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Glamorous Temptation Episode 23 Recap

Episode 23 Highlight: “Once bitten…”

Previously on episode 22…


Eun soo tells Hyung woo to run, but stunned that she protected the unconscious PM, Hyung woo gets caught by posses who heard the commotion. While he gets taken into custody, the paramedics check in on Eun soo and PM. Meanwhile, a reporter looking for the next big news overhears the police commissioner talking about PM being assaulted, allegedly and the reporter seems familiar with Hyung woo as he sees Hyung woo being transferred. Director Han looks stricken with fear for her son as Il Do goads to leave the house soon. Moo Hyuk informs Il Joo on how Eun soo warned Hyung woo and Il Joo correctly guesses that Eun soo is seeking revenge on her; hence the marriage. Manager Jo tells PM that Eun soo saved his life, but we see that PM was conscious, then, because he heard Eun soo tell Hyung woo to run.


Joo Hyuk is the prosecutor on the case. President Gwon advises PM to let Hyung woo take the fall for corruption, unknowingly to PM, Eun soo overhears the conversation. Director Han visits Hyung woo in jail and Hyung woo confides in her that all he ever wanted was to be live happily. It seems Director Han is in too deep as she tells her son that she’ll get him out so that they can start their revenge plan all over again, but a different way. Eun soo tells PM not to release Hyung woo from jail. Huh?! Director Han is relieving her tension by trimming her plants, but Il Joo reassures her that she can get the slush funds herself. Besides, Hyung woo is in his predicament because of Eun soo, so she needs to let using Eun soo as bait go. Director Han throws Hyung woo throwing him under the bus as she tells PM that the revenge against him is all his doing, though, she tried to stop him, again Eun soo overhears the conversation.


Oh damn, Il Ran and Ma did the nasty due to their drunken state last night  Ah, such “beast”, Il Ran. Hehe! While Eun soo is reviewing the ledger, Se Young serves her tea to stylishly as about the ledger, but Eun soo messes with her big time. Ha! Il Joo confronts Eun soo, but Eun soo turns table around and rings up a possibility of the past events to shake Il Joo. Playing Jedi mind trick, Eun soo wants Il Joo to cop to Mi Rae’s accident and the past spiral, but Il Joo is adamant on not confessing; no evidence, no crime. PM visits Hyung woo at the prosecutor’s. Hyung woo is not apologetic as he tells PM that his only regret was to drag out the revenge plan. PM tells Hyung woo that his dad is not entirely innocent. He tells him to go abroad to start anew. New wife joins them for dinner and Il Ran is the only one who’s loving this new lifestyle. Hehe!


Se Young’s sucking up is to the T with Eun soo, though, Eun soo isn’t feeling too reciprocal. Il Joo ruins the fun as she begins to berate both of them, but they’re will not take her insults by giving her an audience. Moo Hyuk informs Il Joo about Director Han neglecting her son; he’s aware of the house news since he has a maid who likes him. Hehe! Using her “seductiveness,” she tells Moo Hyuk to arrange a way for Hyung woo and Eun soo to meet in order to commerce  “chase Eun soo out.” Il Joo visits Hyung woo lies that Eun soo begged her to help him escape. Always an idiot to love, Hyung woo believes her and escapes the prosecutors. Il Joo tells the news that Hyung woo has escaped; Il Ran turns her irritation on Director Han who’s still hanging out, but PM got jokes. Hehe! Moo Hyuk is skeptical about Il Joo helping Hyung woo escape, and it seems like Eun soo took the bait as they planned. Hence, he is excited about his reward tonight! Eww! Yay!


Hyung woo sees the planted paper plane in the car with Eun soo’s forged writing stating they should meet in Mi Rae’s room. Hyung woo does show up on time in Mi Rae’s room with Il Joo and Moo Hyuk watching anxiously through the camera feed. Crap, Eun soo enters the room, and as if on cue, PM enters with the doctor.  not seeing a hidden Hyung woo in the corner, they tell her that a specialist from abroad will be coming in within a month’s time. He’s able to escape successfully, without being caught. Il Joo is beyond pissed that the plan didn’t work. PM tells Eun soo that he’s gotten a house nearby so that Eun soo doesn’t miss her family too much. Il Joo tells maid 1 to wash her silk blouse stained with coffee, but Eun soo sends maid to get warm milk for her instead since she takes precedence. Eun soo notices PM watching from the sidelines and being coy reprimands Il Joo for being mean to maid 1. She walks and quietly whispers that Il Joo call her mom since she’s married to PM and her mom didn’t. BURRNNN!!. That lights Il Joo’s fire as she slaps Eun soo in retaliation. PM runs in seeing Eun soo’s hand bleeding from the broken glass of spilled milk.


Eun soo’s really upping her hand and I am loving it. Though, she is still manipulating PM, but I have come to accept that it is what it is. PM is not ignorant of her machinations, but he has decided to go along with it and Eun soo is not shamelessly putting on an act for everyone to believe that she’s in love with PM. As long as she gets her revenge on Il Joo, I am game because that girl needs to be put in the psych ward quickly and not in jail.

Anyways, a small beef with Hyung who stupidly believed that Eun soo would ask Il Joo for help. Like this guy is beyond rescue from stupidity. I am sorry, but his character is uselessly irritating. I’m yet to catch up on 12 more episodes, so I hope there is progress in this character’s thought process and reaction.

Stray Odds and Ends

  • Ma is a 40-year old virgin. That is highly commendable, so I feel bad that he lost in on a day he was too drunk to remember. Cheer up, love is on its way.
  • Recaps will be super short for the rest of the episodes until I am caught up. It takes 3.5 hours to watch and recap at the same time and I want to be fully caught up. So, I will give the main points of the episode without fully recapping. This way, I watch an episode faster without dreading the thought of recapping in order to catch up because I am at the verge of marathoning it without the hassle of recapping, but I will stay true without dropping recaps.




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