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Glamorous Temptation Episode 21 Recap

Episode 21 Highlight: “I ain’t sayin’ she’s a gold digger…”
Previously on episode 20…


Playing coy that she’s nervous, Eun soo accompanies PM inside the gala, with his entourage of crazies behind him. Since PM and President Gwon are reluctant to introduce Il Joo due to their affiliation, Eun soo steps up to announce Il Joo. Il Joo confronts her, but it is game on. Eun soo runs into the old prosecutor who handled her husband’s case. He tries to embarrass her, but Hyung woo steps in to diffuse the douche, though PM is quick to leave his mark on his face as well. It turns out that Joo Hyuk and President Gwon sicced minion prosecutor on Eun soo to get a reaction out of PM.


PM wants to know why Eun soo is pushing Hyung woo away, but she lies that she done with him. Hyung woo confronts PM about his feelings for Eun soo, an emotion from PM that he won’t stand for. Il Joo is blazing as she asks PM if he ever considered Eun soo’s sudden actions, especially at the gala, while Il Do is more worried about his funding for his political run, though Se Young brings him back to earth that he has bigger fish to fry. Moo Hyuk tells Il Joo to give up and come to him because Eun soo is bent on revenge, but delusional princess believes that if he gets the documents by any means necessary, she’ll believe his feelings for her.

Cue Beom soo getting attacked by Moo Hyuk’s minion searching for the documents in the house. Eun soo settles her mind that Il Joo will play nasty, so she better up her game. Eun soo starts by changing her phone number, to her fashion sense. Though, her efforts are useless for now because PM avoids her like the plague. Her last effort is to get tipsy and vulnerable in the house. This catches PM’S attention and as she leans on him for support, Manager Go watches her moves, while Hyung woo tries to save her from PM’s “clutches.” Though, his efforts are futile because Eun soo is clearly sober. Hyung woo deducts that Eun soo plans on using PM which she admits, in front of the house, in open air, where people can easily hear. She is not afraid to become a desperate woman because Mi Rae’s life in on the line.


President Gwon succumbs to Moo Hyuk as he gives him the key code to the documents since he’s a spy in the Kang’s residence. Though, there’s trouble lurking around, Ah Reum. Speaking of, her encounter with Beom soo shows that the apple doesn’t far too far from the grandfather tree (bad analogy). Apart from reciting Beom soo background to him, she interesting wonders why her dad changed his preference. Beom soo brushes her off as crazy, but I think it’s something. Mi Rae is in critical condition and Eun soo cannot be reached. Luckily, she is stable before her arrival, though; doctor Bad News tells her not to hold her hopes up because Mi Rae is as good as dead. Manager Go sees Eun so crying on PM’s shoulder. She tattles to the posses, the next day, at breakfast and they’re flabbergasted at the possibility of having a second mother.


Posses confront Eun soo about leeching on PM, but Hyung woo steps in. PM wonders his posses are overreacting. President Gwon and Director Han think that their plan, ha, is coming into fruition. Il Joo reveals her hand too quickly as Eun soo says that Mi Rae’s last words were Yellow Rose of Sharon. Though, they try to speak in riddles about the documents, they’re clearly not fooling each other. Director Han calls a meeting with Posses, minus Il Ran, as she incepts a seed of worry and fear on them concerning Eun soo becoming their next mother—PM’s first beneficiary of his inheritance will go to her once he’s dead.  The result of the meeting escalates and Il Do and his own rude posses’ storm into the hospital to take the life support off Mi Rae (cost 5 million won per day to keep the machine on). He slaps Eun soo for trying to fight him off, but Il Joo steps in, acting as a hero as she gives Eun soo enough money to keep Mi Rae on life-support for at least three years, that is if Mi Rae wakes up before then, if not, she’ll continue to pay the bills. Eun soo just needs to quit.

While this ruckus is going on, PM learns from the doctor that Mi Rae’s chance of waking up is slim to nothing, but there is a possibility of a 0.01% chance. All the chaos is wearing thin on Eun soo, even though; her mom tries to understand the situation of the noise. It seems the slap knocks some senses into Eun soo as she tells PM that she was in the wrong to accept his help. But, not so fast, this chick uses reserve psychology on PM and the fact that she knows that she’s his weakness, which is pretty ballsy on her part because it works well. PM proposes marriage to her in order for her to have someone to lean on financially. Success with a dash of smirk is a Eun soo’s inner happy dance, but Hyung woo who was lurking by had to rain on her parade.


I love the ending where PM sits between two Eun soo…one is real and the other is her reflection. However, what caught my attention is the fact that he is sitting closer to the reflection than the real being. It is self-explanatory, but what is more interesting is that her reflection is still hazy. It hasn’t taken its full effect on how a reflection is supposed to be…clear and exact. It is like the new Eun soo is hestitant on entering a life that is not hers. She is unsure if she should cross the line by entering a dangerous and unfamilar territory in order to avenge her daughter’s predicament.


I think this confusion on Eun soo’s part is where her moral compass kicks in. Since she is still trying to form her new identity, she is sloppy and all over the place that it comes off as desperate. I did mention that she had mad chemsitry with PM, but what I failed to see is how she will use that form of intense emotion to her advantage. She is not shy about her gameplan. So, let’s see if her “feeling” for PM will resound true or not. My guess is the latter. We have to get used to her trying to get revenge, but if she ends uo fallibg for PM, we don’t know who to believe; the real Eun soo or the mirror-like Eun soo.

I guess we were blindsided by the fact that they look good together, that we forgot to take a step back on how they will get together. Now, that PM proposes marriage, on an impluse on his feelings for her, she’ll use that to her advantage. Which is sad because he geniuely likes her. She is desperate and will do whatever it takes to keep her daughter alive on a machine. Her actions from now will be irritating and will leave a bitter taste in the mouth. She is not an experienced manipulator as this is her first time out of her comfort zone. So, we will see lots of carelessness and rash decision making. But, we cannit judge her because she is just a mother fighting for a life.

Stray Odds & Ends

  • It is funny to think that Director Han and President Gwon think that their plan is foolproof. They don’t realize that nothing is going according to their own plan…it is just pure coincedence that things happen the way they think it should. Or does it?
  • Which brings me to second conclusion….Mi Rae is NOT GUILTY. She was pushed, but who did it?
  • Hyung woo needs a better plan to bring Eun soo back into the light, rather than punching and yelling. I guess he is confused as well.
  • Is the death of Eun soo’s husband really important? It is still mysterious and I am highly curious.

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