother-in-law, has reached a limit and in front of Il Joo, who does nothing, threatens to hit his wife. Eun soo steps in, but he raises his hand as if to hit her when PM cuts in. Eun soo begs PM to stop protecting her against his children, if not, their negative remarks concerning her will continue to increase. Hence, he needs to encourage his children, that way, they’ll be more understanding. Il Ran has a poetic inspiration with Ma who thinks she’s crazy. He accidentally gets drunk and she takes advantage of him. Hehe! Wanting to test his sincerity, she talks about her prospects, but Ma is barely impressed. So, it seems he passed the “not gold-digger” test. Reporter man does have a grudge against PM and wants to damage his reputation as well, so he begs Hyung woo to let him on whatever plan he’s concocting.


The next day, with Eun soo’s push, PM tells Il Do that he’ll support his campaign and tells Il Joo and Moo Hyuk that they need to start a family soon in order for her to get the women’s’ support for her election. Il Do does see the benefit on being on Eun soo’s side as he praises Se Young, while Moo Hyuk is ecstatic on procreating with his evil wife.  Meanwhile, Hae Jeong overheard the couple conversation which she relays  to Eun soo. As the President of retired Prime Ministers convention, PM heads out for the meeting, leaving Eun soo at home. You guessed it,  Hyung woo stupidly sneaks into the house to see Eun soo. She tells him to leave, but PM sees them together in the room after a sudden heart issue that brings him back home to take his medication instead of going to the hospital. So, convenient!


Hyung woo begins to aggravate him which leads to sudden heart weakness, but he’s able to escape with Il Joo’s help. Still delusional, Il Joo fumes internally as Hyung woo ask for her help in arranging a meeting with Eun soo. Evidently, Ah Reum left US because her father wants her to get married since she’s not book smart. She tells Moo Hyuk that she’s stalking the poor potential (Beom Soo) her father selected, and she sees what she likes. With Hae Jeong eavesdropping again, she tells Eun soo that Il Joo and Moo Hyuk plan to set her up by having her meet with Hyung woo in Mi Rae’s room at 9pm. Meanwhile, Il Joo plants a seed of doubt in PM as she tells him that Eun soo secretly meets with Hyung woo in the hospital in pretense of visiting Mi Rae. Eun soo speaks with Director Han, who quietly sobs in her room. Eun soo does meet with Hyung woo in the hospital, but PM catches them together. However, before he can accuse her, Prosecutor Joo Hyuk with his entourage of police comes in to arrest the surprised fugitive.

Stray Odds and Ends

  • Aide Kim is President Gwon’s informant
  • Eun soo is becoming more crafty which is scary, but good
  • Il Ran and Ma are cute together-she is a horny freak
  • Moo Hyuk and Ah Reum are creepy stalkers, interestingly funny, but let’s be nervous
  • I’m done with Hyung woo, Il Joo has more sense than him which is like whoa, did I just say that? For someone, who’s supposedly smart, he’s been making dumb choices and not it is not love that is propelling his recklessness and carelessness, he is just plain reckless and careless
  • Seriously,  am I to believe that PM doesn’t have standard security guard or high def cameras around his home. It seems it is open for public if people can come in and out as they please. I guess I should start saving for a tour in his house.



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