Glamorous Temptation Episode 22 Recap

Episode 22 Highlight: “Mama knows best.”

Previously on episode 21…


Hyung woo interrupts the “perfect” proposal from PM to Eun soo. So angered, he tries to hit PM, but manager Jo steps in to diffuse the hot-blooded man. PM throws shade at Hyung woo that he’ll make Eun soo, since, this young man cannot. Eun soo’s mom still thinks that Hyung woo is Eun soo’s prospect, but before she can get a definite answer from Eun soo if she has anything going on with PM, Hyung woo enters the room. Eun soo and Hyung take the conversation outside, where she slaps him and tells him to be gone because she’ll do anything to get Mi Rae the hospital care that she needs. Besides, who needs an old geezer alive anyways when his money can compensate for his death. The next day, Eun soo returns the money to Il Joo and joins them for breakfast. PM confirms that Il Do hit Eun soo after he tried to displace the blame on Se Young and Il Joo. PM, in retaliation, withdraws his support from Il Do’s election campaign.


PM apologizes to Eun soo for his rash outburst on the proposal, but Eun soo presses on that her feelings for him are sincere. Hyung woo decides that Eun soo’s mom has to be clued in on her daughter’s “philandering.” Meanwhile, the posses, minus Il Ran, ask why Director Han is not doing anything, clearly she’s not part of the family. Hehe, smart woman! Il Ran thinks that they are all emotionless, since, they forget Eun soo is going through a process. A loud, screeching voice torments the house; it is Eun soo’s mom and she demands why old PM is playing with her daughter. Eun soo drags her out and confirms that she is marrying PM. She’s tired of suffering and wants to live with power and money that comes with this marriage. As mom is wailing, PM tells the posses that he is getting married to Eun soo. Understandably, they voice their disagreement. Il Joo tries to play the dead mom card, but PM is like pft, I can start all over again.


Il Joo blames Moo Hyuk for losing the document, but he’s like, please, you started this whole debacle. President Gwon and Director Han are celebrating their one step victory to getting the slush fund document. Il Do rightly guesses that Se Young bought makeup for Eun soo to get on her good side, but Se Young denies it and revisits the issue at hand, PM and Eun soo are farther in age than Il Do and Yoo Gyeong. Speaking of, Yoo Gyeong is in front of the chinese restuarant, speed dial #1, placing an order. Beom soo runs into her and takes her in. Only for her to run out in fear after coming across the owner of the restaurant; Ah Reum sees the transaction. Hyung woo lurks out of sight as Eun soo returns back from work. He wants to confirm that she’s aware that his mother didn’t push Mi Rae. Hence, why is she marrying PM. Besides, he gave up his 15 years revenge plan and almost left his mother for a new location, so she needs to come back to her senses. Eun soo wishes him well in life, but brooding alone, she says it’s for his good that he’s not affiliated with her revenge plan.


PM asks manager Jo about the marriage plan, but manager Jo has no opinion concerning PM’s life, but this is the first time in a while since he’s seen PM happy. Of course, Beom soo is not going to take his sister’s marital plan news well. Hyung woo thinks back to all the faces watching Mi Rae bleed into her unconsciousness when Il Do and Moo Hyuk barge into his room. They want to know Hyung woo’s opinion in the absurd matter, but Hyung woo drives them away, not before Moo Hyuk tells him to fight for Eun soo. Speaking of fight, Il Joo, Se Young and Il Ran approach Director Han to know why she is not getting involved since she is their instigator. She has nothing to benefit from the marriage, unlike Il Joo. Il Ran voices that she’ll handle the matter, but leave it to PM’s threaten words to shut her up. Hehe! Hyung woo is racking his brain as he tries to understand his mother’s position during the fall as well as President Gwon. Hyung woo asks manager Go about the day since she was sober, but it was too dark for her to see clearly.


Meanwhile, Director Han calls Eun soo out for tea to congratulate her on the proposal and offer her assistance if needed. PM trying to be slick asks Eun soo the type of wedding she wants, but she doesn’t want any fuss, just his heart, besides the media might see it as scandalous. PM informs his crew that the  wedding will be an intimate event. Hyung woo meets with Il Ran who hilariously thinks he wants to hit on her. Hyung woo ask if she remembers the night of the fall. Evading the question, she hesitantly mentions that she was drunk to remember, but she spills that manager Jo rushed out in front of her. News to Hyung woo, he deducts that PM ordered manager Jo to Mi Rae, seeing that his mother is not the only one against Eun soo leaving the country. Eun soo gives the half-heart necklace to Mi Rae as she apologizes about the marriage, a plan she must see through. Il Joo tears the childhood picture of her and Eun soo, all dramatically.


In the meantime, Eun soo tries to convince her mother and Beom soo to attend the wedding ceremony, but to no avail. However, mom does show up, aww, though, she is not happy. It seems like no one is happy on this special day as everyone wears a solemn face of mourn. President Gwon and Joo Hyuk show up and PM mentions Joo Hyuk’s promotion to the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office, a tidbit that could come in handy later. Hyung woo tries to approach Eun soo, with her accompanied maids, but she ignores him.  Sitting by mom, who gives her a damned look, Eun soo mentally scans the room, from the maids all the way to PM, a then smiles at PM. Il Ran informs Manager Ko outside the house that Eun soo is married. They get wasted in his restaurant and they see each other in a new light, though, they’re drunk to care for now. Il Joo tells Moo Hyuk to get rid of Eun soo any means necessary, while Il Do is on his vendetta as well. Eun soo assess the crime scene and is pained. Entering the study room, Hyung woo approaches from behind, with Moo Hyuk lurking behind the stacks of books. PM confronts Hyung woo, but enraged in his anger, Hyung woo attacks PM who passes out. Eun soo notices a trophy wobbling on the bookshelf and runs to shield an unconscious PM.


Whodunnit? I like how the camera panned across the room of possible suspects as we could tend to forget the plot of this series, why is Eun soo bent on being unreasonable? ‘Cuz she has had enough. Everyone in the room has a way or form of power, whether it is minimal or extensive, they all have something, but she doesn’t. She has been laying down for too long and it makes sense that her rationale comes out as careless and ridiculous, but it makes all the sense.

I like Hyung woo’s theory on PM being a suspect because I never saw it that way. It is very diabolical and highly crafty on PM to use his love and “ignorance” on what’s going on around him. I doubt that he’s involved in Mi Rae’s accident and manager Jo could be acting on his own or answering to somebody completely different. What struck me was when the camera stopped at Eun soo’s mom. I gasped. What? It makes sense since grandma was tipsy and was trying to reach out to her when she slipped. I swear, the editing was horrible, but that could be a possibility.

Stray Odds & Ends

  • Il Do flinching and hiding behind Moo Hyuk when they confronted Hyung woo make me laugh.
  • The chinese restaurant lady is Yoo Gyeong’s mother, Il Do’s first wife, who doesn’t remember her daughter. I think. New characters are being added into this world of deceit. Yippie
  • Ah Reum-Beom soo-Yoo Gyeong love triangle could be coming up soon.




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